The “News” Media and Exposing Communists

by Al Benson Jr.

It’s no secret that, in this country, what we charitably refer to as the “news” media leans far to the left, politically and in other ways. Their job is not to report the news but to make sure it gets the right spin put on it so that the public does not realize that what they are getting is not news, but cleverly twisted propaganda slanted, always slanted, to the leftist perspective.

This is one major reason that the United Nations has been meeting in Dubai, although they will deny it. They have been given the chore of finding ways to basically shut down the Internet, which is the last channel that people nowadays have for really finding out what is going on. Your newspapers, for the most part, and your slick-paper magazines have for decades parroted the leftist line, but on the Internet you can find all manner of things from both sides and make up your own mind as to what is truth and what is hogwash. Our ruling elite would rather you did not have that option–too many people beginning to wake up while using the Internet, and awakened people are bad for their agenda. So look for restrictions on the Internet as soon as they feel they can get away with it.

Back in 1971 Joseph Keeley wrote a book called The Left-Leaning Antenna  which dealt with left-wing bias in television, but also other places. In chapter 3, Mr. Keeley wrote: “Certainly there is a remarkable uniformity of thought in the output of the major communications media,…” He also noted: “Tolerance for a conflicting viewpoint is not one of the characteristics of some who like to think they are liberals.” And Mr. Keeley noted one of the classic situations of this back during the time when Whittaker Chambers had accurately accused Alger Hiss of Communist involvement and eventually of espionage. Keeley observed: “Chambers described this in his book Witness, telling how he was badgered by Tom Reynolds of the Chicago Sun, James Reston of the New York Times, and Edward T. Folliard, who worked for the Washington Post, virtually a house organ for the Hissites. The program, as Chambers puts it, ‘was enlivened by an unprecedented personal venom…a savage verbal assault and battery on the guest (Chambers) without pause and with little restraint or decency.’ Later, as he drove home, his young son asked, ‘Papa, why did those men hate you so?’ He explained, ‘It is a kind of war. They are on one side and I am on the other side.’” Keeley noted that he was not calling these men Communists, but rather pointing to the fact that to call them objective would be foolish. Objective they were not, For one reason or another, they had all swallowed the left-wing perspective and that’s where they came from and when someone dared to expose that leftist perspective for what it really was they became enraged. It would seem that Communists in high government positions were not to be exposed and whoever dared to expose them was to be defamed and smeared constantly and at every opportunity.

For several years Whittaker Chambers worked at Time magazine. Ralph de Toledano noted in his book Seeds of Treason  that: “From his first day at Time, moreover, Chambers was surrounded by hostility. The large Communist cell which flourished in the Luce empire during the early forties was determined to see him ousted, by any and all means.” No matter what they did, Chambers managed to hang on and eventually got promoted. He was a good writer and could hold his own, to the chagrin of the left-wing crowd.

So, if Time had a leftist perspective back in the 1940s do you think it is any better today? Are any of the big, establishment news organs any better? Hardly! They’ve been on the left for so long now that they don’t know anything else. It would be interesting to see how many in the “news” media have connections to the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission. It should be apparent by now that those who trust the mainstream media, whether the establishment newspapers or the major television networks for their news, are not really getting the news. They are getting a leftist perspective on the news. Spin is the name of the game.

People need to check out some of the conservative and patriotic sites on the Internet. Check out WorldNet Daily or or
You may not totally agree with everything on these sites and others, but at least you will be exposed to a more enlightening perspective about what really goes on in the world than you will by listening to the network talking head on the six o’clock news or reading the daily fish wrapper, whose perspective smells just as bad as what you wrapped in it.

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