“Homo Sovieticus”—Cultural Marxism in Action

by Al Benson Jr.

Many who have read about Marxism and the Soviet Union over the years have seen references to what the Bolsheviks referred to as “the New Soviet Man.” If Communist “truth” were to be believed he would be a cross between Superman, Captain Marvel, and Lenin—all with a “class consciousness” and a true sense of being part of the great Communist “collective.”

Probably the best description of this Marxist super-robot I have seen can be found in a book called Cogs In The Wheel—The formation of Soviet Man by Mikhail Heller, published back in 1988. Mr. Heller received his graduate and post-graduate degrees in “historical sciences” while still in the Soviet Union, so he should know whereof he writes.

He presents a fascinating critique of what I would call both Cultural Marxism and Cultural Genocide and shows how these combined actually destroyed much of the culture of Old Russia and replaced it with an alien ideology that we still do not fully understand today. This is part of the reason we have so many problems in trying to negotiate with the Russians or even grasping what their intentions are through what they say. They speak a language that says one thing to the average Westerner but means something entirely opposite to them. The West has yet to grasp this, or if Western negotiators do, in fact, grasp it, they simply ignore it and play the game on Russian terms. The reason for that is yet another story.

Heller gives a pretty fair country description of what we today call Cultural Marxism on page 30 of his book. He observes: “The human relations that make up the society’s fabric—the family, religion, historical memory, language—become targets, as society is systematically atomized, and the individual’s chosen relationships are supplanted by others chosen for him, and approved by the state. Man remains alone, face to face with the state Leviathan. Only by melting into the collective, by becoming a mere drop in the ‘mass,’ can a man save himself from his terrifying lonliness.”

On page 32 he quotes Robert J. Lifton, who studied hundreds of officers and enlisted men who had been POW’s during the Korean War. Lifton said: “The brainwashing of the prisoners in Korean camps was essentially an attempt to destroy the individual’s  previous personality and remould it in terms of Communist ideology. It is a process of death and rebirth;  and though few left the prison camps as convinced Communists none emerged from the ordeal unscathed.” Heller stated, in referring to Lifton’s study, that: “His study showed that they do assimilate what has been hammered into their brains, but the effect comes out only some time after their liberation, like the explosion of a delayed-action bomb.” And then, in addition, Heller noted: “It is not hard to imagine the effect of ‘education’ and ‘reeducation’  upon the Soviet citizen who is exposed from the day he is born to brainwashing, and is bombarded all day, every day, with all sorts of propaganda and persuastion.”

In speaking of how this works, one Marxist critic stated that “it is essential to create a new enthusiasm for the new slavery,” and “to learn to love our chains so they will come to feel like the tender embrace of a mother.” Heller mentions George Orwell’s novel 1984  in this connection.

He writes of the “infantilization” of the Soviet populace. This is something practiced by the ruling elite under Lenin and his successors. It is a process of bringing the average Soviet citizen to the point where he becomes a child who depends on the “state” for his total guidance and the “state” replaces his parents, friends, religion, culture, etc.

Naturally, in all of this, the State, according to Heller, “reserved to itself the most important of parental prerogatives: the education of children.” It’s interesting that Heller recognizes that education is, indeed, a parental responsibility, while most people in this country believe it is the responsibility of “the state.” And he mentions a Soviet writer, Andrey Platonov, who understood how socialism was really built, by “transforming the country’s inhabitants into children living in fear, obediently carrying out their elders’ absurdist instructions, deprived of their traditional ideas and beliefs and subjected to constant bombardment by radio, newspapers, and propagandists.” Let me ask, does this sound familiar? Does it sound anything like what we experience here?

Does it sound anything like what we here in the South experience on an almost daily basis—if we are paying attention? How often do we hear, from the “news” media, television, or a myriad of other “sources” that “your flags are ‘racist’; your symbols are all ‘racist’; your culture has always been ‘racist’; you should be totally ashamed of your symbols, history, culture, and traditions.” And the solution for all these “problems”? Why we have to get rid of our history, heritage, customs, traditions, and, above all, our Christian faith. These all need to go so we can proceed to build the “new South” which is really a sad imitation of what we see up in the Northeast.

But our kids hear and see all this, 24/7, all year long. They get it on television, in the news, in their schools, where real history is seldom taught. It comes through in the comments of grandchildren, who, when seeing a Confederate flag in Grandpa’s garage, want to know why Grandpa has that “racist” flag in his garage. This is what the kids are taught. That it’s all a lie makes no difference. Our “news” media and our “education” system are in the process of constructing “homo sovieticus” in the United States and most folks still haven’t figured it out yet. They are not just doing it in the South, but rather across the entire country, but they concentrate on the South because the South is and has been slower to accept socialism and Marxism than other parts of the country and so we are “privileged” to get an extra helping of socialist doctrine thrown in our faces.

What happened in the Soviet Union is the model for what we are getting here and the end result is supposed to be the same—we all become “children” of the state, with no original thoughts or ideas of our own, no imagination or being willing to be different, especially if that is frowned upon. We must all learn to become politically correct clones, all sharing only politically correct ideas and throwing out any thought or action that the powers that be do not like. “Cogs in the wheel.”

There are a couple things we need to do. Repent of being willing to live this way and go back to our orthodox Christian faith. This is the first and most important step for us. Reaffirm Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and be willing to be a part of it. And you can only do that if you are willing to repudiate this other clap trap. “New Soviet Man” needs to be discarded on the trash heap of ideas that failed. Be willing to put him there.

