Mr. Bundy’s “Racism” Isn’t Quite Convincing (when you see the whole video)

By Al Benson Jr.
After all the lapdog media attention about “Bundy the racist” and that 3 minute video that the excuse for a “news” media cherry picked to pull out what they felt were “racist” comments, things seem to have quieted down—for now. Rest assured it’s not all over. I just have one question for the media. Seeing that the video they pulled comments from was only a little over 3 minutes long, if they really wanted to give us the full news, why couldn’t they just have aired the entire video so people would really have known what Mr. Bundy said and the context in which he said it. You all know the answer to that one as well as I do. There would have been no “racist” angle for them to play off if they did that, and, after all, I guess they were just doing what they are paid to do—make the establishment’s opponents look bad. I just wish people would quit calling them the “news” media because they aren’t anymore about real news than the Easter Bunny.

After the neo-patriotic Republican politicians all hunted their holes (one wonders how much of the video they saw) the truth slowly started to come out. There was an article on with a video included in which a black militia member, Jason Bullock was interviewed. The Infowars article stated: “When asked if he found Mr. Bundy’s comments offensive, six-year Army veteran Jason Bullock replied: ‘Mr. Bundy is not a racist. Ever since I’ve been here, he’s treated me with nothing but hospitality. He’s pretty much treating me just like his own family. I would take a bullet for that man if need be. I look up to him just like I do my own grandfather. I believe in his cause and after having met Mr. Bundy a few times, I have a really good feel about him and I’m a pretty good judge of character.”

Mr. Bundy’s comments about whether the slavery before the War of Northern Aggression (which had also existed in the North) had just been traded for a new form of federal slavery, were taken out of context. He asked it as a question and, I have to admit, the same thought has crossed my mind also. I have asked the question—were the slaves ever really freed in the truest sense, or were they made to exchange being privately owned for being federally owned? I think it’s a legitimate question and with the welfare mentality the feds have created in this country, maybe it ought to be addressed.

The Infowars article also stated: “In another video we pointed to yesterday, the IJReview’s Kira Davis (a black activist) also sided with Mr. Bundy, agreeing that essentially one form of slavery has given way to another, where people are enslaved to the government and dependent on their subsidies.”

The web site dealt with the same question, and aired the whole video in question. They commented on it and said: “Watch Bundy explain how we need to keep things from going backwards for blacks, and how the Federal government has created a neo-slave class via entitlement dependency that is so bad it is arguably worse than plantation slavery was.”

And on radio talk show host Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman, stated, quite plainly, that “”Bundy is not a racist simply for just asking a question about the current state of black America.” The article noted: “Walsh called out Democrats for perpetuating the real racism in America and ‘gutless, cowardly politicians’ for backing away as far as they could from Bundy.” Walsh said: “If you want to cavalierly throw the charge of racism around, point it at Democrats and liberals who have caused this! Cliven Bundy didn’t do this to black America!…You know who did this to black America? Democrats, liberals, and black civil rights leaders.”

And, in an article on writer William Norman Grigg (who is also black) made a congent comment. He said: “Several months into his first term, Barack Obama signed into law a ‘hate crimes’ measure that enriched the federal government’s power to investigate and punish improper thinking. That measure likewise diverted plundered funds to fill the troughs of left-wing pressure groups that gather intelligence on ‘thought criminals’ on behalf of the feds.” So, at this point, the whole “hate crimes/civil rights ploy is nothing more than a tactic of the feds to keep black voters on the federal plantation so they will vote the right way and perpetuate the ruling elite. That’s the real name of the game. And it’s no different today than it was with the infamous “Union Leagues” during “Reconstuction.”

And so anyone that dares to raise legitimate questions about what is going on must be branded as a horrible “racist.” Do you see now why they did this to Mr. Bundy? He asked a question the feds would rather not have asked and, to avoid more from asking the same question, the “news” media had to step in and turn his honest question into a “racist” statement so others would think twice about asking it. All part of the federal game, folks, nothing to see here—just move along.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Bundy’s “Racism” Isn’t Quite Convincing (when you see the whole video)

  1. The problem with Americans today is that most young adults have been brainwashed by liberal-progressive-Marxists revisionists; in our schools, history textbooks and other history media, to believe their propaganda and false history. Liberal revisionist history is nothing at all like the real truthful history of America as born out by period documents. After The Lincoln Tariff War of 1861-’65 so called “emancipated” slaves, then supposedly free, were treated in a manner few people even know about today, and many who do know won’t talk about it.

    Certain individuals would organize recently freed slaves into “work gangs” and find contract work for them, which the organizer got the bulk of the payment for the x-slave’s labors, but their management of the work gangs was often very stern and individuals were often treated badly, from being hunted down with dogs and whipped, if they attempted to runaway and were brought back to do the same labor they did as slaves, but under worse conditions.

    Since the work gang manager didn’t have any investment in work gang members they had no compulsion to treat them civil and often didn’t… In that case alone x-slaves were admittedly better off under an owner who had an interest in their well being and condition.

    It appears Mr. Bundy is old enough and has done his American History homework to know the truth of America’s History…

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