We’ve Got “The Obama File” How About The Lincoln File?

By Al Benson Jr.

One place among many on the Internet that people can check out Mr. Obama’s Marxist proclivities is a site called “The Obama File.” It goes into great detail about many things, including Obama’s early life and early Marxist associations, some going back to when he was still a child. These associations shaped him into a dedicated Marxist and one willing to be manipulated by the Council on Foreign Relations and other world government groups.

Perhaps it would behoove some dedicated Southern patriot to put something together in the same vein about Abraham Lincoln and title it “The Lincoln File.” There is lots of information out there about Lincoln that illustrates the decidedly leftist direction he traveled in throughout his life. However there are some that do not wish to see such information proclaimed from the housetops because if that happened it might stifle the sales they realize from their cottage industry of glorifying the “great emancipator” and if people stop buying the books—well you know how that goes.

There are books available now, some of which I would like to read and have not been able to yet, that ask questions about Obama’s actual parentage, place of birth, etc. There are many questions that have never been answered about the man and at this date it is more than apparent that he has no intention of shedding any light on the subject. He chides others who will not release personal information about themselves while steadfastly refusing to release anything about himself. Outside of that highly questionable “birth certificate” he finally released there has been nothing else forthcoming and there most likely will not be unless he does something to embarrass his CFR handlers and if he does that, who know what might show up as chastisement?

In spite of all the stock urban legends we have been fed about Abraham Lincoln, some of his early years are also shrouded in a fuzzy haze. There are some that claim he was not born in that little log cabin in Kentucky that we all saw pictures of in our public school history books. My wife and I went to visit that Kentucky cabin once several years ago. It looked like an awfully small place to raise a family as I recall and I wondered about that at the time.

Several years ago a Christian lady in South Carolina (now gone to be with the Lord) sent me a copy of an old book printed back in 1940 called The Eugenics of President Abraham Lincoln. The book was written by James Caswell Coggins, A.M., S.T.D., Ph.D., LL.D., the founder and first President of Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, North Carolina. Rev. Coggins wrote several other books, but for our purposes this is the one we need to dwell on.

Rev. Coggins, in this book, contended that Abraham Lincoln was the illegitimate son of one Abraham Enloe of western North Carolina. Rev. Coggins wrote, on page 20 that: “For ninty years (about forty years ago this book was written), or thereabout, from the time it is said that Abraham Lincoln was begotten or born, as the case was, and the breeze occurred in the Enloe home, there has subsisted among the honest people at the center of authority a lively tradition that Abraham, the head of the Enloe family, was Lincoln’s father by Nancy Hanks, who occupied the position of servant-girl in the Enloe household.” And there is the testimony of Captain Ep. Everett, who lived within twelve miles of the Enloe homestead. He said: “In the time of the war, in conversation with old and reliable citizens of this section, I learned that Abe Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, once lived in the family of Abe Enloe and was sent from there to Kentucky to be delivered of a child. The cause of her removal to Kentucky was a threatened row between Abe Enloe and old Mrs. Enloe, his wife.” Understand that, in writing this, Rev. Coggins was not trying to criticize or “expose” Abraham Lincoln who he actually admired and respected.

A website http://www.bosticlincolncenter.com has stated much the same thing. In an article entitled Abraham Lincoln, A North Carolinian  on this site it states: “There is substantial evidence that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born not in Kentucky, but on Puzzle Creek near Bostic, North Carolina, in Rutherford County. Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks was ‘bound out’ into the care of the Abraham Enloe family, who lived in Rutherford County before moving to Oconaluftee near Cherokee, North Carolina. She was a member of the Concord Baptist Church near Bostic prior to and after the birth of the baby, that she named Abraham. She left the area with ‘Little Abe’ and married Tom Lincoln in Kentucky where Jesse Head, the minister who performed the ceremony, wrote of the young boy’s presence.” This same article also mentioned another book The Tarheel Lincoln  by Jerry Goodnight and Richard Eller, published in 2003.

