Another Fake “Hate Crime”

By Al Benson Jr.

How often has this kind of thing gone on? More often than usually gets reported. If this kind of situation occurs the media usually dumps the details back on page 46 under the obituaries, after they initially had a big front page spread about the “hate crime.”

Anyway, this new, current “hate crime” supposedly took place in Winnsboro, Louisiana on Sunday evening October 21st in Civitan Park in Winnsboro.

The “victim” was Sharmeka Moffitt, who said she was attacked by three attackers wearing white T shirt hoodies. They are supposed to have written KKK on her car with what looked like tooth paste. Moffitt was burned severely in this assault.

Moffitt claimed she could not identify the races of the men in this attack, but if they took the trouble to write KKK on her auto, then you have three guesses as to what color they were supposed to be. The innuendo is that they were “white racists” because, after all, what other kinds of racists are there? Right?

The event was enough to draw in Bishop Justin L. Connor, a district vice-president for the NAACP who said “We are here because we don’t want this to fall on deaf ears.” Translation: We’re going to get a lot of mileage out of this in our promotion of the “white racism” bugaboo. Christian groups gathered in Winnsboro to pray about this, but all the people that got together to pray for the girl’s health and healing, though no doubt sincere, we being played for suckers.

The headline in Wednesday morning’s Monroe News-Star for October 24th was “Investigators: Winnsboro woman’s burns self-inflicted.” The article stated: “Evidence has revealed that Sharmika Moffitt, the 20-year old Winnsboro resident who reported being attacked and burned Sunday night at a local park by three men who wrote KKK on the hood of her car, fabricated the story, police said. During a Tuesday afternoon news conference at the Franklin Parish Courthouse, Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb said all forensic evidence pointed toward Moffitt concocting the story and setting herself on fire.”

The Winnsboro Police Chief noted that investigators found Moffitt’s fingerprints on the cigarette lighter and lighter fluid bottle. And “He said DNA evidence also indicated that Moffitt was the one who wrote on her car.” I would think that this situation has to be a shock to this girl’s family.

But think of the publicity that could have been garnered by a “hate crime” in Louisiana just before the election. We would have been inundated with gory tales of “white racism” here as one good reason to re-elect Barack Obama because he would, not doubt, after he is reinstalled in the White House, sponsor even more “hate crimes” legislation that would impact all the Southern states and few of the Northern ones. It’s no secret that Obama has no use for the South. He didn’t get that many votes here except from guilty white liberals who don’t know any better and most black folks who, unfortunately, don’t know any better either. And, after four years of Obama’s Marxism making them even poorer than they were before, they still don’t know any better.

All that aside, though, the fake “hate crimes” stuff gets a bit old after awhile. I have read a good many accounts over the years of people who tried to fake “hate crimes” to make themselves appear to be victims of “white racism.” This seems to go on at a goodly pace.

I recall reading one account years ago of a Jewish woman who called police because someone sprayed “anti-Semitic” epithets all over the door to her apartment. The police came, investigated, but didn’t come up with much. A few weeks later she was back complaining to them about the same thing. This time they installed a camera in her hallway to try to get on film the identity of whoever was doing this to her. Guess what? The camera recorded her out in the hall spraying all this “anti-Semitic” stuff on her own apartment door!

This kind of thing goes on much more than the media lets on. Some incidents like these do get reported, but not all by any means. So what is the agenda of those who perpetrate these things and then seek to blame it on “white racism?”

Let’s face the facts—white Christian Southerners and their culture are under attack today as never before—even those white Christian Southerners that don’t have a clue what’s going on. Their public schools have educated them into almost total ignorance, so while their culture is being savaged, they sit on the couch and watch the latest “reality show.” Someday their Southern culture will be gone and the “reality” will set in—only then it will be too late.

One thing I have learned over the years is that racial prejudice comes in all colors, not just white. I will call it racial prejudice rather than “racism” because that is the Trotskyite term the politically correct would have us use.

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