Who Originated the Term “Racist” And Why?

By Al Benson Jr.

We have all heard the term “Racist” often more than we care to. It seems as if the politically correct draw the word like a pistol every time they want to verbally mow someone down. Unfortunately it often works and the person who has been labeled a racist or guilty of “white racism” (it’s always white racism, never racism of any other color) slinks off into a corner somewhere and remains silent from then on out, which was the reason for using the term to begin with. It silences dissent.

In an article on http://patdollard.com  published in 2010 the origin of the word is dealt with. The article observes: “The word ‘racist’ has for a long time been the single most effective fear-word in the leftist and neoconservative arsenal. For decades they have successfully used it in the political arena to slander traditionalists, shut down debate, and leave opponents running for cover…What surprisingly remains almost totally undisclosed, even on the hard core traditionalist Right, is the word’s origin. Did it come from a liberal sociologist? A 60s Marxist college professor? Perhaps a politician in the Democratic Party? No, it turns out that the word was invented by none other than one of the principal architects of the 74-year Soviet nightmare, the founder and first leader of the infamous Red Army, Leon Trotsky.”

The article notes Leon Trotsky’s 1930 work, The History of the Russian Revolution  and it shows a passage from that book. The last word in a particular passage in that book has a Latin transliteration which is “racistov”, i.e., “racists” The article says: “This work here is the first time in history one will ever find that word.”

So, if this article is correct, the originator of the term “racist” is the original Trotskyite.

However, the dubious foundation of the term has not kept college professors and other instructors of our young folks from latching onto the term and co-opting it for propaganda purposes. Trotsky would be overjoyed!

In the summer of 2007 I did an article for http://albensonjr.com  dealing with the University of Delaware when they tried to implement a mandatory program that required all residence hall students to acknowledge that “all whites are racist.” An article on http://voices.yahoo.com  for November 1, 2007 noted: “Citing that racism is a term that applies ‘to all white people living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, cultural or sexuality’ The school goes on to offer ‘treatment’ for any ‘incorrect attitudes’ the students might have upon entering the school.” So the school planned on offering treatment to white students with “Incorrect attitudes” presumably to help to expunge their sin for being born white. The author of the article said: “Wow! To think I once left a Communist country to get away from such oppressive left wing doctrine only to find it within a state university in the United States of America.” How far is all this away from George Orwell’s “thought police” or “thoughtcrime?”

There must have been quite a fuss over this, because on 11/2/07 the University of Delaware cancelled its “all Whites are Racist” program.

It seems that this concept of all whites being racist has picked up steam in the past few years. The corresponding doctrine to this is that, since all whites are racist because they have the “power” to be, no other race can be considered racist because they have no power.

This is a pile of cow chips that you don’t want to kick on a hot day. Anyone honestly believing this stuff is more than challenged in the brain department. So we now take a word invented by a Trotskyite Communist and demean all white folks the world over for being white. How asinine can you get? Apparently if you work on a college campus there are no limits.

Anyone remember Michael Westerman who was killed in Kentucky by a bunch of black thugs because he had a Confederate flag on the back of his truck? They didn’t like the flag so they shot him. He died, but if you accept the convoluted reasoning of the politically correct crowd it was really his fault because he had the flag on his truck and it “offended” them, so they were thereby justified in taking his life.

Was killing him a “hate crime?” Heaven forbid, no. Now if he had killed one of them it would have been a hate crime of international proportions but because they killed him it’s hardly worth the mention. After all, he was white so he had to be a racist, right?

This is the kind of twisted thinking that goes on at many college campuses around this country. Writer William Lind once wrote an article in which he labeled many colleges in this country as “little ivy-covered North Koreas.” Mr. Lind was right on the money. I’ve seen what goes on at college campuses and it ain’t always pretty—but it is politically correct, and no matter how many lives get ruined the god of political correctness must be served—and sacrificed to.

Seems to me that those that believe and promote this garbage are the biggest racists of all.


27 thoughts on “Who Originated the Term “Racist” And Why?

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  5. it is a relief to know that commies invented the term racism as it answers a lot of questions…in the uk i have seen the state organs literally tear apart white families and steal their children then move black families into the housing..social services and the education authorities are the biggest players in internal politics in the uk…they teach the children to hate white values and to accept coloureds as being more righteous than whites..this form of insidious racial hatred against white families is self evident..i am not xenophobic, in fact i have many friends of many nationalities…i am talking about pure hatred of white families and relationships by state organs who are extremely left wing in view and stance…this site gave me all the answers i needed…read my profile and see how white families are treated by the state in the uk…if i was black there would be worldwide condemnation……….i am not trying to start a race war i am pointing out some very harsh home truths………….

