Obama “Reforms” National Security Agency (pigs fly too)

by Al Benson Jr.

After reading what the leftist “news” media had to say about our Marxist-in-Chief’s “reform” package for the National Security Agency I couldn’t help commenting on this. If you followed and were foolish enough to believe the “lamestream media” you would think Obama drastically reduced the power of the NSA and was almost on the way to abolishing it. However, in the cold light of reality, if you take the trouble to analyze what he did (and didn’t do) you find it was all a smokescreen to befuddle the public into thinking he is really concerned about their concerns. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He made just enough cosmetic changes to try to fool the public at large which, after the recent revelations about government spying on ordinary Americans, has become quite concerned about their privacy. Folks, let me be blunt here. For this president and his handlers, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution does not exist, anymore than do any of the rest of the first ten amendments. For this administration the Bill of Rights is meant to be done away with. We need to get that through our heads. Oh, Obama will continue to give lip service to it all–while he is working to destroy it.

From what I could read about his “reform” package, all it does is to change where the data his administration has collected is going to be kept. The government won’t keep it, someone else will, that someone being yet to be determined (if that ever happens). But the material will still be mined and “searched” only now they supposedly will have to get a court order to do it. Big deal! What Federal judge will bother refusing to issue such an order? All this does is to add one more step to the process but it doesn’t change anything, not really. And this is the “reform” he is touting? I hope the public isn’t dumb enough to buy into this fable.

One thing Americans have got to learn to believe is that almost no one in government is ever going to do anything to lessen their own power and control over the public. If you think they will, then you are not dealing with reality. Ron Paul and a small handful of others are the exception rather than the rule, which is one reason Mr. Paul had to be denied the Republican nomination at any cost in the last “election.”

Americans have to relearn the truth that politicians will never surrender power and control once they have it. They won’t surrender it because they like it. It’s like an aphrodisiac to them–the more they can get the more they want. And all three branches of government will team up with each other to promote the gathering of illicit power to one branch or the other. So the supposed system of checks and balances in the Constitution has not really worked for a long, long time. It has only been an illusion–again, to fool the gullible public.

We have a bad habit in this country, and we have had it at least since Lincoln was in office, of listening to politicians and believing what they tell us and never bothering to check out whether what they tell us matches what they do–and it the vast majority of cases never the twain shall meet.

Over the years I have had people tell me “Oh Lincoln must have been a Christian. He quoted the Bible.” Well, if you take the trouble to read the fourth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel you will find that the Devil also quoted the Bible. Did that make him a Christian???

Sadly today, the majority of our public schools do not teach our kids any real history. What they get is mostly a twisted version that has been carefully crafted in the last 150 years so the kids are guaranteed to learn really nothing that will help them to rationally discern what goes on around them. There are public school teachers that do try to teach real history. Ive known a couple, but mostly they are few and far between. And unfortunately, our churches don’t in the main, do much better. Where they should advocate spiritual discernment they mostly go along with big government schemes because it is the “patriotic” thing to do. It isn’t, but they think it is–so wave the flag on holidays; better yet, plant 100 flags around your church building on holidays so folks will know how “patriotic” you are and how much you love Big Brother and you will have done your duty, right? Wrong!

Start learning what the constitutional functions of government are and watch to see if your “elected officials” are going beyond them. If they do, call them to account. Start learning to watch what politicians say and compare it with what they do–and find out if what they do is in accord with the powers that were delegated (not surrendered) to them or not. Start reading to learn what government should and should not do. A good place to start is a book I have mentioned before, the Kennedy Brothers book Nullifying Tyranny published by Pelican Publishing. You can find it on Amazon.com

Until a sufficient number of Americans begins to wake up to what goes on we will continue to fall prey to the Marxist proclivities of King Barack the First and the One World Government puppeteers that pull his strings.


2 thoughts on “Obama “Reforms” National Security Agency (pigs fly too)

  1. The NSA was created as a division of the Department of Defense. It’s purpose was to augment the gathering of intelligence, meant for military applications only. So, one could say that since U.S. citizens are being subjected to surveillance by the NSA, we are, in fact, under martial law. The Constitution by virtue of the fourth amendment guarantees us protection from federal intrusion without due process. Martial law permits the federal government to suspend our constitutional rights to be suspended under certain conditions. It has happened once before in history… This is the same abuse of power that Lincoln exercised during the War Between the States. Before you know it, if it has not already happened, habeas corpus will again be suspended, just as Lincoln did, with a military excuse, the convenient excuse of “war”, in the ongoing effort to craft a Marxist society. It all started with Lincoln, and those who are complicit in his effort, are very, very patient people. They depend upon our complacency, and our dependence on the very technology they are using to subdue us into Socialism and Marxism.

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