NBC Gives Obama Indigestion—“assault rifle” not used in Newtown shooting.

By Al Benson Jr.

Everyone who knows the score realizes that Obama’s alligator tears over the twenty kids supposedly killed in Newtown, Connecticut are about as genuine as the Clinton Three Dollar Bill.

His impassioned plea to the country to get rid of “assault rifles” is becoming more and more a thinly veiled attempt at gun confiscation and those that have awakened enough to begin to smell the coffee are realizing that. They are contacting their congresspersons and letting them know they do not appreciate the tinkering that is now going on with the Second Amendment prior to the Obama/CFR orchestration of its demise.

In the midst of his gun registration/confiscation push Obama has now been confronted with the fact that NBC (that’s right folks, NBC of all people) has had to admit that there was no “assault rifle” used in the Newtown shooting, or whatever took place there.
Both http://my2ndamendment.us and http://www.ijreview.com among many, many others have admitted: “When the president surrounds himself with children while giving his announcement that reasonable gun control measures are necessary, bear in mind that those ‘assault rifles’ the government is sure to be going after were not even used in the Newtown, Connecticut elementary shooting. As NBC admits in the video above, four handguns were used to carry out that despicable atrocity.” There was a video on the site this information came from which I obviously cannot reproduce here but I did watch it. There was another video also showing the police finding an “assault rifle” in the trunk of the car Lanza supposedly drove to the school, only from people who really know firearms, I was informed that this was really not an “assault rifle” but possibly a semi-automatic shotgun, not that the “news” media would ever pass that along. I’m wondering why NBC finally admitted that there were only four pistols found in the school and no assault rifle. Those who have been following this knew a month ago that four pistols had been found in the building—and no rifle. So it would seem that Obama’s weapon of choice for this shooting or whatever happened was not even involved.

Will Obama moderate his call for gun control/confiscation now that the “assault rifle” was not involved? Who’s kidding who? If he does it will be because his CFR handlers told him to back off for now. If that’s the case then it will probably take another mass shooting or two before he can bring up confiscation again—but not to worry—if another good crises should arise it will be taken advantage of and manipulated into fitting the anti-gun agenda.

It’s no secret that those who exist inside the Washington Beltway are 100% Yankee/Marxists that look down their political noses at us great unwashed hoards of barbarians out here in flyover country. All we are good for is to pay their fat salaries and provide our sons and daughters as fodder for their ever-expanding no-win wars—in the service of the United Nations.

Obama’s concern for the middle class is so much twaddle. You have to understand that, in his Marxist mentality, the middle class exists to be removed, just like the guns. From the middle class you get resistance to Marxist doctrine and so the middle class needs to be destroyed financially and every other way possible, all the while conning them into believing that he is really trying to help them. And he is trying to help them—to their demise—because they are a thorn in the side of Marxist ideologues.

Even Bill Clinton, good old Slick Willy, can see the handwriting on the wall if Obama pushes too hard too fast against gun owners. On http://dyn.politico.com  it was noted that Bill Clinton warned a group of Democratic donors at a private meeting Saturday that they should not underestimate “the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.” Clinton said: “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them. A lot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things. I know because I came from this world.”

As much as I hate to agree with Slick Willie on anything, he has called it accurately here. Most of us in much of the South, as well as rural parts of the West and Midwest do indeed live in a different world than do those inside the Beltway and their rich friends—thank Heaven. At least in the morning we can wake up, look at the sunshine and thank God for our blessings. The scions of the Beltway want to be God. Had they been in the Garden of Eden when Eve ate the forbidden fruit they would have cheered her on, but then they are descended from the serpent anyway.

So I would recommend that all of us add to Comrade Obama’s discomfort by contacting our congresspersons and letting them know, in no uncertain terms, that we expect them to vote to support and uphold  the Second Amendment when a vote comes up, which it will if Obama has his way. Also let them know that if they decide to vote for whatever registration/confiscation plan (it’s all the same) Obama proposes that you will do all in your power to defeat them in the next election. They took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and the Second Amendment was part of that Constitution the last time I checked, though I have no doubt they will try to neutralize it while keeping the wording so folks won’t catch on. We need to let them know we will be watching what they do.

There are several county sheriffs around the country that have written letters stating that they will refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun confiscation if it is implemented. We need another 100 or so sheriffs to stand up and do the same thing. May the Lord give more the backbone to see what needs to be done and to do it.


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