“The South Under Siege”—It’s about time we woke up!

By Al Benson Jr.

About five years ago now author Clint Johnson wrote a revealing book called The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again). I expect a book with that title did not gladden the hearts of the many liberals and socialists out there who have dedicated their efforts toward destroying what was left of the Old South so they could replace it with the “new” (Marxist) South where Obama is king and we eagerly await the next boatload of illegal immigrants from anywhere so they can be registered to vote for the “Great One.”

In an article by Ivy Sellers in Human Events Clint Johnson noted: “The South is under attack because it is the last region of the nation to resist being homogenized into an amorphous mass of people who think alike, sound alike, vote alike, buy alike. Nothing angers politicians, marketers, pollsters, and the politically correct crowd more than a group of people who absolutely refuse to get into line…While the South has always been rebellious, these days it’s become a cultural battlefield where the whole concept of Southern history is under attack. Displaying the Confederate battle flag, preserving Confederate statues on public and private property, even singing the song Dixie are under fire as ‘divisive,’ ‘racist,’ ‘hate-filled,’ ‘bigoted,’ and every other PC description imaginable.” I can attest to the truth of Mr. Johnson’s statements. My wife and I have lived in the South for ten years now and I see a constant, ever-increasing stream of vitriolic anti-Southern propaganda coming down the pike with every passing year.

It used to surprise me how those liberals and socialists who constantly talked about “love and diversity” could be so hate-filled when it came to the South and its people. Their “diversity” includes no white Southerners except those few guilt-ridden wretches that are forever willing to bemoan their “guilt” over the slavery question. They will be tolerated but no others. For years it never struck me that this irrational hatred was really anti-Christian. and that it wasn’t really irrational. It was consistent with the Marxist agenda.

And those that complain so loudly about “racism” see everything in life as connected to race—exactly what they accuse others of doing. If you fly a Confederate flag you are a racist; if you want to preserve a statue or other piece of Confederate history you are a racist; if you won’t vote for Obama you are a racist and on and on their tired litany continues. What it all amounts to is that if you won’t do what they want you to do you are a racist. This is a favorite tactic of Marxists and other assorted leftists and unfortunately it seems to work on many people who end up doing all manner of mental gyrations so they won’t appear to be “offending” anyone. It’s time we all quit playing the guilt game for the satisfaction of those racists who accuse us of what they are guilty of.

On April 3rd of this year the Southern Nationalist Network http://southernnationalist.com blog spot carried an article in which the author quite clearly stated that: “I think it helps to be clear. The goal of the NAACP, ADL, La Raza and SPLC is the elimination of our people, not just our heritage. We have to understand this to even be in the struggle. Any compromise with someone who opposes our existence is a step toward your own elimination. Any adoption of their language (‘racist,’ ‘hate group,’ etc) or ideas (multiculturalism) is self-defeating. The South is not just battlefields, dates in history books, flags and monuments—it is a specific people, culture and worldview. Again, the NAACP, ADL, La Raza and SPLC oppose that people, culture and worldview. Support of Southern heritage that is to be of any use at all has to start with a recognition of the existence of the Southern people and a desire to protect and advance them. A Southern heritage advocate has to be an advocate for the Southern nation (ethnic/cultural group) of people…If you ask the ADL or NAACP they will tell you that they are out to promote their ethnic/cultural group. They make that clear and they are effective at it. Meanwhile, they promote ‘diversity’ for us—meaning they wish to water us down and eventually eliminate us.” Their policies, which are basically Marxist in worldview claim that it’s alright for them to promote their own cultural groups but its “racist” for us to do the same thing.

If these people have a Marxist worldview you must understand they are not being hypocritical in this. Their position is consistent with Marxist “truth.” For them to do this promotes the Marxist agenda, while for us to do it resists the Marxist agenda and so, in their thinking, it is wrong for us to do it because our doing it will not further the program of Marxist world domination.

