The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors

By Al Benson Jr.

You thought the Republican Party was conservative, right? After all you heard all those folks at this recent convention making all those “conservative” noises, right? Problem is that noises are all it is—no substance, just noises, but some of the noises you don’t hear in public are fascist noises. You have to remember that this is the “Party of Lincoln” and Mr. Lincoln had a socialist worldview. Those in both his administration and his armies amply proved that. And after all, fascism is just another facet of the total socialist worldview.

The Republican National Committee is tightening up its rules so as to be able to exclude any future “grassroots” candidates. Ron Paul really scared them this time and they could see his popularity with voters, especially young voters. They will now make sure that no future Ron Paul’s ever get as far as he did this year. Naturally there had to be a little chicanery involved, but, hey, if you want an omelet you have to break some eggs don’t you? If you don’t want Ron Paul to have a chance then you have to break and change some of your own rules. That shouldn’t bother anyone—after all the agenda is what’s important and the ends justify the means, or so the RNC believes.

According to  “Six states filed to put Ron Paul into nomination while the rules said it only took five states. Realizing this the RNC met early Tuesday morning to change the rules in order to make the minimum needed as eight states, which Ron also would have had if the RNC had not decided to take the Ron Paul delegates away from Louisiana and Maine.”

Charleston Voice continued: “Rather than taking proper vote counts or listening to objections, several votes were clearly not unanimous, but this didn’t stop the RNC “leaders” from ignoring the dissent. Video surfaced…but a link is in the video showing that the teleprompter already had pre-approved results before the public vote was taken”. In other words, someone running this show was dishonest. The “conservative” Republican agenda called for Romney to be nominated no matter what and nothing and no one, no matter how legitimate, was going to get in the way of that.

I would seriously hope that Ron Paul supporters and independent voters around the country would start to consider third party alternatives, even to forming a new party, which they would then have to work constantly to make sure was not co-opted by the Republican and Democratic establishment—if we have an election.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that both major parties are controlled by the same CFR/Trilateral group and that you have about as much chance of working from within to reform the Republican Party as you have of reforming the public school system.

Karen Kwiatkowski, writing on  for 9/1 observed that: “As Doug Wead so delightfully put it, the party has been reduced to ‘ten fat men sitting in a room.’ One of the fat men was John Sununu.” Kwiatkowski said that what he did on Tuesday afternoon was to “…steamroll the wishes of half of the delegate floor, and destroy what was left of the integrity of the GOP…John Sununu’s totalitarianism was on display, and his goal seemed obvious: the literal and figurative lobotomy of the constitutional and liberty movement within the party.” The Tea Party folks had better figure this out. There is no place in the Republican Party for them unless they are willing to sell their souls.

Lest we think it’s only the Republicans an article on has commented about the upcoming convention for socialist party B (the Democrats). It states in part: “But the sweeping security already in place throughout Charlotte’s central business district could find protesters running afoul of the law by carrying water bottles, hair spray, socks or magic markers. It would take a strict reading of the rules for someone to be arrested simply for possessing one of these items, but the possibility exists—which worries protesters and free speech advocates who fear authorities could violate people’s constitutional rights.” Arrested for carrying a water bottle—in the “land of the free?” You better believe it.

So both parties are in the process of deciding what they will and will not allow the public or delegates to do. After all, if they are both controlled by the same clique, then why not? Everyone in both parties marches in lockstep and the whole thing is scripted for both before the bread and circuses begin.

The pity is that more people can’t grasp this, that they can’t see what should by now be blatantly obvious.

I still have a gut feeling that Romney will end up doing what McCain did by providing a dummy for Obama’s ventriloquist. I still hope I am in error, but right now, if we do have an election I am concerned that this is what will happen. But either way, Obama or Romney, both of them will play the game. Ron Paul would not have and that’s why he had to be removed at all cost and why the Republicans are working to make sure no more candidates like him ever surface in the Republican Party.

How many remember George Wallace in 1968 (ancient history now). That year he ran on the American Independent Party ticket and won five Southern states. Old George shook the establishment that year. He didn’t have enough electoral votes from those Southern states to really do anything with but he kept the establishment hacks hanging for awhile before he released his delegates. Wallace ran again as a Democrat in 1972 and the establishment was concerned about him as he was doing well in the primaries so the usual “lone, deranged gunman” was trotted out and he, after stalking Wallace through several cities, finally got his chance and Wallace was out of the picture–not dead, but out. Mission accomplished!  Now Ron Paul is out of the picture. I guess we should thank the good Lord that he got out alive and in one piece.


9 thoughts on “The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors

  1. I just recieved my new voter registration card yesterday. Where it once said “Republican”
    it now says “No Party affiliation” I sent a nasty letter to the GOP HQ. To inform them that I was through playing their silly game . Im sure the person reading my letter just schrugged and laughed, because there are a million more idiots out there who are thinking they have to suppport Romney to keep out Obama. That folks is the reason for Barak Obama! To make a socialistic republican look like a conservitive! I am watching and waiting . What will America look like in 4 months? das vedonya komarad

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  6. While I’d never vote for anyone running for office older than 75 again, I have nothing against Paul nor have I ever said or posted anything critical of him. Objectively, I have seen the fervor and belief of those that support him and for the Republicans not to acknowledge his candidacy and not giving him at least a few minutes of Prime Time at their Convention seems both foolhardy and foolish. Perhaps it is Read More… the Libertarian branch of their party that they now wish to disenfranchise and target for hate as they have done to so many other groups of Americans. I hope this costs the GOP dearly.

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