Islamic “Peace” and Communist “Peace” Are Equals

By Al Benson Jr.

In November. 2012, Serbian-American author Srdja Trifkovic wrote an article in Chronicles magazine dealing with the Middle Eastern situation and the current regime’s handling, or rather mishandling of it.

In his article Trifkovic noted: “Writing seven decades ago, Arthur Jeffery dismissed as ‘the sheerest sophistry’ the same tendency among some Western scholars in his own time. He understood that the ‘peace’ that Muslim believers are called upon to implement is impossible unless it is established under hegemonic Islamic rule.” He stated that “violating sharia is blasphemous. Not accepting the divine origin of the Koran is blasphemous…Resisting the imposition of sharia is blasphemous. In the end, being a non-Muslim is blasphemous.”

In other words, to put it plainly, the only way you can have “peace” with a Muslim or a community of them, is to just cave in and do what they want. There is never any real “peace” except on their terms. You might say that what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is always negotiable (on their terms).

Mr. Trifkovic has written, among others, a book called The Sword of the Prophet: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. On  reviewer Paul Eidelburg says: “Dr. Trifkovic exposes Islam’s prophet as cruel, ignorant, and lascivious. He examines Islam’s fatalistic theology; reviews this religion’s devastation of other civilizations; warns of the Muslim’s insidious penetration of America and Europe;…and goes to the heart of what must be done to prevent Islam’s global ascendency.” I have not read Trifkovic’s book but it sounds like one it would be good to have some working knowledge of. It can be hoped that enough concerned people will read it that they might be able to make some difference.

In the exact same vein is the “peace” of Communism. And don’t kid yourself, Communism is still alive and well. The fact that they took that wall over in Berlin down proves nothing except that the Communists long ago learned to play the American public like a fiddle and in most cases the public wouldn’t recognize Communism if it bit them. What the current regime is getting away with should be proof of that. We have become Communist in everything but name, and thanks to Karl Marx’s school system we don’t have a clue.

The Communists used to talk about wanting “peace” with us too. How many Soviet dictators came over here over the decades telling us all they wanted with us was “peace.” And our politicians and “news” media went along and played the game. After all, they were all bought and paid for by the same masters. Promoting Marxism was part of their agenda.
Years ago, Western Islands published a little book called A Communese-English Dictiorary written by Professor Roy Colby. It explained how the Communists use language as a tool for advancing their agenda and how ignorant most people are of that. It gives definitions of many words that, to us, mean one thing, but when used by Communists, mean something else entirely to them.

One of those words is “peace.” Colby observes that, to a Communist, the word “peace” means “Absence or cessation of resistance to Communist expansionalism; Western policy or practice favorable to Soviet or Communist objectives; An international climate in which Communism may flourish…” And “peacebreaking” is resisting Communsist aggression. Think about it for a minute. Does that give you a vague indication as to why, in this country, veterans, home schoolers, Christians, and defenders of the Second Amendment are now being labeled as “potential terrorists?” Is it possibly because our current regime’s minions have a Marxist mindset? You have to question when our current Marxist-in-Chief talks to us about “openness and transparency” what he really means. With much of what has been revealed in the past few months you have to realize that those catch phrases don’t mean the same thing to him that they do to ordinary folks.

They are playing the same game on us with the word “racist” which is of Trotskyite origin. Nowadays it means anyone who won’t vote for a black Marxist for president or who refuses to endorse his Marxism. Colby’s little book was published back in 1972. It is not out of date!

So, if you look at both Communism and Islam they share a common bond when it comes to the use of words. And to both of them, the word “peace” means absence of resistance to whatever they want to do. That’s the only way you will ever be at “peace” with either one of them. Resist them in any way and you are at war with them. Christians, as peace loving as they are, need to realize that there are times when we need to fight. Psalm 144:1 says “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

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