Hate Group On the Left—the Southern Poverty Law Center

By Al Benson Jr.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is an organization well known to most of those in the Southern and Confederate Movements—and not viewed with fondness. This is the organization that, over ten years ago, published a list of Confederate “hate groups” that included the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans among others. None of the groups they listed could have been considered hate groups to anyone acquainted with reality. However reality is not something that concerns the SPLC.

Their agenda is to demonize almost anyone to the right of Hugo Chavez, a chore they work at with gleeful abandon. When it comes to Confederate or Southern historical or heritage groups they are all hate groups as far as the SPLC is concerned.

Not only does the SPLC seek to stigmatize Southern Heritage folks, they go after Tea Party people as well and they even stick up for segments of the United Nations agenda.

James Simpson, freelance journalist and former White House budget analyst wrote an article on http://www.rightsidenews.com in which he said: “The SPLC author called Agenda 21 an ‘environmental protection’ initiative, when anyone who has actually studied the document—I have—immediately recognizes it as a rationalization for socializing every aspect of our lives. Not merely redistributing income, which it calls for with a ‘global tax’ but redistributing populations within borders, across borders and even across continents. Sound familiar? Welcome to the open borders crowd and George Soros’ ‘Open Society.’”

Mr. Simpson has realized that the political and theological left often has a problem in promoting indefensible and unpopular agendas that promote socialism and so they are forced to come up with terminology that seeks to make something horrendous sound warm and fuzzy—and this fools lots of people. Thankfully it does not fool all of them and some of those that are not fooled do speak out.

Regarding Agenda 21 Mr. Simpson has further observed: “The U.N.’s primary vehicle for imposing Agenda 21 on local communities is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). National awareness of this malevolent organization has now resulted in a percent decline of their membership! About 85 local governments followed the commissioners’ example and revoked their memberships. State governments are now beginning to enact laws against Agenda 21. …We need to recognize that the SPLC does not merely represent an organized example of leftist lunacy. It is a dangerous organization, whose goal is to isolate its enemies and make them politically radioactive. They achieve this through calculated, disingenuous and hate-filled propaganda.”

Simpson has also told us that the SPLC has become a sort of “consultant” not only to the FBI but also to the Department of Homeland Security. What a convenient way to polarize their enemies and make them look evil not only to the federal government but to the public at large. I don’t know how many “news” articles I’ve seen in the past few years that call this or that organization a “hate group” and they cite the SPLC as their source. Years ago those in the Southern Movement stated quite plainly and truthfully that those who use the SPLC as source for their information about “hate groups” are just not credible and should not be taken seriously. I agree.

One piece of revelatory information was passed along by Mr. Simpson in his article when he said: “On May Day this year a bombing attempt by the Occupy Cleveland activists was thwarted. Afterward, a reporter for “National Review” asked the SPLC if it planned to put Occupy Wall Street on its ‘hate group’ list? SPLC’s stunning answer: ‘We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.’” In other words, their agenda is to make those on the Right look bad or look like hate-mongers but they don’t really plan to do anything in regard to leftist groups which may be genuine hate groups.

In other words, all their agenda covers is making groups on the right look bad. They have no interest in exposing leftist groups. Why? Because they are over on the far left themselves and they dare not expose any of their “comrades” they have been instructed to leave alone.

Simpson has also noted that: “The SPLC, a ‘non-profit’ organization, has a one quarter billion dollar endowment, and socks away many millions every year in donations and investment returns much of which is kept in offshore banks. Why? The SPLC is an institutionalized, heavily funded genuine hate group that focuses not on other hate groups but on groups it hates…”

As far as Agenda 21 goes, I would expect the SPLC to support and endorse its “initiatives” as the United Nations is a “one world organization” with decided socialist goals. An article published on March 16, 2012 on http://ppigfiles.wordpress.com has observed: “While actual groups do exist that are quite obviously built around hatred or intolerance of other sectors of the population, it is highly doubtful that the government or law enforcement needs the assistance of SPLC to identify them. As SPLC has acquired its massive wealth through selling their own brand of hatred for profit, doubtless they should top the list of possible suspects.”

The next time you see an article about some “right-wing hate group” and the author cites the SPLC as his source, write to the publication he works for and tell them that this group is not a credible sources and encourage the author of the article to get out and do some real homework on his subject instead of buying the tales of leftist prevaricators. And as far as Agenda 21 is concerned, it travels under many names to confuse the uninformed. One code term you can pick up in their literature is “economic sustainability.” Groups using this term should be looked at long and hard before you make any commitments of any kind to them.

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