    • i was caught up in something i did not understand, i was battered almost to death and my white children who were good looking were abducted at gunpoint..my daughters went missing without update or communication..on complaining to the authorities my wife was abducted from her home beaten to within inches of her life and gang raped in a police station in the uk….whlst black families were moved in around us and rubbed our noses into the ground , hounding us around the clock with total anti social behaviour…including threats of murder if we didnt shut up about our missing daughters.to my wife being stalked into the city by gangs of black men..who hurled racist abuse at her and threatened sexual abuse at her daughters…this is not a rant it is a statement of facts…………..

    • What you have described is political correctness, which is Cultural Marxism–Marxism applied and expressed on and through the culture. Go back and read my posts on “Critical Theory” which is Cultural Marxism. Maybe the USSR split up into 15 different countries but that doesn’t mean that Communism is dead.

  6. The Oxford English Dictionary’s first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt was railing against the evils of racial segregation.

    “Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or makes their growth very slow. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism.”

    Source: http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2014/01/05/260006815/the-ugly-fascinating-history-of-the-word-racism

  7. ‘Al Benson Jr’ is clearly trying to discredit the very concept of racism, a social issue, by contriving to associate it with a totally separate, economic concept i.e. Communism, which is widely viewed as being a discredited ideology. (That view is itself open-to-question.)

    The word ‘racism’ first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1902. Trotsky at that time was still an unknown Ukrainian activist in his 20’s, and would have had absolutely no influence on the shape of any language on Earth, let alone one that he would never learn to speak in his entire life.

    There is precisely zero chance that Trotsky invented the word, let alone that it was first coined in one of his books nearly three decades later.

    The source cited for the assertion that Trotsky invented the word is clearly an absolute nonsense article, and it is a sign of a total failure of critical thinking on the part of ‘Al Benson Jr’ that he chose to write this blogpost without questioning his source.

    In short, lazy confirmation bias.

  8. The reason the word racist is synonymous with white Anglo Saxon Americans is in case you haven’t noticed the way Black people in this country have been treated ! And the multitude of hate crimes perpetuated against them ..

    • Every race on the earth is “racist”, moreso than you would be led to believe by following what the media says. I talked awhile back with a missionary from South Africa and he noted that black people are “the most ethnocentric people anywhere. In other words everything for them is judged by race.

      I will agree that black people have not always been treated as they should have been, but neither have the Chinese or the Irish or many other groups and yet they somehow have managed to overcome all of this and make places for themselves in society whereas many blacks have continued to gripe about things that happened 150 years ago. In some cases that’s much more profitable than moving on and assuming some responsibility for making things better for yourself–just blame “whitey” for all your troubles and hold out your hand for reparations money. If you want an honest look at some of the black problems today read some of Walter Williams’ columns in the papers. You are probably aware that Dr. Williams is black but he is also honest in his assessments of things blacks should be doing for themselves and don’t bother doing. As far as hate crimes go, the statistics show that there is lots more black on white crime than there is white on black crime. So “hate crimes” work both ways.

      • KLovely, are you serious? Ok Slavery ended in 1865 and things just magically were ok for Blacks. If it was so great then why almost 100 years after Slavery all these dependancy programs have to be created? You see black folk havé been trying to pick it’s self up after some 150 years with a lot of interference. What’s interesting is all the history is documented but people like yourself don’t want to research but just call for that oh let’s move on BS. I wish segregation would have been the choice. I truly believe the only reason White America became friendly was because of War. They’re are some good whites out their but not enough. You stick blacks within the inner cities/ ghettos, build factories there resulting in poor air quality and polluted water, you introduce drugs and Weapons, Encourage young Black men and women to become rappers all the while owning the labels promising thousands of dollars just as long as the rapper degrades his own race, you make sure blacks are portrayed on Television in negative ways, you enforce population control weather it be by abortion or weapon and drug supply, schools barely have funding, the justice system ensures 1st time black offenders for simple crimes receive large sentences, especially for drugs which you put in the community. So yea Blacks do complain when the playing field isn’t equal, but I guess I’m just making excuses, you talk about chinese and Irish and other’s oh please man don’t even try to compare it. The most hated people on the planet Blacks/Africans..oooh wait. Arabs might have us beat for the time being.

      • I don’t deny you raise some valid points, but ask yourself, if tv portrays blacks in a bad light or they are being victimized by drugs and subjected to abortion–who’s doing all this to you? Start asking yourself why this is being done and what in your own community you can start to do to change it. Just going out and rioting and destroying people’s businesses is not the answer. All you do is create the same situation you are trying to reverse. Those that encourage you to riot are using you to create a wedge between the races–class struggle–and you are going for it! Start doing some homework. Find out who’s using blacks and why and when you’ve found out some answers, and it will take more than a week and a half, then come back and we’ll talk. You might be surprised to find out that we all might have the same enemy.

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  11. Revisedhistory- would you be so kind to contact me? I’m the editor at The Stampede News and I’d like to print some of your articles in our paper. If a phone call is quickest-308-207-0771. Or you can email me. Thanks. Appreciate your work.

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