Is “Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below” Operative in Ferguson?

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of my readers will recall that I did an article awhile back in which I noted a program many call “pressure from above and pressure from below.” It’s basically a situation where the ruling elite want more power or have some agenda to pursue which will give them more power and restrict our liberty and so they use this operation–they find a way to use the radicals, arsonists, etc. at the street level to rob, loot, and burn so that the ordinary citizens are scared out of their wits over what is happening, much like what is now going on in Ferguson. In trying to find a way to keep themselves and their families safe they go to the ruling authorities and ask for protection. And the authorities are more than willing, after awhile, to grant them this protection–all it will cost them to be safe is a little of their freedom.

So the people that instigated the problem in the first place now come up with the magic “solution” to the problem–for safer streets, less freedom.

I’ve been watching what’s going on in Ferguson and you can see from the photos available, the looters for “justice” running around with their pants down halfway to their knees (I wonder if anyone has ever told them how ludicrous they look) as they loot and burn “for justice”. I heard that the church Michael Brown’s family attended was burned, but not to worry, they blamed that one on “white supremacists.” Can you imagine any “white supremacists” running around now in Ferguson with all those black looters all over the place? Honestly!

Ferguson is the classic “pressure from above and pressure from below” situation and the result will be loss of liberty for those in Ferguson as well as loss of property.

You almost have to wonder if this situation, if it can be magnified, could be used as a reason to justify martial law, not only in Ferguson but also around the country, which would naturally engender the call from the feds for gun confiscation. They’ve never given up on that one even though you haven’t heard much about it of late. It’s still a main part of their agenda and if you think even with a Republican Congress with Obama in the White House that would change then you are prone to delusion. If a Republican Congress balked, Obama would just issue another “executive order” and while Congress mulled over how to respond, Obama would just start gun confiscation.

I’ve said in several recent articles that when different branches of government work in collusion to usurp our liberties than constitutional checks and balances just do not work.

With people like “Rev.” Sharpton and Comrade Eric Holder spending time in Ferguson how much of an interest do you think the feds have in what goes on there?

When I did my previous article on pressure from above and pressure from below I noted comments from a book called “The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary” where the author, a college radical, talked about the leftist radicals being offered :”Rockefeller money” to make certain people look like they were politically in the center while they actually moved to the left.  The radicals could do that if they acted radical enough and caused enough problems–and it was all a bought and paid for act. Keep your eyes on Ferguson and see if we end up with more of the same.

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