“Right-Wing” Fascism is Baloney!

by Al Benson Jr.

Over the years that I have kept track of things political I have, more times than I care to mention, been exposed to the spurious term “right-wing fascist.” Pardon my bluntness, but that is 100% pure, top-grade hogwash.

Several years ago I remember hearing a man give a speech on the political spectrum and how it worked and on the political situation in general. He knew his subject. He gave something like a 3 1/2 hour speech on the subject of politics and he had all the information in his head. He needed no notes and didn’t use any. Twice I heard him give the same speech and he did it the same way, no notes.

One thing he dealt with was the political spectrum, from left to right, and what he said made sense in light of the drivel we have been spoon-fed for years regarding this. I pulled the following definition off the Internet, the same Internet that Comrade Obama plans on signing over to some “international body” in the near future (guess who that will be”). I won’t embarrass the Internet site by giving its name, but what it had to say started out this way. “Far-right politics commonly includes authoritarianism, anti-communism, and nativism. Often the term ‘far-right’ is applied to fascists and neo-Nazis, and major elements of fascism have been deemed clearly far-right, such as its belief that supposedly superior people have the right to dominate society while purging allegedly inferior elements…Claims that superior people should proportionately have greater rights than inferior people are sometimes associated wit the far right.” This is the sort of drivel we are supposed to ingest and believe about those on the right–all potential fascists, just waiting to stand in line behind Hitler, with outstretched palms, giving the Nazi salute–the exact same one they used to have our kids in public school use while pledging allegiance to the Yankee flag.

So let’s stop for just a nano-second and view the political spectrum with a degree of common sense.  If the left side of the political spectrum represents total, authoritarian government, which it does, then the right side of the spectrum will represent the exact opposite of the left–no government whatever–anarchy. I know it will take awhile for this to sink in, but ask the Lord to help you with it. It’s not what we’ve been taught. We are not supposed to reason this way. The establishment does not approve. Therefore, what better reason to start?

The article above that I quoted from, which claims to define fascism, could, in fact, be used to define communism. Communism is certainly “authoritarian” and, in its own way, it’s “nativist” with its vision for the “new Soviet Man” and communists most certainly have their own elite, who are expected to rule with an iron hand over the ignorant masses. All you have to do to ascertain that is to read some of the books written by Soviet secret policemen who have defected to the West. They all talk about the “elite” group in the Soviet Union. The Politburo and the KGB were all part of the elite, and even with all the name changes they still are.

It’s true that fascism is authoritarian, or totalitarian if you prefer. However, in a sensible political spectrum, that puts fascism right over there on the left with communism. In fact, you might even say that fascism is a more efficient brand of leftism than communism is. With communism the state claims, in the name of some nebulous organism called “the people” to own everything.  Supposedly, the “people” own it, (yeah, right) but the state runs it, and not always very efficiently.

With fascism the state allows you to keep your name on your deed. Supposedly it is still yours–but the state can tell you what you can and can’t do with it, and when you can or can’t, and if you refuse to do it their way they will come and take “your” property and pass it along to someone who will use it their way.  In the meantime, you, not the state, are responsible for its upkeep and maintainence. You maintain it, they control it. Such a deal!

Therefore, if fascism and communism both represent total government, then they are both on the left side of the political spectrum–otherwise you have a political spectrum with two left sides and no right side–not that some folks wouldn’t love it that way.

On the other hand, the really far right represents anarchy–no government at all, and that’s no good either, lest you end up with the situation described in the Bible where “every man does what is right in his own eyes.” Since Adam’s fall, mankind has been sinful, therefore, some government is needed, but it should be extremely limited and confined to a very few specific areas, such as the protection of life and property, and as much of it as possible should be administered at the local level. When I ran for the town council in the town I live in a few years ago, one of the things I ran on was “less government at all levels and more individual responsibility.”

I don’t expect things to get to that point anytime soon. We’ve gotten too used to government at some level telling us what to do, and though we don’t especially like it, it’s a lot easier just to go along than it is to rock the boat. We used to have boat-rockers in this country. No more. Now we have chair-rockers. And as well, you have the elite (Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission) that controls both major political parties in this country. These groups, with their elite, have a fascist vision for this country, which they have hired a Marxist president to administer. “Why the president was fairly elected” you say?  Sure he was. When he got only 140% of the vote in some places, and several counties in Northern industrial states where he got 100% of the vote, how could he miss? I don’t know why Romney even bothered to run when there were entire areas where he never got a single vote. And the Republican Party never complained about that. Isn’t that strange? Or does it, in fact, show that one elite group does control both parties and they only say what they are told, or allowed, to say?

As long as the general public has been conditioned to believe that authoritarian fascism is over there on the right, then the leftists and their elitist masters can label all kinds of good folks, Confederate heritage folks, Tea Party folks, Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, home schoolers, and others as “right-wing” fascists, and people who have been mis-educated or under-educated will never know that all these groups really stand for less intrusive government and not more. The term “right-wing fascist” is a handy leftist brush to tar lots of good folks with.

We need to begin to educate ourselves in this area so we will have enough wisdom to be able to discern between left-wingers (liberals, socialists, and communists) and fake right-wingers who are really left-wingers (fascists) and all the rest of the folks who just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace. However, if we do not learn to stand up and resist (in the Lord’s strength) those on the left who seek to remove our God-given liberties, then we will have no peace either–only bondage.

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