Is The Regime Afraid Of Its Subjects And Ultimately Of God?

By Al Benson Jr.

You have to look at all that the current Marxist regime in Washington is involved in and wonder if it is afraid of the American people, and ultimately of God and His judgment.

We have Homeland Security with its amoured vehicles and the NSA which seems to be busy checking the emails of just about everyone in the country to see what’s being said. They claim they are doing this to “combat terrorism.” Balderdash! You have a situation where the federal government has bought up millions and millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition. Who are they afraid of?  Who do they plan to use all that on? If you are realistic you know full well it is to be used on the American public, not some terrorist group in Pakistan.

And the government is also busily redefining the use of the word terrorist. Now this term includes such people as Christians, home schoolers, Second Amendment advocates, those who want the government to follow the Constitution, veterans, etc. The list of honest, patriotic people this regime is now defining as terrorists could go on, but this regime is now trying to give aid and comfort to the terrorists we have been (supposedly) fighting in Afghanistan and the Middle East and to redefine thinking Americans as terrorists.

Anyone who dares to disagree with this Marxist regime is a potential terrorist just like all those people that didn’t vote for Obama and his Marxism are all “racists.” If this regime were only fulfilling its constitutional duties why would it have to fear its subjects? And let’s don’t kid ourselves—we are no longer free and independent citizens in a Republic—we are subjects. When a regime can compel you to buy health insurance you are no longer free.

The current Marxist regime tries to tell us that a majority of Americans are in favor of strict gun control/confiscation and their paid political prostitutes in the “news” media parrot the same lie. This past weekend there was an armed, yes armed, pro-Second Amendment rally in San Antonio, at the Alamo, the cradle of Texas liberty. Depending on who you listen to, it was attended by anywhere between 500-1000 armed citizens. The police thought about trying to disarm them and then decided maybe they’d better back off. A few blocks away there was an anti-gun rally—which was attended by about twenty people. Had they managed to get fifty people out the “news” media probably would have given them a thousand. That’s the kind of thing the “news” media does—for the right (left) people.

This regime fears the First and Second Amendments and it is paranoid about the Tenth Amendment, which it hopes can be severely constricted by the 14th Amendment. The regime is concerned about “Christian” terrorists much more than it is about Muslim terrorists. They will deny this but their actions belie their words—especially with Christians on the potential terrorist list and groups like the American Family Association, Don Wildmon’s group, now being classified as a “hate group.” The Southern Poverty Law Center now prowls around, probably at federal behest, “seeking whom it can devour” with the “hate group” label. After all, they went after the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a few years back. And the UDC is no more a hate group than the man in the moon. The regime doesn’t come right out and use the word “Christian” but they use the term “fundamentalist” and they tell us they are referring to Muslim fundamentalists. Yeah, right. Most people in this country, when they hear the term “fundamentalist” think of Christians, so the regime’s use of this word is not accidental when linking it with potential terrorists.

So, if this regime (I use this term rather than calling it an administration because it really is a regime, replete with 923 Executive Orders) is that concerned about Christians, then I wonder if it has a problem with God also, outside of trying to usurp His place and replace Him with themselves.

You have to wonder about the shallowness and smallness of those who try to remove God from His rightful place as Sovereign over all creation, including themselves. I think that’s where the rub is. These small people don’t want to be accountable to the Lord or to be accountable for their own sins, which they are and will be. The thought of judgment scares them because, deep down, most of them really know what they are doing and they know it is sin, and they don’t want to have to answer for it. If they can just convince themselves there is no God and that man and the state are really “god” and they can run the state and the world, then they can convince themselves that they are absolved from all sin because sin, as such, does not exist. It’s interesting, because those revolutionaries that started the French Revolution felt the same way. They hated the truth about original sin found in the Scriptures. Why they weren’t “sinners.” They were too busy saving the world to be sinners. I think most of them are a lot wiser today, wherever they are. So these modern day revolutionaries have come up with nothing new. They are busily repeating the same gross errors of their spiritual ancestors.

What was it Psalm 14 said—“The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” That pretty much tells you where those people are—fools! You can be a big, high mucky-muck in the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission or any of the other One World Government groups and still be a fool. In fact, if you refuse to accept the reality of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, then you almost certainly, unless you repent, earn yourself a place in fool’s paradise (they call it Hell).

That’s where this current regime, and all others like it, is headed if they refuse to reverse direction.

8 thoughts on “Is The Regime Afraid Of Its Subjects And Ultimately Of God?

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  2. Here’s a link to a bill that was recently defeated in the NC legislature, unfortunately. Follow the link to see their legal reasoning, I found it encouraging.

    The North Carolina General Assembly asserts that the Constitution
    of the United States of America does not prohibit states or their subsidiaries from making laws
    respecting an establishment of religion
    The North Carolina General Assembly does not recognize federal
    court rulings which prohibit and otherwise regulate the State of North Carolina, its public
    schools,or any political subdivisions of the State from making laws respecting an
    establishment of religion.

  3. Great article Al;

    I have pounded on this subject of revised history all my life. In fact of interest to you and your readers maybe an eBook I put together some time back titled BIBLICAL BASIS FOR AMERICA’S FOUNDING DOCUMENTS. It, along with other American History eBooks and eArticles based on period documentation rather than speculation, on my True American History and Family History Website at URL:

    “Qui Docet Discet”: “Those who teach learn!” –John Amos Comenius

    “Fighting for America’s Freedom through True American History Education…” –Al Barrs

    “You must listen to others to know yourself!”

    Al Barrs,
    eBooks and eArticles by Al Barrs

  4. “And the government is also busily redefining the use of the word terrorist. Now this term includes such people as Christians, home schoolers, Second Amendment advocates, those who want the government to follow the Constitution, veterans, etc.” To add to this list, the Regime has recently declared George Washington, the father of our nation, to be a “terrorist/extremist.”

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