Next, we can start to learn some real history. Find out where all this junk is coming from and don’t just swallow what the ruling elite passes along to you as ‘truth.” Learn how to check it out for yourself. It’s not as easy as just going with the flow, but it’s a lot more sensible and a lot more enlightening and envigorating. By God’s grace pursue the truth. You will never be sorry.

And last of all, once you have apprehended God’s truth and some accurate history, be willing to resist what you see out there that is evil. The Scripture says “Resist the devil and he will flee.” Not too many Christians today are in the resistance business when it comes to apostasy and anti-Christianity. More need to be. And don’t kid yourself. Marxism, whether in Washington or Moscow, is not ultimately political—it is spiritual and, as such, it needs to be resisted. Don’t be willing to be another cog in the wheel in a United Socialist States of Amerika. Resist!!!


The Mess Isn’t Only in the Ukraine

by Al Benson Jr.

Anyone who has been following the Ukrainian situation knows that it is becoming more and more confusing, muddled, and most commentators who say much about it are all over the board on just what has happened and whose fault it is.

We heard on March 1, via http://www.aol.com  that the Russian parliament had granted Comrade Putin permission to use the Russian military to invade the Ukraine, or certain parts of it, “to protect Russians living there.” Not that the parliament would have dared to refuse him had he actually made such a request. More than likely the Russian parliament acted the part of the proverbial rubber stamp, just like our Congress in this country so often does.

I get the impression that Putin will do pretty much as he wants in the Ukraine, at least in the eastern and southern parts of it where there seems to be a preponderance  of ethnic Russians. How will the west respond to Putin’s aggression? Probably with a gigantic yawn—lest they suffer the inconvenience of having their reality shows interrupted.

Comrade Obama has responded with his usual political hot air. According to an article on http://www.knoe.com  “The U.S. is reviewing Russia’s military moves in Ukraine and trying to figure out how to respond…President Barack Obama warned Russia on Friday that ‘there will be costs’ for any military maneuvers that Russia undertook in Ukraine.” Sure there will—and somehow, the American taxpayer will end up footing the bill for them.

We need to get one thing straight here. Obama is a Marxist. Putin, the supposedly ex-KGB man, is a Marxist. So who’s kidding who? Obama will have no stomach for opposing another Marxist and all you will get from him is hot air—unless his CFR handlers, for some reason, tell him to do otherwise. Only then will he really act. Marxist though he is, he does know where his bread is buttered.

What distresses me, though, is the fact that patriotic and conservative commentators have come down all over the place on this one. Many of those I have followed and respected over the years have come down on the side of our having nothing to do with this situation and just letting the Russians do whatever they want. While I understand their rationale, and, in most cases, support it, the cold warrior in me has, somehow, just never quite learned to  “trust the Russians to do what’s right.” I still look upon those stories of “communism being dead” as just that—stories, fairy tales if you will. Over the years I’ve read enough by people on both sides of the Iron Curtain to make me question anything ex-Communists (or supposedly ex-Communists) do. With the Marxist mindset there is always an agenda. And that agenda will always bode ill for those who wish people to be truly free. That’s as sure as the turning of the earth.

Some conservative commentators have gone on Russia Today and aired their non-interventionist views. They seem to forget that Russia Today is sponsored by Moscow, which is still not our friend.

The last thing in the world I want to see is U.S. troops involved in this mess, one of the reasons being that our current administration would not allow them to really fight the Russians if they were there. It would be another Viet Nam. The United States does not win wars against Communists. It’s simply not allowed.

However, I think the freedom-loving people in the Ukraine, many of whom are Christians, should receive aid from the west, even if it is private aid—and in the long run, that might be the best kind. There must be some private charitable groups in the western countries that would be willing to help the folks in the Ukraine and part of that help might possibly be an education campaign in the countries in the west dealing with what the Marxist mindset really is all about.

Too many Christians look at Marxism as a political entity and therefore they have been taught to have no concern about it whatever. They need to relearn to truth that Marxism is not only political and cultural—it is religious—it is a theology, an anti-Christ theology opposed to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, which Marxism constantly works to replace with its own “kingdom.” And it is far from dead and it is not un-Christian to oppose and expose it.

In his informative little book Law and Liberty, the late Rev. R. J. Rushdoony took note of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. He noted, on page 68, that: “In 1847, in the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx wrote: ‘the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of private property.’ Any kind of property, he noted, is power, and he denied the right of power to the person or family; it had to be ‘social power.’…Marx favored the state control of all education, and he criticized what he called ‘the bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed correlation of parent and child.’ Thus, replacing Christian schools with state-controlled and state-supported schools was for Marx a necessary step towards destroying the family and private property.” If you look at the ten planks in Marx’s Manifesto it’s not hard to see that these are, in fact, Marxism’s “Ten Commandments.”

We will have to watch the situation in the Ukraine to see where it goes. And we will have to keep an eye on some of our conservative commentators to see where they go. Right now I’m not overly happy with some of the territory they inhabit. If they stay there we may have to do a thorough re-evaluation as to where some of these folks are at. If you want to read a little more about the other side of this check out Cliff Kincaid’s articles on the Internet. He is involved with Accuracy in Media, and boy, do we ever need more of that today.