In Murietta, California on July 7 the Major Media Forgot to Mention…

by Al Benson Jr.

After checking several media outlets on July 7th I drew the conclusion that nothing had happened in Murietta, California because there seemed to be no commentary or information being posted. Just goes to show you that, sometimes the major media is forgetful about news events that have taken place which they do not like or agree with. I call this “memory hole” material because that’s where the prostitute press would like to put it so you don’t learn about it.

Seems that the major media, at least what I saw, sort of “forgot” to mention that on July 7th three more busloads of illegal immigrants, oh, excuse me, I meant “undocumented workers” were turned back in Murietta, California. The riot police that the feds were supposed to bring in didn’t show up (and I wonder if that was because so much was broadcast about it on the alternative media), but the anti-illegal immigration protesters did show up and they barred the way for the buses so they could not get to unload their unwanted cargo in Murietta. They again had to take them down to San Ysidro. This was reported on and also on

The America’s Watchtower article noted: “The anti-illegal immigration protests brought out new first-time demonstrators and onlookers from many different backgrounds–from young enlisted Marines to legal immigrants from Germany, Mexico, and Central America.” And some of the alternative media also got out to report to their audiences. Thank the Lord there are some folks out there reporting what’s going on because you sure don’t get anything of substance from the major “news” media except silence on issues they’d rather not deal with or have been told to ignore.

The America’s Watchtower article also observed: “This policy (regarding the illegal immigrants) appears to be very unpopular with the American people in general and I think the fact that this is happening in California is representative of that fact. For once the Obama regime seems to be losing the propaganda war and because of this I think they did not feel the time was right to escalate the situation by sending in Federal agents in riot gear. The protesters are vowing to stay there until this manufactured crises is over,…” At least some of them do recognize that it is manufactured and is standard practice ala Cloward-Piven techniques which are meant to overload the governmental system so that it cannot function, and then guess who will step in to “straighten” it all out–why the Marxist Regime in Washington, who else?

Another brief commentary was noted on which stated: “Alipac would like to commend all the pro-America illegal immigration protesters that have turned back the federal smuggling operation 3 times in California so far!  Now we need another group of protesters to block the buses at San Ysidro and in Houston and Dallas, Texas! We also wish the Americans well that are protesting today in Michigan as well.”

I think most of us realize that, at some point, when the furor dies down and some of the protesters go back home, then will come the feds with their riot gear and at that point they will attempt to beat the opposition into submission because there won’t be as much of it and they can always hope the alternative media won’t be there to record what they do.

We are at the point in this country now where we once were just before the unpleasantness at Lexington and Concord. It remains to be seen what the result will be this time. I don’t doubt that this present Regime would dearly love to shoot down a few hundred American patriots and use that as an excuse to declare marshal law and suspend the Second Amendment.

So we will have to see which it will be–Lexington and Concord–or the Gulag.

2 thoughts on “In Murietta, California on July 7 the Major Media Forgot to Mention…

  1. “at some point, when the furor dies down and some of the protesters go back home,”

    They never quit, and that’s why they’re winning: they don’t have anything else to do.

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