Weather Modification–the ultimate false flag event

by Al Benson Jr.

I have a friend who has a new blog spot and his most recent article dealt with weather modification and a United Nations treaty regarding weather modification. It is worth taking a look at. His blog spot is

Many will say that the Lord controls the weather and I surely don’t argue with that. However that does not prevent puny, sinful man from sticking his nose in there and trying to play God. And if man were not trying to do something in this area then why does the UN have a weather modification treaty?

Please check out

2 thoughts on “Weather Modification–the ultimate false flag event

  1. This post reminded me of this news story…

    This sounds really wacky, except for the fact that many interpret Gen 6.1-2 to be speaking of the mating of demons(?) with humans. And then there’s the strange but undeniable fact that many mythologies around the world have similar stories, never mind the stories of global floods in cultures around the world. Plus there’s the strangeness that a lot of the stories of alien abductions and other such things bear a remarkable resemblance to stories about demons cavorting with humans in the Middle Ages.

    This stuff just raises some very strange questions like… Are those in power knowingly in cahoots with demons? Or are they in cahoots unknowingly?

    Also, when you have a Reformed Christian with multiple degrees, including an M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages, namely, Michael Heiser (see and devoting his time to addressing not only the alien question, but also an interesting paper on Isaiah 14.12-15, dealing with a creature named Helel (see; I’ve read this paper, by the way), as well as a paper on the Divine Council seen in Psalm 82 (see; I haven’t yet read this paper), it paints a world that is far stranger than anything I’ve ever imagined. It makes fiction—and I’ve long been a fan of science fiction and fantasy—look tame by comparison.

  2. Regarding the news story from the Economist that I linked to above, there is also the seeming oddness of those who claim that these “extraterrestrials” we hear about are actually inter-dimensional beings, which, if true, would put all of the Economist’s “scientific objections” to rest. “Inter-dimensional,” the idea of traveling between dimensions—perhaps the eternal and the temporal?—also resonates well with other aspects of extra-human creatures—angels and demons and Christ after his resurrection (entering the locked(?) room in John 20.19 and his ascension)—found in the Bible.

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