They’re Worried About Public Safety? Hogwash! It’s All About Gun Confiscation

By Al Benson Jr.

On October 16, 1859 abolitionist/terrorist John Brown and his followers (gang) seized the Federal arsenal and armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Brown’s forlorn hope, financed by some wealthy Northeasterners, who did not want to get their hands dirty while spilling Southern blood and promoting slave revolts, did not go well in Harpers Ferry. Interestingly, while supposedly trying to liberate slaves, Brown and his men were confronted by a black railroad baggage handler named Hayward Shepherd. Supposedly Shepherd was a free black. Brown’s men killed him.

The hoped-for slave revolt did not materialize, and what was worse, some of the townfolks there began shooting at Brown and his men. Local militia companies gathered, surrounding the armory and cutting off escape for Brown and his men.

If the federal government in that day had reacted like our federal government today the first thing they would have sought to do “in the name of public safety” was to disarm all the honest citizens in the town so they couldn’t shoot back at Brown’s men. Next they would have disbanded the militias, probably arresting the militia leaders and trying them for terrorism. After all, it is terrorism when you resist evil isn’t it? Our government “leaders” today seem to think it is.

After the spate of recent shootings in gun free zones the government’s answer to gun laws that are already being broken is more gun laws and eventual confiscation. Oh they will give lip service to the Second Amendment all the while they are trying to destroy it “in the name of public safety.”

There was an informative article on  for December 21, 2012 entitled “How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process.” Very informative article on how to effectually destroy the Second Amendment. I’m sure the total government types in Congress may have taken some pointers from it, if they didn’t already have a gun control bill sitting on Ms. Feinstein’s desk waiting for the right crisis to come along.

The ultra-liberal Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg said, in the middle of last December, that Obama should just bypass Congress and issue an executive order on gun control, and that if he didn’t then 48,000 people would be killed with illegal guns. How does he know how many will be killed? Has someone told him?

Columnist Jan Morgan stated: “It seems to me that Bloomberg’s view of America is more like a Communist dictatorship rather than President of a Republic. Of course Bloomberg know the only way dictators can rule lives is to take away their ability to rise up and fight back against tyranny.” Obama knows that too—that’s why he and his handlers in the CFR want our guns—and for some reason they seem to feel that they need to confiscate them right now. Are they planning something they are afraid the public at large will shoot back at them for? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Another leftist mayor, Rahm Emmanuel from Chicago is also taking the same approach. He’d love all the guns all over the country to be confiscated “in the name of public safety” naturally. This from a man who is the mayor of a city that saw 500 people killed with illegal guns last year—and his solution—just ban all the legal guns. That will solve the problem. I somehow don’t think all the gang-bangers will line up in front of Mr. Emmanuel’s office next week to turn in their illegal weapons, and if the truth were known, neither does Mr. Emmanuel. But he’s not really worried about their guns—he wants yours! After all he’s the one that said “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” and his friends in Congress are implementing his advice in the wake of whatever it is that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. There have been so many conflicting stories that have come out of Newtown that who knows what happened anymore? All the supposed “shooters” in these cases either end up dead or mentally incapable of giving any testimony. Had I a suspicious mind it would make me wonder.

We’ve been told that “Newtown will be the 9/11 of gun control.” I take that to mean that there will be some sort of major push for major gun confiscation, again, “in the name of public safety.” It could be that the new gun control/registration/confiscation bill will be the “Patriot Act” of 2013.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves—this is all about doing away with the Second Amendment—gun confiscation. If the Second Amendment is gutted, then none of the other nine are safe—the Second protects the rest and our Marxist leadership realizes this—they just hope they can throw enough bovine fertilizer out there that the public doesn’t.

They figure the media has finally got the public worked up to enough of a fever pitch that they will now demand gun control and/or confiscation. Supposedly 58% of the people now favor gun control, and yet we are told that 51% do not want to see assault rifles banned. We are also told, according to  for Thursday, January 3, 2013 that “While gun control advocates are scrambling to label many of America’s rifles as ‘assault weapons’ and ban them (in order to keep us safe) the government’s own law enforcement agency stats prove that rifles are not the problem. According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.”

The real reason for the Second Amendment has never been so Uncle Harry could have the governmental “privilege” of hunting squirrels on the weekend. The real reason for the Second Amendment is so that ordinary citizens can protect themselves from tyranny from their own government. Anyone that tells you it’s all about hunting and target shooting is lying to you. People need to realize what this Amendment is really for because the government is not about to tell you. Did you ever learn what it was all about while you were in public school? I didn’t think so—neither did I!

Your Second Amendment rights (not privileges) are what protect you from a tyrannical government—and just maybe that’s why the sudden push for gun control/registration/confiscation. Would this government like to take away your guns? In a New York, Bloomberg minute they would, and will if they can get by with it. We need to contact our senators and representatives and let them know we want them to vote against any new gun control/registration/confiscation schemes that far-left members of Congress bring up. We need to begin to do whatever we can morally and legitimately do to protect our Second Amendment rights  because we will get no help from this Marxist regime in that pursuit. And once those rights are gone, you won’t get them back. Think about that. Remember, it’s not really all about “public safety.” It’s about taking your guns away.


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