They Have to Know Who Has the Guns

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently Larry Pratt, the head of Gun Owners of America, an organization I endorse, was interviewed by The Moneychanger. Mr. Pratt brought out some very interesting observations we need to be aware of. The Moneychanger (Franklin Sanders) made the observation: “In other words, the only thing preventing a perfect police state is that there are 300 million guns out there and nobody knows whose hands they’re in.” Larry Pratt answered: “They don’t know who has a lot of them and that’s one of the plays underway right now…the politicians want to know who has bought every gun. That’s why they’re talking about expanding the instant background check to make it universal. This is not a law enforcement tool. It doesn’t keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Mr. Pratt noted that, based on a study done in 2000, by the American Medical Association, it was shown that, after “looking at the instant background check for a number of years, that it doesn’t do anything to reduce crime.”

Yet here come the people in government, with straight faces, and probably thinking us “great unwashed” are all totally stupid, telling us they know this doesn’t fight crime, that it doesn’t solve crimes, and that it doesn’t seem to keep guns out of the wrong hands—but we need more of it anyway!

And then Mr. Pratt says: “This universal background check is the very engine that will lead to a registration system.” And once a registration system is up and running, then when all the information is in, will come the confiscation. The Moneychanger made an astute observation when he said: “The very same people who want to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans were busy putting them into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.” How true, but public school-educated Americans are not supposed to make that connection. These are the dots were are not supposed to be able to connect. He also noted that the media never bothers to report that the shooters in all these mass killings are or have been on some kind of drugs or anti-depressants. And how very convenient that they all end up either dead or unable to testify. Almost makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But, then, it’s not politically correct to distrust your government is it? And this administration is so “transparent.”

The Moneychanger then asked how likely outright gun confiscation was. Mr. Pratt replied: “I don’t think that’s going to happen and I think Harry Reid knows that’s not going to happen. He’s virtually said as much. What I see happening is that the Red State Democrats will be able to vote against confiscating defense rifles, a.k.a. ‘assault weapons’. They will probably also vote against the magazine ban. Then the gun controllers will turn and with a vengeance pursue the instant background checks…That bothers me because if they pull that off they’re on their way to the gun registration of their dreams.” Stop and analyze what Mr. Pratt has just said. At this point the real concern of the gun/people control crowd is to find out who all the gun owners are and to set up a registry. And they may not even try to pass this as a bill of its own. They may well tack in onto some other piece of legislation that is in a “must pass” situation. That gives your politicians a way to vote for it by saying “Well, we had to pass this appropriations bill for $3 billion for the study of German cockroaches and the gun registration law just happened to be part of the cockroach study.”

Mr. Pratt said, straight out, “…every member of Congress needs to know that the rubes back home actually understand that if you vote for any bill that has the word ‘gun’ in it, no matter how benign the context, we’re coming after you come election time, because we know you favor gun control.” This is what we need to tell our congresspersons. I know, right here in Louisiana we have one senator, Mary Landrieu, who would dearly love to vote for anything the Obama administration tries to put over on us, but Louisiana is a hunting state and pretty conservative, so Harry Reid has to give her and others like her some way to vote for gun/people control without appearing to do so.

So he will try to give her and the rest some way to vote against gun confiscation and for gun registration, which most of us realize will eventually lead to confiscation. We need to email our senators and let them know we are onto the game and will work to vote them out of office if they even look at a bill or an amendment to a bill that has the word “gun” in it.
That’s the only thing most of them understand.

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