Romney Is Not Really Trying

By Al Benson Jr.

On July 14th of this year I wrote an article for this blog spot in which I stated that I felt Mitt Romney was planning on pulling a “John McCain” on us and losing the next election to Comrade Obama. At the top levels of the two major parties, which are both controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission group I have the feeling that this is what’s going on. We have to have an “election” to keep the average person in the dark as to what is happening to his freedoms and so we stage this “election” in which two people seems to be running for the same office but in reality it has already been decided who will get the office in smoke-filled back rooms and the public is given the illusion that both candidates are really running when the result has already been determined.

That’s what 2008 was. They know Obama was going to get into office but somebody among the Republicans had to run against him to make it all look legitimate and so John McCain went through the motions. This year it is Romney’s turn to go through the motions, and like McCain, he already looks like he is getting tired of it. After all, for a politician, intentionally being told to play second fiddle can’t be much fun.

For awhile they made it look like there might actually be a horse race. They had to deep six Ron Paul first, but they managed that by shutting out all his delegates and changing the rules—again and again until they finally got it right. No problem with Romney. He knew the game plan and would go along, even if he wasn’t real happy.

Now, as the election is less than two months away they have begun to pull out the stops. All of a sudden the polls are showing Obama gaining strength and Romney weakening. Romney has been made to look less than desirable with his “47%” comment and his record at Bain. Obama has made some missteps also, but the media has taken pains to avoid mentioning any of those, just as they did the last time out. When it comes to Obama and his foibles the media is the original brass monkey—hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, but they are well paid so what can you expect?

As I said in the July 14th WordPress article, I hope I am wrong, but the signs don’t look promising.

All of a sudden George Soros has dumped a cool million dollars into the Democratic campaign. All year he sat quietly on the sidelines, probably waiting for directions on which way to jump and now he’s been told. Some might say the Democrats are getting desperate, but Soros is above all that. He operates on a plane above the political parties—the One World Government level—where political parties are superfluous. But I imagine even he has a boss and his boss has told him where to put his million bucks.

Another indicator just recently has been an article by Cliff Kincaid which appeared on

Mr. Kincaid has long seemed to me to be a pretty astute writer who can read between the lines and see what is going on. His comments about Romney’s efforts to win are not favorable.

Kincaid observed: “It is possible that Romney, despite his liabilities, could turn the campaign around if he took the fight to Obama and directly branded him a socialist. Although he is not an ideological conservative, he could try to make the campaign into a stark choice. But Romney is being advised not to do this by Karl Rove and others. They are telling Romney he has to move to the left and get the votes of those who backed Obama in 2008…” Fat chance! This is lousy advice and they all know it. You have a country where traditional patriotic Americans are crying out for leadership after four years of Obama and the Republican hierarchy is telling Romney to move to the left! Kincaid noted that Romney’s choice of Ryan as a running mate was a disaster. The AARP booed Ryan at their recent national convention because he called for the repeal of Obamacare, which will never happen no matter who sits in the White House.

Kincaid closed his article out by saying: “Incredibly, Romney advisers had to have told Ryan to go to the AARP convention, where he earned the headlines about being booed by seniors. Again, as I argued in a previous column, it is as if the Romney campaign is trying to lose.” You are on the money Mr. Kincaid—that is exactly what they are doing—by alienating the conservative voters and chasing after those illusive ‘votes” from the left which they will never get.

Obama did a good job of beginning to dismantle the country in his first term. The powers that be have decided to let him have one more term to finish the job so that life in the United States can be comfortably merged with that of the other banana republics in the third world. And, with the level of discernment we seem to display in this country, maybe we have it coming.

1 thought on “Romney Is Not Really Trying

  1. WASHINGTON – President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney spun one-sided stories in their first presidential debate, not necessarily bogus, but not the whole truth. They made some flat-out flubs, too. The rise in health insurance premiums has not been the slowest in 50 years, as Obama stated. Far from it. And there are not 23 million unemployed, as Romney asserted.

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