From Illegal Aliens to Undocumented Workers to Refugees–Leftist Word Games

by Al Benson Jr.

The religious and political Left loves to play word games and if you understand where the Left is coming from you will realize that they use language as a weapon of war and that the words they spout at us don’t mean what we think they mean. That is part of their offensive against us.

Have any of you noticed with the big fuss over illegal aliens coming into this country by the millions how the terminology has changed. Awhile back the illegal aliens were called just what they were. Then that was shortened to just “illegals.” A short time after that they became “undocumented workers” and they are now being relabeled as “refugees.” There is a pattern to all this, an evolution of the Leftist agenda, if you will.

Most Americans, except for the fuzzy-headed liberal elite, are not really happy with the influx of illegal aliens into this country. They are just old-fashioned enough to have the idea that people ought to come here legally or stay at home. There are some exceptions, but, in the main, this is where Americans have been at. The idea of handing out freebies and all manner of goodies to someone just because he managed to get into your country illegally doesn’t really appeal to most Americans. The feds soak us enough now without them adding anymore freeloaders to the dole for us to pay for.

At this point, I’d like to differentiate. The Mexican illegals that came here during the 1940s and 50s were a whole different breed than what we have to deal with today. Admittedly they came in illegally, but they were looking for a decent life, which they couldn’t get in Mexico, and they were willing to work and work hard to get it. When they got here and found work, in the main, they taught their kids to be thankful for America and they raised their kids to be good citizens. That’s not what we are dealing with today. 

These people coming over the border today, from who knows where, are not made of that kind of stuff. They’re here to demand their right to our goodies, free education, good housing and all the welfare they can get because they think it’s their “right”–after all, they are here aren’t they–so they must be entitled to all this stuff. Unfortunately, the present Marxist regime in Washington agrees with them.

Most working Americans, the ones forced to pay the tab for all this foolishness, do not agree with them. And so the Left attacks ordinary American citizens when they protest getting the shaft while the illegals get the gold mine. A recent article in The Nation, a noted left-leaning publication, said: “In July, in Murrieta, California, right-wing demonstrators confronted busloads of people, many of them women and small children who had crossed the border fleeing horrific violence.” So, according to the Leftists, ordinary Americans who don’t want a ton of illegal aliens dumped into their town are now “right-wing demonstrators.” In other words, if you are an ordinary American citizen protesting something that will change the entire character of the town you live in you have become a “right-wing demonstrator.” This is typical Leftist bovine fertilizer.

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma recently made the statement in a Politico article that: “These kids are here, in this country, at the invitation of the president. I think everybody knows it; nobody says it.” The “news” media sure doesn’t say it. The idea has been passed around in the Central American countries that if you can just manage to slip across the US border, you are home free and no one will ship you back. So these people come by the thousands and Obama and his handlers love it! It’s one more step in the destruction of the country and so they are all for it.

And, if “our” government can just reclassify these people, not as undocumented workers, but as refugees from whatever, then will it be any time at all until the United Nations steps in and basically tells us we have to accept them because they are “refugees”? In an article on World Net Daily for July 14, Jerome Corsi noted that: “Representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHRC, are ‘intensely discussing in meetings’ the possibility of extending U.N. protection to the thousands of Central Americans  crossing the U.S. border with Mexico illegally by defining them as ‘refugees’ who are seeking asylum from political and domestic violence in their home nations.” An Info Wars article noted that the United Nations is already referring to the illegal aliens as “refugees…” And so the Leftist word games continue and the gullible American public is supposed to buy all this–what can we call it? Well, I guess that’s better left unsaid in polite company.

There has been much ado about these Central American kids, (and let’s don’t kid ourselves, it ain’t only kids) having to walk all the way across Mexico to get to the US. So Comrade Obama is floating an idea out there about trying to grant refugee status to batches of kids from Honduras so they wouldn’t have to take that long walk across Mexico to get here. There was an article about this in the New York Times for July 24th. This is supposed to alleviate the crush at the border. I assume those who qualify as refugees will then be flown in. You’d still get the same amount of illegal immigrants but they’d just come in a different way and they’d be called “refugees” instead of illegal aliens. See what you can do with Leftist word games. When is an illegal alien not an illegal alien? When he’s a “refugee” that’s when. Folks, keep an eye on this Leftist doublespeak, because if you are a realist, you know there will be more to come. The effort to dissolve the Southern border will continue because that’s part of the agenda for the North American Union–the American contingent of the One World Government.

2 thoughts on “From Illegal Aliens to Undocumented Workers to Refugees–Leftist Word Games

  1. I believe the NYT just ran an article about how some of these ‘poor wittle helpless children are being delayed along the way, unable to make it to the promised land for various reasons.
    The unspoken message is, “It’s alright to come and invade America. We’re all for it. It’s too bad some of the poor wittle helpless children’ aren’t able to make it.” Makes me sick. The sheeple are so easily manipulated.

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