Louisiana’s Landrieu: “Getting Rid of Me Wouldn’t Be Good For the Country”

by Al Benson Jr.

A brief article recently appeared on http://www.westernjournalism.com dealing with a statement by Louisiana’s Senator Mary Landrieu where she said that getting rid of her would not be good for the country. You might almost be led to wonder, the way it was worded, if it was meant as a veiled threat.

According to the article: “Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) suggested yesterday that it would not be ‘good for the country and its future’ if she were beaten in the 2014 midterm elections because she is one of the few Senators left who tries to find ‘common ground and compromise’.”

Well, she’s right about the “compromise” part and has shown more than once that she is willing to compromise what the voters in Louisiana want if it goes against the grain of what the Obama Regime desires.  She has proven that she is an Obama clone just about all the way, and she proves it by the fact that she doesn’t even bother to answer letters from her constituents with positions she and Comrade Obama don’t agree with. Obama doesn’t want the Keystone Pipeline project to go forward, partly because it would benefit the South and the West–the two parts of the country that refused to vote for his foolishness. We’ll see where Landrieu comes down on that issue when the chips are down. Right now she claims to disagree with Obama. Let’s wait and see. And she can’t be seen agreeing with him on the Second Amendment because that would be the kiss of death in Louisiana, so she has to appear to disagree there. We’ll see.

However, when the health care debate (debacle) was going on in Congress, I wrote, more than once, both by letters and emails, to all my elected representatives in Louisiana asking that they please vote against this monstrosity. I got responses back from all of them, more than once, in answer to my communications–except Ms Landrieu. I never heard the first word back from her at any point. I could appreciate, given her liberal background, why she might disagree with me on this issue, but I would have thought courtesy would have at least dictated a reply of some kind from her. Guess I thought wrong.

The only time I finally heard anything from her was when she sent out a generic email to people here, telling us all that she had just voted for Obamacare and how wonderful it was going to be for Louisiana. So much for input from your constituents! But, then, when you already know ahead what you’re going to do and you know your constituents won’t like it, why trouble yourself with opposing opinions, right?

So, now Landrieu is concerned she might not make it in the midterm elections–and with her almost total disregard for what her constituents want–she shouldn’t.  I don’t know if she will be able to trick enough people in South Louisiana into voting for her if she promises enough goodies or not, but she hasn’t got a prayer in North Louisiana–if we have an honest election, and I think she knows it. So now we are being told it won’t be “good for the country” if she isn’t returned to office. Actually, I think it would be very good for both the country and Louisiana if she were requested to vacate her legislative premises.

And to top off this already dismal record, I recent read an article on http://chasvoice.blogspot.com entitled “Is your Congressman registered as a Paid Foreign Policy Lobbyist for Israel?” This informative article noted: “AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) channels millions of dollars in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office through a network of political action committees established throughout the United States by members of AIPAC’s national board of directors.” The article then went on to list campaign contributions to congresspersons in both major parties.

Turns out AIPAC contributed $291,609 to Mary Landrieu’s campaign. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change. Why do you suppose an outfit like AIPAC was willing to contribute over a quarter of a million dollars to Ms. Landrieu?  They must have figured on getting something for their money. Outfits like AIPAC don’t just throw money around. If they contribute big money to someone’s campaign they expect something back. And with AIPAC, they expect pro-Israel votes in Congress for their money. So what does the Israel First lobby expect back from our august senator from South Louisiana? You’d have to ask the question–just whose interests is she really voting for with that kind of money involved–the interests of her constituents in Louisiana or the interests of someone in Tel Aviv? Enquiring minds would like to know–and don’t try to tell us that the interests of Louisiana and Israel are identical. Some Christian Zionists who should know better might buy that but no one else will.

No wonder Ms. Landrieu wants to stay in the Senate. If she gets voted down this time there won’t be anymore campaign contributions from  AIPAC will there? Just to be fair to Ms. Landrieu, there were some in Congress that got more AIPAC money than she did. Good old “Honest” John McCain got $750,368 from AIPAC, and Mitch McConnell got $415,710 from them. There were several in both House and Senate that pulled down hefty AIPAC checks, so it really makes you wonder in whose interests these people are casting some of their votes.

Through all this you have to realize one thing–those people don’t give a “Tinker’s Damn” (I know it’s spelled wrong) about the American people. They are here for the big bucks and the totalitarian ideology that Washington so loves, and we are here to pay their fat paychecks and to submit to their totalitarianism. As long as we are willing to do that, they couldn’t care less about our welfare.

So I am forced to disagree with Ms. Landrieu–getting rid of her by voting her out of office would be very good for the country–and good for the people of Louisiana–provided they don’t elect another one just like her.




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