Floyd Is a Girl and Freda Is a Boy

By Al Benson Jr.

World Net Daily posted an interesting article a few days ago. The headline for it was “Official Cross-Dressing Day for Kids Sparks Outrage.” As you can probably tell, we are back to the “gender-bender” thing again (as if we had really ever left it). I did an article on my old and now defunct web site http://www.albensonjr.com several years ago about this. Back then it was new. It has since become more and more prolific.

This time it occurred at Tippecanoe School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Terrence Falks who is on the school board this activity should be defended. In fact he noted that his own son-in-law recalled similar events years ago in a church school. If that is accurate it means that people have to keep their eyes on even the church schools. You can’t just put your kid in an institution that calls itself a Christian school and then forget about it.

One parent, Sam Ward, said all this does is to teach the kids the wrong lesson about gender. Of course it does. That’s what it’s intended to do. Supposedly this even was “voluntary” but with the peer pressure being what it is in government schools you know how that works.

The World Net Daily article observed: “There is a long history of introducing and teaching highly charged sexual material to children in America’s public schools. Probably the biggest promoter of such concerns is the public school industry in California.” That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in other places. Look at this school in Milwaukee. I’d be willing to bet that folks who follow this sort of public school activity could point out dozens of places it has happened around the country.

But, what will be the result of all this? Parents will gripe and moan and may even keep their kids home from school for a day because of it. Big deal! Do you honestly think because you keep little Johnny home today his friends won’t talk to him about what happened tomorrow?

And what about the kinky propaganda he gets the rest of the year—prime time five days every week? This kind of thing is increasing more and more and public schools are defending it and “putting up” with it in spite of parental protests because it’s all part of the agenda.

Do some of you folks get it yet? These aberrations are part of the public school agenda. This is what they want to do to your kids—destroy the sexual distinctions until they no longer exist and it’s all unisex. If the boys are not quite sure whether they are boys or not how will they ever be if they get in the armed forces and are forced to defend the country? Will your national defense depend on whether or not Johnny feels like Johnny today or whether this is his/her day to be JoAnne and therefore he/she can’t fight today. That may sound like a far out example but it’s all headed in that direction.

There is only one way to avoid this and other related aberrations. That is to get your kids out of the public school system and either teach them at home or find solid, dependable, Christian school to put them in. Most people won’t even think about this. They have been raised, and educated, to depend on the public schools for their kids’ “education” and so no other options are available in their thinking. Therefore no matter how bad the local school gets all they can do is to complain, protest, and then make the best of a lousy situation.

Somehow, we have to find a way to break through a mindset that runs in this narrow groove. Our children’s future depends on it.

The same people who have intentionally created the mess we now have in Washington are the ones running the public school system. Folks, connect those two dots.

I have written articles on the history of public education in this country for this blog spot on and off for the past couple years. I would invite you to go back through the monthly files and check some of them out.

Once you begin to see the problems that have always existed with public schools in this country (and others) you may begin to grasp the idea that maybe your kids belong elsewhere to really get an education. And if your conclusions lead you to remove them from public schools and find a solid Christian alternative, then my rantings will not have been wasted.


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  1. I agree. We put most of our kids thru public schools .We saw how the system has changed direction so our last child is in school that is at our Church. I think this has been one of the best things for her. She has a grade avg. of 98.6 and is way ahead of public school kids. By the way if a student does not make 85 or above they repeat the subject matter until they do . You can not just make it by , you have to learn it .

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