Confederate Flag In Citadel Chapel Has To Go Or NAACP Will “Intervene”

by Al Benson Jr.

By now most of you have probably read about the big fuss over the Confederate Navel Jack that has been hanging in the Summerall Chapel at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s been hanging there for several years, with never a problem, until Charleston councilman Henry Darby decided it had to come down.

Supposedly, Mr. Darby was approached several months ago by two of his constituents who were concerned about a Confederate flag hanging in the chapel at the Citadel. It seems that neither Mr. Darby nor his constituents feel that flag should be in a chapel. Why in Heaven’s name not? It is, after all, with its Cross of St. Andrew, a Christian flag.

But, we have the usual “reasons” thrown out there–well you know it’s “racist” and all that, and after all the KKK carried it in parades, and so on and so forth. The KKK carried the US flag in lots more big parades than they ever carried the Confederate flag in, so, by this reasoning, we should also ban the US flag, right? Well, not quite. We have to be selective in what we ban. In other words, if it represents Southern heritage and culture, then let’s get rid of it. All else gets an automatic pass.

Turns out that the state’s attorney general has stated that the Confederate flag in the chapel is protected under state law, in its present location, by the Heritage Act, as a “monument or memorial erected on public property of the state.” The attorney general has ruled as much.

Mr. Darby had proposed cutting $975,000 from the money given to the Citadel to help pay for the restoration of their sports stadium.  Looks like with the attorney general’s ruling in favor of the flag, the Citadel will get that money.

Darby said he was afraid this would happen, and so he said if it did, he would then be forced to ask the South Carolina division of the NAACP to step in.  The NAACP has had its long nose wrapped around the Confederate flag in South Carolina for over a decade now. It hasn’t, thankfully, done them as much good as they hoped it would, but it seems that they just don’t know how to quit. There may be a lesson there for Southern Heritage activists and other patriots. Too often some of us tuck tail and run after the first time we lose a skirmish. The Left doesn’t. If they lose they just keep on keeping on until they wear down their opposition.

Mr. Darby claimed he didn’t want the Confederate flag totally taken down, just moved out of the chapel and into a museum. The question then should be asked–how long will it remain in the “museum” before someone comes along and complains about seeing it there? Then those ethnocentrists who hate the flag will say “We don’t want you to get rid of it, just put it down in the basement where no one is forced to see it.” This is the same game they played with the Confederate flag over the State House–just get it down where no one can see it. So it came off the flagpole atop the State House and was put on a much lower flag pole elsewhere, which the complainers agreed do, and after awhile they complained about the new location too. What they really want is for all Confederate flags to come down everywhere, but they are willing to take a Fabian approach with that and do it gradually because they count on our short memories.

At some point, you are forced to ask the question–who are the real “racists”? Seems to be that those who are not willing to let others display the symbols of their culture and heritage, but want them all removed, are much more “racist” than those who don’t. But let’s don’t kid ourselves. This is nothing more than Cultural Marxism being used to attack the South and its heritage and it’s long past time that we started to fight back.


6 thoughts on “Confederate Flag In Citadel Chapel Has To Go Or NAACP Will “Intervene”

  1. AMEN!! brother Al. You are my favorite “amateur histotian.”. Wish my adult kids would’ve had you for U S History in High School. My Daddy b. 1900 and Grand Daddy b. 1870 used to straighten me out when I came home from Gov. School.
    Deo Vindice!

    William Richard Douglass

  2. I would love to have a batch of young folks to talk to who really wanted to know the true history, but unfortunately, most today couldn’t care less. Ancient history for most of today’s kids starts with the Beatles and nothing before that is worth knowing.

  3. The NAACP is one of the most HATEFUL organizations in the US and has some of the most misinformed and uninformed people in it’s group who relish in IGNORANCE. The NAACP intends to suppress or destroy Southern Culture and Southern History by any means possible including lying or deceit. Sadly America has been INTIMIDATED FOR OVER %) YEARS by the PERFIDIOUS NAACP for so long that politicians and those in political power COWER in FEAR of the NAACP and the STENCH of it’s WICKED AGENDA.

  4. As long as Mr. Darby equates Confederate symbols with “Nazis” and skinheads, he is certainly going to press for their removal. Yet, he has treated me graciously in my contact with him and I cannot help but believe that he might be one of those folks who would respond to an attempt to instruct rather than intimidate or condemn. We must take care not to appear to agree with those whom we KNOW misuse and insult Southern symbols.

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