Is the Result of the “Civil War” Really Settled?

By Al Benson Jr.

There was recently a letter in the Albany Herald of Albany, Georgia stating that, basically, the “Civil War” has “long been fought and settled…The war is over. Slavery has been abolished in the whole of these great United States. The Union has been salvaged.” Really?

If the “civil war” is really over then why is the South, and also the North now, still under “reconstruction?” If you think it isn’t, then you haven’t really taken a good look at The Patriot Act or Obama’s new gun/people control initiatives. If it isn’t then why are we still saddled with a Yankee/Marxist public school system down here that was, and still is, a major part of “reconstruction.” If we are not still under “reconstruction” then why hasn’t the Yankee/Marxist government in Washington removed all of this?

Well you might say, these are all signs of “progress.” Really? The Patriot Act literally eviscerates the original Bill of Rights and Obama’s gun/people control agenda will totally gut the real intent of the Second Amendment, which is to enable us to resist a tyrannical government. And the public school system—if that is a sign of “progress” then all I can say is “God help us!” For more years than I have been alive the public school system has been a tool for denigrating and belittling the history and heritage of the South and seeking to re-educate Southern kids in all the benefits of becoming little wanna-be Yankees with no sense of history or heritage or place—just like they’ve done to the kids in the North.

Part of the agenda of these “educational facilities” is to destroy the culture of the Old South and replace it with some strange animal called the “new South” which, if looked at closely, is no South at all. In other words, their agenda is Southern cultural genocide, which is supposed to be a crime in other places while in the South it seems to be a requirement.

So slavery has been abolished? What about the welfare program? You know, the one that pays people more to sit at home and become couch potatoes than they could get if they hustled and got honest work? You think that’s not a form of slavery? These people know they need to support everything Obama tries to do or the monthly check might not be there. That’s freedom???

Has the Union really been salvaged? How much does what we now live with resemble the original Union? I submit the gap is tremendous. And those wonderful, progressive, public schools have not taught us enough history so that we can make the comparison between what we had and what we now labor under.

I remember, years ago now, someone said to a pastor I know “The war is over and you lost, so get over it.” To which the pastor replied “If it was just the war we would have gotten over it but you tried to destroy our culture and that’s what we don’t get over.” They’re still trying.
They’re still trying with what they are trying to force down your kids’ throats in public school about how horrendous the Old South was, carefully omitting all its redeeming qualities and its Christian-based faith and worldview. Such anachronisms have to go. They are impeding the “progress” agenda.

I submit the War really isn’t over. It has just entered a new phase. In the first phase they tried to destroy us with more men and guns and a scorched earth policy. In the second phase they are trying to obliterate our cultural distinctive and create in us the mindset they possess. It’s more subtle and most Southern folks don’t realize it’s happening, but it is. So as long as they keep doing this kind of thing is the War really over, or has it just entered the propaganda phase?

At this point the Southern states can’t secede—although there is one school of thought in the Southern/Confederate Movement which contends that they are still seceded, that the Southern states are a country under occupation. That would be consistent with the War not really being over and “reconstruction” still being enforced.  But how about cultural secession? That’s something we all need to work at.

13 thoughts on “Is the Result of the “Civil War” Really Settled?

  1. I just started a book yesterday, “The South was Right” by J.D. and W.D. Kennedy and clearly the motivation for that conflict was entirely economic. The North would have collapsed if it lost all the taxes and tariffs it got from the South.
    Ending slavery and preserving the union was just a lot of high flown hyperbole used to put a good face on the whole affair and give them the sheen of moral superiority.
    Of course, ever since that war the North has never given up on trying to crush the Celtic culture of the South.
    I’ve always known this, but I was getting real sick of lunk heads getting on my case whenever I said the ‘Civil War was NOT about slavery’, so I decided to read a book about it so I could try and shut them up with facts. I know it wont work, but I’m childishly optimistic I guess.

  2. Why can’t the Southern States secede again? It’s an inalienable right under the Declaration of Independence and is not forbidden by the Constitution. As you know, the 10th amendment leaves all undelegated powers with the States.

    • Wayne,
      I suppose technically the Southern states could secede now, but I don’t really think our people as a whole are ready for the responsibilities of secession. In 1861 we were used to self-government. We no longer are. We have to learn all over again and that is going to take awhile.

  3. I did enjoy Lincoln’s was very well researched and eye opening. Also, loved The South Was Right, The Real Lincoln, and When in the Course of Human Events!
    I think secession is a wonderful idea but I agree that the south has been so indoctrinated with guilt and dumbed down about our true history that it would be difficult to move enough cititzens out of their comfort zones.

    • We felt “Lincoln’s Marxists” was an area of the War and surrounding times that was seldom dealt with at any meaningful level and it gives us some clue as to why we are burdened with what we now have. Please pass the word along to your friends.

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