Want ‘em Brainwashed? Send ‘em To Public School

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently I ran across an excellent article by Michael Snyder on http://www.prisonplanet.com  published last March. The headline for it was “Texas Public School Curriculum Teaches Students To Design A Socialist Flag And That Christianity Is A Cult.” Needless to say, that caught my attention. I’ve read about socialist flags being part of the curriculum in a public school up in Iowa or somewhere up there within the last year or so, which leads me to believe that Texas public schools are hardly alone in their march toward socialism.

Mr. Snyder observes in his article: “Socialism is being promoted and Christianity is being demonized in the public school systems of some of the most conservative states in America. For example, students in Texas public schools have been taught to design a socialist flag for a new nation, that those that participated in the Boston Tea Party were ‘terrorists’ and that Christianity is a cult. If this kind of thing is happening in Texas, can you imagine what is happening in the rest of the nation? Sadly, education is a big part of the ‘progressive’ agenda. Progressives are convinced that if they can ‘shape the minds’ of the next generation through education that it will only be a matter of time before they achieve all the major changes that they are seeking to implement in our society. And you know what? It’s working…”

Why is it working? Mostly because most parents don’t want the responsibility of checking up on what the public schools are really doing to their kids. Oh, they’ll gripe a little when a really raunchy sex ed program comes along, but after they have cooled down a little they will leave the kids in the public school to be brainwashed. Their anger seldom impels them far enough for long enough to be bothered checking out other options—and there are other options to the public school.

Mr. Snyder, in his article, seems to be trying to warn parents to beware of what their kids are being taught in public school. He correctly notes: “Millions of parents are sending their kids to public schools without having any idea that they are being taught that patriotism is divisive, that capitalism is evil and that Christianity is a fictitious cult.” Instead of being taught the reading, writing, and arithmetic that most parents send them to school for, they are being taught to “…identify themselves as ‘global citizens,’ that socialism is about ‘sharing’ and that all the religions of the world need to come together as one.”

Remember, the kids are getting this kind of stuff five days a week, prime time. If you think one hour of Sunday School will be enough to combat all that then you are prone to delusion. Mr. Snyder invites parents to actually pick up their kids’ textbooks and read them. Hr says “Once you know what to look for, you will see it everywhere.”

He notes one public school curriculum in particular called CSCOPE, which equates Allah with the God of the Bible, and he notes: “…those seeking to promote a ‘one world religion’ want our children to believe that all religions are ‘different paths to God’ and that we need to bring all of the religions of the world together for the sake of ‘global harmony’.”
Folks, those of you who are Christians need to begin to realize that this is what your kids are getting in school. Education has nothing to do with it. Public school theology has everything to do with it.

The brainwashing in public schools has gone on for decades and there have been many brainwashing projects in public schools that have gotten very little attention other than locally. One notable exception was the Kanawha County textbook protest in the mid-1970s—almost forty years ago now. The public school system in Kanawha County, in 1974, presented new books for that year that would probably have to be considered brainwashing, even though folks at that time did not use that term much. But the textbooks, many of them really raunchy, were geared to change the culture there and change the way the kids thought. Fortunately many parents protested and carried their protest to the streets. More parents should have protested who just sat it out. But even though the protest was not ultimately completely successful it did raise awareness around the country as to what public schools were trying to do to the kids so that it made an impact and resulted in several new Christian schools being started in Kanawha County.

Of course the public education system being the sacred cow that it is, could not stand all the publicity and so the protest had to be beaten down (sometimes literally) but it showed what concerned parents, many of them Christian, could do when they got ticked off enough to take some kind of concerted action. We just might need more Kanawha County’s! A good book to read about that protest is Karl Priest’s Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. It’s the one book that gives the book protesters a fair shake. I believe it is available on Amazon.com Check it out.

Years ago I picked up a book by Thomas Sowell called Inside American Education. Mr. Sowell, who is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, does an excellent job of exposing the public school establishment for what it really is. This book was printed twenty years ago, so I imagine things are even worse now, but there is still much benefit from reading Mr. Sowell’s book, which I recommend, and it, also, can still be found on Amazon.com

Chapter three of Sowell’s book is entitled “Classroom Brainwashing” and that’s just what he deals with. He notes: “A variety of courses and programs under an even wider variety of names, have been set up in schools across the country to change the values, behavior, and beliefs of American youngsters from what they have been taught by their families, their churches, or the social groups in which they have grown up.” He says these programs are “…as pervasive as they are little known, partly because they have kept a low profile, but more often because they are called by other high-sounding names—‘values clarification,’ ‘decision-making,’ ‘affective education,’ ‘Quest,’…’gifted and talented’ programs, and many other imaginative titles…Far too often, however, these words are mere flags of convenience under which schools set sail on an uncharted sea of social experimentation in the re-shaping of young people’s emotions and attitudes.” In other words the kids are guinea pigs, used to see how this stuff really works. And if it doesn’t work out and some kids lives are ruined because of it, well, that’s tough, baby. You have to break some eggs if you want to make an omelet as the Communists used to say (and still believe).

Sowell observes that: “So-called ‘sex education’ courses and textbooks, for example, seldom involve a mere conveying of biological or medical information. Far more often, the primary thrust is toward a reshaping of attitudes, not only toward sex but also toward parents, toward society, and toward life.” He notes that these courses “…are attempts to re-shape values, attitudes, and beliefs to fit a very different vision of the world from what children have received from their parents and the social environment in which they are raised. Instead of educating the intellect, these special curriculum programs condition the emotions. This is sometimes called ‘affective education,’ as distinguished from intellectual education. It can also be called brainwashing.” Mr. Sowell has hit the nail right on the head. This is brainwashing, pure and simple. This is what your kids are getting in public school.

Oh, I realize there are a handful of good, Christian public school teachers out there who try to do what they can to promote the truth. My argument is not with them—it is with a system that was anti-Christian since its beginnings and has only gotten moreso with passing decades.
Many Christian parents refuse to do any homework dealing with public schools. They just blindly put their kids into them, completely dismissing what all of us “nay-sayers” have to say and then scratching their heads wondering why little Johnny or Susie refuse to go to church once they graduate high school and get into college—another fertile field for the brainwashers!

Folks, we are not going to change anything in this country for the better until Christians begin to assume responsibility for the education of their own children, either at home or in good Christian schools. Exodus Mandate, an organization that is promoting Christian education across the country has a bumper sticker out that says, quite plainly, “Christian children need a Christian education.” I couldn’t agree more. Until we quit playing around and letting the enemy educate our kids, things will get no better.

5 thoughts on “Want ‘em Brainwashed? Send ‘em To Public School

  1. I went to check if school vouchers were going to be implemented in my State. They are, but only for kids who qualify for free or reduced lunch. In other words, it will ruin private schools.
    “Karen Duquette, vice president of Parents for Educational Freedom, said the grants will give poorer families the same options as wealthier families for their children’s schooling.”

    Sorry for the off topic comment.

    • I have mixed emotions about vouchers. They still allow the educational establishment to finance a youngster’s schooling, supposedly avoiding the usual baloney in public schools, but at what point can the establishment threaten to withdraw the support if families don’t knuckle under?

      • I just replied to another comment with a similar question. It seems unlikely that private schools will be allowed to maintain admission standards and we already know its “racist” to punish black kids. Seems like a losing scenario for private school students.

      • Ultimately the government will seek to shut down all private education it cannot control. That’s part of what this new “common core” curriculum is designed to do. They will arrange it so that kids have to take their curriculum to pass all the “tests” no matter what else they take, so they will be, in essence, demanding all children take their courses to get into college or to get a job.

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