“Independence” Day—if you say so

By Al Benson Jr.

This week the majority of public school-educated folks will celebrate their “freedom” on the fourth of July. Some will put up American flags (some churches already have scores of them up) while others shoot off bunches of fireworks and hot dogs will be consumed by the ton as the country celebrates our “independence.”

We have been educated to celebrate the illusion of freedom, a freedom that has not existed for well over 100 years, but we have been taught to think it’s there, and with what passes for education in our day no one has even thought about questioning any of this. We just accept it. After all, didn’t George Bush tell us the Muslims hated us because of our freedoms? He then went on, with the Patriot Act, to eviscerate what few of those freedoms still existed. If the Muslims hated us for our freedoms, then, in order that we do nothing to “offend” them, those freedoms needed to be subtly removed. Bush and Cheney worked mightily at that and so has Comrade Obama. They have all taken to heart the old saying “freedom is slavery.” And their agenda is to enforce that “freedom.”

So, as we approach the glorious Fourth, stop and think about what freedoms you still enjoy. And are those “freedoms” any different from those the folks in the Soviet Union had?

A friend sent me an email recently noting that there are currently 16 gun control bills now pending in the US House and Senate. The Senate, thanks to monumental pressure from the Gun Owners of America and other groups, was forced to vote down gun control measures they would have loved to have passed for Comrade Obama, last April. With elections coming up next year they had to be careful—but wait until after next year’s elections and see what happens. Comrade Obama has been instructed by his CFR handlers to gut the Second Amendment and no matter what he says, he is working on that. Don’t think he’s finished because he lost round one. Marxists are nothing if not tenacious. Patriots and Christians should be that tenacious but they seldom are.

So what “freedoms” do you still enjoy? Well, you have the right to do what the government tells you to do. You have the right to like what the government tells you to like. You have the right to dislike what the government tells you not to like. You have the right to partake of the leftist worldview the federal government thinks you should have—and if you decide not to partake of that worldview you have the right to be spied on, have your email monitored, have your Facebook account tapped into, have your phone calls monitored and you may, if you make enough of a fuss, earn the right to drone surveillance or possible assassination if you really tick someone in Washington off. After all, didn’t Obama appoint an “assassination” czar awhile back?

I tell you, folks, with an impressive list of “freedoms” like this, how can anyone complain? After all, don’t we have the freedom to be safe rather than free? The feds tell us we do, so it must be so. After all, if you can’t trust your government who can you trust—right?

At this point the federal government is in the process of depriving us of our first, second, fourth, fifth and ninth and tenth amendment rights—and we have the unbridled freedom to sit back and watch them do it. And if, for some foolish reason we choose not to agree with that, well there are always those drones.

The old bandit in the John Wayne movie said “You ought to leave a man his illusions.” And the feds have, this year as in many years past, left us with the illusion that we are a free people when nothing could be further from the truth.

We have been taught that evil is good, that bitter is sweet, that less is really more, that freedom is slavery, and it would seem that we love to have it so because it never occurs to us to question it. Someone once said “None are so enslaved as those who think they are free.” That describes this country today. “The brainwashed never wonder” do they?

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