Ending Christian Education—Step One

By Al Benson Jr.

According to http://personalliberty.com “Barack Obama’s G8 Speech ‘An Alarming Call For An End to Catholic Education’.” The author of the article wrote: “At least he was smart enough to test the waters on foreign soil before introducing this particular facet of his agenda in the United States.”

Obama spoke in Belfast, Northern Ireland and lamented the “divisions” caused by Catholic and Protestant schools and how “we can’t see ourselves in one another” if we have separate religious schools.

Although he gave this speech in Ireland you have to know that his comments are really pointed at this country. He sees religious schools as an “impediment” to “world peace” and I am sure his One World solution for this impediment would be to eliminate all Christian Education in this country if he could get by with it and make sure that no American children had access to any education except what they can receive in “common core” public brain laundries. If religious schools are so bad why has he not also commented on Muslim schools and the divisive influence they might have in the community? You know the answer to that as well as I do—in Obama’s convoluted thinking it’s those nasty Christian schools, Catholic or Protestant, that are really the source of all the country’s divisions, while Muslim schools, with their promotion of Sharia law will “bring us all together.”

Most Christians have sat it out while this Marxist administration has attacked veterans, home schoolers, Tea Party members and various other groups this administration assures us are just filled with “low-level terrorists.” Recent revelations of gross misconduct on the part of the IRS and the NSA have been mostly met with yawns and comments about “the Lord’s in control so I don’t gotta do anything” from lazy Christians who just don’t want to be bothered to get up off their spiritual beds of ease to resist tyranny.

One wonders what the Christian reaction will be when Comrade Obama is finally given the go-ahead by his CFR/Trilateral handlers to start to put pressure on Christian schools to either begin to follow the party line or suffer the repercussions. Will most public school-oriented Christians feel it just doesn’t make any difference and will therefore do nothing as they have for generations?

I am a Reformed Protestant and so, naturally, I am in support of Christian schools that take that approach and promote that worldview. That doesn’t mean that I feel Catholic schools should be put out of business. I think all Christian denominations should make a serious effort to have their own schools and to promote Christian education—which I feel is the only genuine education there is anyway. I can see that statement ticking lots of folks off. How narrow minded, how provincial, right? Sorry, I disagree. The Scripture mandates that we bring our children up “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” and you can’t do that by turning your kids over to the local public brain laundry for prime time five days every week.
So Obama will seek to begin to subtly call for an end to private Christian education because it is “divisive.” His Marxist agenda is divisive too but I notice he has no plans to end that. He will go after the Catholics now because he feels most Protestants will not stick up for them. If he manages to put a major dent in Catholic education he will go after the Protestants. Either way, he wants Christian education gone—there is potential opposition there that he’d like to do away with if he can.

Christian education needs to be upheld and supported, not done away with, leaving little Johnny or Mary with nothing but the public school alternative, which educationally, is no alternative at all. I am sure this is what he and his bosses want and his friends in the teachers unions will laugh all the way to the bank!

Any efforts to shut down or to minimize Christian education should be opposed and exposed and Mr. Obama should be informed that it is none of his business how we educate our kids. Due to his Marxist mentality it won’t make any difference to him, but he needs to know that the Christians will oppose his efforts because they fly in the face of Scripture.

I realize there are some warm, fuzzy “evangelicals out there that will inform us that we are just not “loving” enough if we fail to go along with all that Obama wants to do. Suffice it to say that their definition of love is at variance with Scripture. Scriptural love does not entail caving into to everything some Marxist regime wants to do. There is a difference and Christians who wish to preserve and defend their culture had better learn the difference.


5 thoughts on “Ending Christian Education—Step One

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  2. It is astounding that Christians cannot figure this out. Obama’s ilk would not let a Bible believing
    Christian teach their children for 5 minutes, yet Christians give their children to secular teachers five days a week!

    • Karl,
      I have watched this phenomena for over 4 decades now. Christians with their kids in public school will gripe over what goes on but when you suggest that they should take their kids out all you get back are blank stares. This never occurs to them and even after you have talked to them about it, it still never occurs to them.

  3. This is just another symptom, like the IRS and NSA revelations. The disease is the government itself. We haven’t controlled who we let in to run it in the name of fredom of this or that. Freedom of religion means that we can’t prevent a muslim or an theist from holding office. freedom of speech means they get to spread propaganda in schoold and everywhere else. Freedom of assembly they get to burn cars at the G20 and parade their perersions down the street. Meanwhile, they don’t care about extending those same freedoms to us. If you want to protect YOUR freedoms, you have to control who has power over you, you can’t just let anybody who can raise enough money money become a lawmaker or a school principle or a publisher/producer of media.

    • Due to our public school “educations” we have been taught to be lazy, uninformed, fat and happy–with no responsibilities. Much of what has happened has been our own fault–not yours or mine necessarily, but the public’s at large. It would be nice to see the public really get ticked off over all this but Im not holding my breath.

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