You cannot effectively oppose those people until you begin to understand how they think. Being “nice” to them won’t cut the mustard. Trying to compromise with them won’t either. They take that as a sign of weakness and exploit you all the more. There needs to be opposition to the Marxist agenda, in this country and elsewhere—Christian opposition, based on knowing how they think. Christians don’t need to be nasty or vicious (the other side will do enough of that) but they do need to stand firm and call evil what it is.

Frank Conner, in his excellent book The South Under Siege 1830-2000  has noted that “…the present day vilification of the Confederacy is part of a long-term ideological war being waged against the conservative white South for the purpose of destroying the Southerners as a people and rendering them socially, politically, and economically impotent” I doubt that anyone could have said it any better than Mr. Conner did.

The major thrust of the Marxist agenda is to be rid of us one way or the other. We are the opposition and therefore we must be dealt with—any way they have to, any way they can.

We in the South need to realize what kind of ideological war we are in. Heritage violations are a lot more than just “heritage” violations—they are open warfare on our way of life, what is left of it. Situations such as the current one going on in Selma, Alabama are more than just a few people not liking Nathan Bedford Forrest—they are part of a culture war directed against us and we had better grasp that and learn how to fight back effectively.

We need to develop a battle plan; otherwise we will lose this Marxist-driven ideological war with few people even realizing it has taken place. Think about that.


12 thoughts on ““The South Under Siege”—It’s about time we woke up!

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    • It dawned on me recently that this is where we are really at. The Marxists tried to destroy us via the War of Northern Aggression. As much damage as they did with that and “reconstruction” they were not able to do it all. Nos they see a chance to finish the job and they are not about to let it go to waste. Our folks have got to realize this and resist.

      • In some instances you can find people with Marxist connections that have been involved in some of these events and when we find this sort of thing we need to expose it for all to see. There was a situation in a small Kentucky town a few years ago which I wrote about on my website where there was a fuss about a high school that wanted to keep its Confederate flag. A minister from Louisville showed up to agitate and I did some homework on him and found he had been involved with a lady who was an identified Communist, both her and her husband, who paraded as a “community organizer” (sound familiar?). We need to expose this kind of thing where it happens because we know the media won’t.

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  4. I think many Southerners have awoken to this reality, but I get the strong sense that the younger types are sleep-walking on this, are not aware at all. And this is indeed an excellent article. Thank you for it. Perhaps if there were some way to identify who is giving the agitators at Selma their marching orders this would help in formulating a plan to deal with those who want to destroy us. I’m thinking it begins with the SPLC. Just a hunch.

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  6. I believe that if Obama is re-elected, that we as Southerners MUST call for the dissolution of the US, and return the “states” to their rightful status as independent republics. Even if the Romney/Ryan ticket is elected, we should be making inroads to the dissolution. The Clinton’s are waiting in the wings, just biding their time and consolidating their power base until 2016, when Hillary will be a shoe-in to run for the Presidency, and, no doubt, will win it.

  7. Marxist s-heads need something to kick against; preferably a soft target that won’t retaliate by breaking their heads. It defines and justifies their existence and fills the hole in their souls caused by their lack of faith.

    What really annoys the descendants of the Yankee victors in the War of Northern Republican Aggression is the refusal of the defeated to acknowledge their moral guilt and atone for their crimes; their refusal to accept that their ancestors had no right to secede from the Union; that they refuse to accept the validity of the moral crusade that the Abolitionists waged against them; that States rights is not valid concept; that they still exist as a coherent society and did not become Yankees(that is to say: did not become like them); and they refused to don sackcloth and ashes over slavery.

    I don’t want to say the North, but it seems that the government of the victors is once again breaking faith with founding compact of the new American nation(established 1865). That the South would accept defeat but would be left alone.

    Southerners must take an independent attitude to the Yankee government and I’d say that any Southerner who thinks risking his life by serving in the armed forces of that arrogant Yankee regime: is a total idiot and not worthy of any respect. So there.

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