Can I personally “prove” any of this? No, I can’t, but from what I have seen and read and from the testimonies of those much closer to the scene than I will ever be, I think that is a good chance some of this might well be accurate. This theory probably has more validity than that “birth certificate” the Obama administration posted on the Internet for the gullible.
There seem to be other things in Lincoln’s early years that we have not been told very much about. For instance, there was his admiration for socialist Robert Owen and his colony in New Harmony, Indiana. Carl Sandburg wrote about that, all too briefly.

Donnie Kennedy and I noted this in our book Lincoln’s Marxists (Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana)  that: “…in chapter twenty-two of Sandburg’s first volume, Sandburg mentioned Robert Owen, a rich ‘English businessman’ who bought land in New Harmony, Indiana. He mentioned that Owen gave a speech before Congress explaining how he and his fellow ‘reformers’ would champion the cause of finding a new way for people to live together and how, under this new system fighting, cheating, and exploitation of one’s fellow man would cease…According to Sandburg, ‘The scheme lighted up Lincoln’s heart.” It turned out that Owen’s “new way” to live together was socialism and it never worked, as it never will work. Most socialist communities end up failing miserably and New Harmony was no exception. Sandburg thought it was so great because he, like Lincoln, was a socialist in his heart—and in his politics. You think Lincoln didn’t know what New Harmony was all about? Think again.

We have been told that Lincoln was a political disciple of Henry Clay, but we’ve not been told all that much about Mr. Clay and so we don’t, in most cases, understand the significance of that. Thomas DiLorenzo, author of The Real Lincoln  several years ago wrote an article which I saved when I saw it. It was entitled Henry Clay–national socialist. In all the years since Professor DiLorenzo wrote that article I have never had cause to disagree with him. In The Real Lincoln  he wrote: “But to understand the real Lincoln one must realize during his twenty-eight years in politics before becoming president, he was almost single-mindedly devoted to an economic agenda that Henry Clay labeled ‘the American System.’ From the very first day in 1832 when he announced that he was running for the state legislature in Illinois, Lincoln expressed his devotion to the cause of protectionist tariffs, taxpayer subsidies for railroads and other corporations (‘internal improvements’) and the nationalization of the money supply to help pay for the subsidies…Lincoln thought of himself as the heir to the Hamiltonian political tradition, which sought a much more centralized governmental system, one that would plan economic development with corporate subsidies financed by protectionist tariffs and the printing of money by the central government.” In other words Lincoln envisioned what we have today—corporate fascism parading as “progress.”

Lincoln’s love affair with socialism hardly ended there. Before the War of Northern Aggression was commenced, a goodly part of the Union army was made up of socialist and communist revolutionaries from the failed socialist revolutions in Europe.

Once the War broke out a whole host of socialist and communist personalities in this country ended up as Major Generals and Brigadier Generals in Lincoln’s armies. In fact, one of the most well-known of them, Charles A. Dana, a friend of Karl Marx and Joseph Weydemeyer, (also a Communist officer in the Union Army), even rose to the level of Assistant Secretary of War in the Lincoln administration. Needless to say our “history” books have never bothered to mention any of this, nor have they ever mentioned Lincoln’s affinity for socialism. The International Workingman’s Association in London (a socialist organization) even sent Lincoln a congratulatory letter upon his re-election in 1864. One of the main signatories of the letter was Karl Marx. Again, for some of this please check out Lincoln’s Marxists.

Lincoln may not have been any kind of card-carrying Communist in the sense that we understand today, but he had the mindset and the worldview they had—centralization of all power in the hands of “the people” (government). That’s a view shared by Mr. Obama today.

All this is the type of material about Lincoln that your “history” books will never touch. And you will get eye strain trying to find out about the socialist and communist involvement in both his armies and in the early Republican Party. That’s a well-kept secret for the most part—unless you know where to look. The “history” books will give you names, but never connections.

So, like Obama, Mr. Lincoln’s real origins and viewpoints are swept under the rug, never to be discussed—down the “memory hole” as it were. After all, it’s only history and who needs to know how that might affect our lives today, especially if we knew the truth, right?

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