In a Colorblind Society No Whites Need Apply

By Al Benson Jr.

A recent article by Bobby Eberle on has observed that: “As we strive for a truly colorblind society, it’s quite apparent that the ones who hold us back are the ones that scream the loudest about equality…But, just like Barack Obama plays the race card over and over again, we have another example to point to. This time it’s an elementary school in Denver that offers a tutoring program…unless you are white. As reported by Denver’s CBS 4, the tutoring program at Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora has come under fire, because it was not designed, nod did it welcome, all kids. If your child was white and needed tutoring, you were out of luck.”

This is so typical of the actions of the “equality nuts” that it should not surprise us, especially in a public school. It’s the same old story—all the animals in this barnyard are equal but some are more equal than others. The black radicals have, over the decades, complained that people should be judged by the “content of their character and not the color of their skin.” That noble sentiment withers on the vine when they get to the point where they feel they can dominate a society or a particular part of society. So at this school in Aurora (isn’t that where that shooting took place last summer? In the “gun free zone” in the theater?) we now have black, brown, and yellow are beautiful but white is not allowed.

One white lady brought her 10-year old daughter into the class because she needed tutoring, only to be told basically that no whites need apply. This tutoring program was designed for “children of color” so if you are white, get lost! The Mom complained to the school principal. She said “We have come so far in all of these years to show everybody that everyone is equal, that everyone should be treated equally…this is a form of bullying.” You better believe it is lady. Moreover, you better get used to it because in public schools, as in other politically correct institutions this is the way it will be for the foreseeable future.

As usual the blame game got played when the heat was on. The school district said the principal was at fault for this program. Did he just do it on his own? The school district was totally ignorant of this tutoring program? The functionaries in most public school systems today don’t do anything without approval so you have to wonder about this.

The article noted that “This is breathtaking in its stupidity…Just there always need to be an emphasis put on race?…” Yes there does, because for many of these people race is what it’s all about. Let’s don’t kid ourselves. It’s not about equal opportunity or equality—it’s about race—which races will dominate and which will be subservient.
Apparently there was some rather negative reaction to this situation because the principal has now issued a new letter about the program stating that it is open to all kids, even white ones.

This situation is, unfortunately, symptomatic of much of what passes for education in this country. Recently carried an article entitled University sponsors ‘unfair to be white’ campaign. This little bit of white guilt manipulation is being sponsored at the University of Wisconsin—Superior, and it is teaching students that it is “unfair” to be white. The article notes: “A university spokesman confirmed that the ‘Un-Fair Campaign’ was designed to teach students that systems and institutions are set up for us (whites) and…they are unfair. The official website touts the campaign slogan as ‘it’s hard to see racism when you’re White.’” There’s that old Trotskyite term “racism” in there again. All the better to make you feel guilty again.

This group has produced posters featuring a number of white folks with such slogans as “is white skin really a fair skin?” inked onto their faces. It would seem that this sort of thing is part of what passes for education at some “institutions of higher learning.”

Many colleges, like regular public schools, are little more than indoctrination centers where kids are sent by unknowing parents to be schooled in the current politically correct propaganda. I guess we are all now supposed to grovel in the dirt before people of color to show the proper amount of shame for being white—right? That seems to be the way it works anymore.
You’ll pardon me if I don’t play that game. Racially, God made everyone what they are. He chose their race for them whatever it happens to be and no one should feel guilty because he is white, just like no one should feel guilty if he is black.

However the guilt manipulators have no intention of quitting. It’s all part of the “hey, hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go” program. Supposedly if you are white you are responsible for all the evils in the world. I wonder how these people would blame whites for the thousands of human sacrifices committed by Central American Indians before the whites ever showed their faces in Central America. Or the blacks in Africa that were constantly at war with one another and sold those they captured to Muslim slave traders. I’m sure if we twist the facts around enough and continue to torture rational thought we can find some way to make it Whitey’s fault.

These folks seem to forget that the whole human race, not only whites but also all other races, are infected with human sin as descendants of Adam. Or maybe they think that only whites have this problem and all other races were born perfect, without sin. If they believe that I have a bridge in the Arizona desert I’d love to sell them—the price is reasonable too.

I recall reading a short while ago about an “education” provider that claimed whites were racist because they ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. By her rational then Mexicans should be racist because they eat tacos, but no, it doesn’t work that way in the politically correct world—only the whites are racist and they are racist for no other reason than the fact that they exist.
This is the same game some colleges play with Southern kids, trying to make them feel guilty for being Southerners or talking with a Southern accent. In the final analysis most of this supposed anti-racism (actually it’s nothing more than reverse prejudice) is directed at whites and Christians.

When they want to rid the world of “Western Civ” what they actually want to do is to rid the world of white Christian influence because that’s what they really hate. Unfortunately many Christians seem more than willing to sit passively and let them do it. Again, you’ll pardon me if I refuse to play this game. I remember, years back now, an Episcopal priest I knew in Wisconsin said to me “Al you and I will never be politically correct.” I think he was right.


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