Liberal “Love” (It’s Really Hate)

By Al Benson Jr.

Adam Zamoyski wrote a book in 1999 called Holy Madness in which he dealt with the revolutionary mindset in the last part of the 18th century. The roots of this revolutionary mindset are not often discussed, and for good reason. Often those who glorify revolutionaries really don’t want you to know where they are coming from, but Zamoyski has told us quite plainly—if we have eyes to see.

He particularly deals with the French Revolution, which has scarred France even to this day as our War of Northern Aggression has scarred us. Both revolutions had something in common—the destruction of Christian culture.

The revolutionaries were opposed to Christianity and the teachings of Scripture. Zamoyski noted that: “The element of Christian teaching that aroused the particular ire of the eighteenth-century clerisy was the doctrine of original sin—that all men are born with the taint of Adam and need to redeem themselves..What man needed, in their view, was not salvation but education, which would liberate him from all the superstitions born of ignorance. They heaped ridicule on the Christian belief in an afterlife and attacked the concept of abnegation and sacrifice leading to sanctity…and stridently condemned ‘fanaticism’ by which they meant faith.” In their “education rather than saving faith” mindset they were rather like the Unitarians in this country that helped to found the modern public school system in the 1830s. They rejected the truth of Christ’s salvation, did not look to God’s Kingdom, but rather to the state for man’s hope.

The mindset of the 18th century revolutionaries has evolved in recent years into what we today refer to as liberalism, socialism and communism. There is not all that much difference between these three except in degree. Many hard-core liberals will eventually embrace some form of communism and they will refer to it as “compassion.” Does this fool a lot of people? Of course it does and that is the intention.

Many liberals, socialists, and communists in our day refer to themselves as loving, compassionate, wanting to spread the concepts of “diversity,” tolerance, and multiculturalism. They portray themselves as embracing all these supposedly noble traits.

However, even a superficial look will reveal that these people are anything but what they claim to be.

Chick-fil-A is a fast food franchise with hundreds of restaurants across the country. You can tell from the name that they specialize in chicken. Recently, the head of the company, Dan Cathy, made a statement to the effect that he believed in the biblical definition of marriage being between one man and one woman and that this country risked God’s judgment if we continued to promote the concept of “gay” marriage (sodomite and lesbian marriage).

From the reaction of the “news” media you would have thought that Mr. Cathy had spearheaded a drive to round up all the sodomites in this country and ship them to  Africa the day after tomorrow the same way Abraham Lincoln wanted to do to the slaves once they had been freed.  All he did was to make one statement that was consistent with biblical truth. However, any statement consistent with biblical truth enrages the liberal/socialist/communist mindset. When biblical truth is put forth these people display the full extent of their liberal “love” by trying to subvert it and to kill the messenger—any way they can. Biblical truth makes these folks mad. They don’t want to hear it and they don’t want anyone else to hear it.

Already the mayors of both Boston and Chicago have stated that no Chick-fil-A franchises will ever be given in their cities. I don’t know much about the current mayor in Boston, but the mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emmanuel, Comrade Obama’s old buddy. Remember him? These people get on their anti-Christ high horses and prattle to the world about “tolerance.” Doesn’t seem like they have much of it for someone with an opposing viewpoint does it?

One thing you will learn about the political leftists as you go along is that the only people that are to be tolerated are those who share their left-wing viewpoints. That’s the only place tolerance is allowed. Anyone daring to express an anti-leftist opinion, and especially an opinion based on the truth of Scripture has to be silenced—and if you can manage to put him out of business while shutting him up, so much the better. If you do enough of that there won’t be that many people left around that will question your “love and compassion.” You will have silenced them all and you can now spread your leftist drivel among those who did not have the good sense to question what you say and do.

So, remember this when you hear some liberal/socialist/communist in the future bragging about how they are compassionate in their concern for “the masses.” Their compassion extends only to their own but their vitriol extends to all those daring to disagree with their “enlightened” opinions. These people hate Jesus Christ and the Bible and will consciously do whatever they think they can to undermine both the truth and grace of God.

In their intolerance against Mr. Cathy for daring to stand up for Scriptural truth they have revealed what they really are—intolerant leftist bigots. It may not help for Christians to rant at these people because it is doubtful they will listen to the truth, but maybe we should all make a bigger effort to eat more chicken.


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