About Gun Control—most folks don’t get it

By Al Benson Jr.

Since Aurora and Newtown there has been an ongoing dialogue about gun control. It ranges all the way from the liberals who want extensive gun control (for everyone except themselves and/or their bodyguards) to those who want no gun control whatever, and I have to admit that I lean more toward the latter than the former.

The bought-and-paid-for “news” media, quite understandably, leans toward the former. After all it’s what they are paid to do. Any ministry of propaganda can always be depended on to parrot the official government line and the media is much more about propaganda than it is about real news.
I don’t know how many columnists I have read that note that most of these horrible shootings take place in gun free zones where gun control laws are already in effect, and they are right. I can’t argue with them. Others say the federal government ought to pass laws that restrict more criminals from getting guns or they should enact new laws which allow them to track mentally ill people to stop them from getting guns, or whatever.

We hear about the present Mayor of Chicago, Comrade Obama’s good buddy, talking about how we need more and more gun control. This from a man who has one of the most “gun-free” cities in the country and where criminals kill others with guns weekly—and yet Mr. Emmanuel is still hollering for more gun control for honest citizens.

These anti-gun politicians are not stupid or ignorant. They have to realize that the gun-free areas in this country and around the world are the areas where more crime is committed by criminals against unarmed citizens than in areas where folks still (for now) have guns at home. They talk long and loud about “protecting children” and citizens in general from crime—but let’s don’t kid ourselves—what they are really pushing for is an agenda of total gun confiscation, quickly if they can, more slowly if they must. But, in the final analysis, what they want is all the guns belonging to honest people. About the guns in criminal hands they couldn’t care less. The current and prevailing Marxist agenda in this country is gun confiscation. What did Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao do when they came to power? They took the guns. That act eliminated most of the opposition. That’s what is going on here.. Gun confiscation will eliminate most opposition to Comrade Obama’s agenda (well, it’s really the agenda of the CFR people that pull his strings). But Obama agrees with it.

So let’s don’t kid ourselves that the federal government is concerned about protecting children. They are concerned about getting our guns and that’s their sole concern in this area. They want to protect themselves from us—period. Most folks don’t seem to really get this. They continue to think it’s all about watching out for the kids, cutting down on crime, etc. It isn’t! It’s about taking away the guns of honest, law-abiding citizens. If this government was truly concerned about the lives of children would it have permitted the killing of 55 million aborted babies since 1973? Children are being used as an excuse to seek to confiscate our firearms and to do away with the Second Amendment. That’s what it’s all about.

The Second Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights to protect citizens from a tyrannical federal government that was out of control and usurping their rights. How can people protect themselves from a tyrannical government if they have no guns? Firearms confiscation is the prelude to even more tyranny than we have seen in the last few years (and, yes, such is possible).

So if you want to experience the joys of life in a country like North Korea or the old Soviet Union, then just turn in your guns when they come for them and you will experience what you wanted. You will reap what you have sown.

Just remember, after all the political rhetoric and baloney is over, it’s still all about gun confiscation.


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