Some Good News Among All the Bad

by Al Benson Jr.

This blog spot has been rather quiet for the month of April. I went into the hospital on April 2nd and was there for 21 days, which pretty much shot April. I am home now and receiving therapy and hope to be a bit more vocal this month, Lord willing.

I did not get much news in hospital. What you see on tv hardly qualifies as news. Mostly it is someone’s spin on the news.

However I did hear, while in hospital that all three of Mr. Obama’s gun control bills had been defeated–all three. I was slightly amazed. I knew that the one banning “assault rifles” would probably not make it and even the one limiting magazine capacity was in trouble. However, most informed folks felt these bills would not make it anyway. All they were out there for was to give the anti-gun senators something to vote for so they could appear to be “pro-2nd Amendment.” What Obama really wanted was to get the one mandating background checks and registration passed. That way he’ d have all the names of the gun owners (he hoped). That one didn’t make it either. I’m told it failed by six votes. I can only applaud the 2nd Amendment groups, like Gun Owners of America, who must have done some really good work in this area and made certain senators feel the heat.

However, the pro-2nd Amendment folks cannot rest of their laurels. Mr. Obama and his gun grabbers do not intend to let folks keep their firearms and their scheme to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment is still in place in spite of this temporary setback.

One wonders how this will all play out. Will we have yet another “lone, crazed gunman”  kill more kids in another gun free zone, with the resultant political rhetoric that guns must be banned? I would not be surprised if such occurred. But if that one is getting a bit stale the anti-gunners may be forced to come up with a new tactic.

Stay tuned. You just never know.


5 thoughts on “Some Good News Among All the Bad

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  3. AL…….I sent you a check when I heard about your job situation. I hope things are improving for you & the wife. May God continue to keep His hand upon both of you.

    Bro. Lonnie

  4. the next one will have to be spectacular, ie: may be setting off a nuke, then enacting martial law.. as has been mentioned in some circles… dead/murdered Generals are talking ……….

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