United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Stalled But Not Dead Yet

By Al Benson Jr.

Well, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, you know, the one they told us would not affect our Second Amendment rights, appears to have been stalled at least temporarily. Not to worry though, the UN and our own Marxist regime will be back. So don’t think you have won a war when all you have won is a skirmish.

However, lots of folks must have contacted their Senators, because, according to http://www.foxnews.com it has been reported that a bipartisan group of 51 U.S. senators “…on Thursday had threatened to oppose the global treaty regulating international weapons trade if it falls short of protecting the constitutional right to bear arms. In a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the senators expressed serious concerns with the draft treaty that has been circulated at the United Nations, saying that it signals an expansion of gun control that would be unacceptable.” They noted specifically a 2008 Supreme Court decision that stuck down a ban on handguns in the District of Columbia, which ruled that private citizens have a constitutional right to possess guns for self-defense as well as for other purposes. And the court also ruled, separately, that treaty obligations “may not infringe on individual constitutional protections and rights within U.S. borders.”

As for the Senators, this is, after all, an election year and if they antagonize their gun-owning constituency many of them will be in big trouble, so they have to try to placate us, at least for now, until they get back into office. Then all bets are off, especially if Comrade Obama gets a second term (notice I didn’t say “wins” a second term).

In an article by Doug Book on http://www.westernjournalism.com Mr. Book noted: “For decades, apostles of one-world government have endeavored to convince the American people that treaties, rather than the Constitution, embody the supreme law of the land. In 1952, Secretary of State and Council on Foreign Relations member John Foster Dulles told the American Bar Association that ‘Treaty law can override the Constitution…Treaties, for example…can cut across the rights given the people by the constitutional Bill of Rights.”

Back in a saner day the Supreme Court ruled against that new world order drivel. Mr. Book observes: “In the landmark case Reid vs. Covert, the Court ruled…’no agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on Congress, or any other branch of Government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution.’ In short, as ‘(the Supreme) Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty’ the Constitution remains the supreme law of the land, and treaties may neither supplant nor amend it.” That’s pretty straightforward.

Will Comrade Obama try to ignore that or pretend it is not there? Of course he will. Marxist truth demands that he do such, and his one-world government handlers and puppetmasters also demand it. Never forget, these people want your guns. They will do or say whatever they have to in order to get them. Marxist “truth” demands that they lie to you about what they are doing. For them the lie is the truth.

Tonight there was an article in our local Evening Fishwrapper stating that the current Marxist administration had no further interest in gun control at this time. I talked briefly with a man that read it and believed it. I explained briefly to him that what this article means is that the current administration will aggressively pursue any gun control or confiscation measure that they can at any time. They may not do it openly, but they will do it. Bet the farm on it! This administration is committed to trashing your Second Amendment rights, no matter what they or their toadies in the “news” media say.

Mr. Book ends his article with a very cogent observation. He says “Though Congress has the authority to nullify a treaty legislatively and federal courts have the power to overturn any unconstitutional terms, the American public has learned that neither of these institutions can be trusted with the defense of the Constitution or the rights it secures. Should Barack Obama win re-election it will be up to the people to defend their 2nd Amendment rights. And that could make for a very messy affair.” In other words, no matter what, it is up to us to protect our Second Amendment rights and that will require continued vigilance. If, by some fluke, Obama should lose, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you have a Republican in the White House you can go back to sleep. Romney comes from Massachusetts, one of the most heavily regulated states in the country as to gun rights, so that should tell you something.

A total Marxist agenda cannot be implemented on this country until they have all the guns. No matter how “reasonable” they try to sound, remember that one salient fact. You can’t resist if you are not armed.

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  1. A PEN’S TALE ABOUT THE NULLIFICATION OF THE 14TH AMENDMENT by Pen Tale INTRODUCTION We are in a life as we know it struggle or becoming the life of a slave. Playtime is over, recess is over, this is a real life drama being played out right before our eyes. Who is responsible for the havoc oppressing the (US) citizens of America? That is the question before us. “To be or not to be” a (US) citizen is the question. It will be decided? Does anyone know the ramifications of being a (US) citizen? . All of our time and energy is being directed toward a phantom of illusions that are far from being what they seem to be, chasing shadows of reality, smoke screens and a maze that goes nowhere.but to a dead end. Endless rules and regulations, layer upon layer. It is time for a reality check, who is doing what to (US) citizens? It is virtually impossible to correct a problem, when no one knows who is behind the problem, why are they doing the things that are being done? and what do they expect to gain from their activities? We must always seek the responsible party. To whom am I addressing this, are you like the “wise old owl,” always asking, “who, who is it, what are you doing here and why are you doing it? or are you like “chicken little,” grabbing a piece of whatever, not checking to see if it is even what you think it is and run around expounding on something you know little about? Or are you somewhere in between? It is one thing to be a pasty or a dupe, but to be a “dunce” is a “horse of a different color.” “derived from people comparing registration certificates listing color and noticing that the certificate description did not match the color of the horse being observed. And I thought this referred to a gray horse or an odd color.” http://www.thebigredhorse.com/horse-talk-67/ What if I told you that there are three things that are being addressed by a group of Masterminds, who have been at it before the ink dried on our Constitution. Are we so naive as to believe that the King of England and the Bank of England laid down and died and “gave up the ghost” of a chance to conquering America? I don’t think so, the Bank of England tried three time to establish its bank on American soil, once as the 1st Bank of the United States, the second time it was the 2 Bank of the United States and the third time it was the Federal Reserve Bank. The King of England is a major stockholder in the Bank of England which has been renamed the Federal Reserve Bank in America. The Federal Reserve Bank is a banking cartel of the Zionist Jewish Bankers, just a few Khazar Jews and they are engaged in three major task: Issue and control the Money Supply in America and the world. Annihilate the White Race. Enslave the dark races (their term), Blacks, Africans and Asians. None of the above would be possible save for the unlawful adoption of the 14th Amendment. Their “only concern” is to insure that the “herd is not spooked” on the way to being slaughtered. In human terms don’t have another French Revolution. A planned revolution orchestrated by them to achieve their goals is acceptable and encouraged, when the moment is right. The 14th Amendment at it onset was “crafted in evil” and with evil intent set in motion and has been forced upon (US) citizens through evil deeds. Why has it taken over 150 years for its real intent to come to life. The real intent is being expressed today in America, the real intent was to annihilate the white race and enslave the dark races (the terms used by the Masterminds behind the forced unlawful adoption of the 14th Amendment). Who are these Masterminds from the past that still exist in America today and are wrecking evil upon the (US) citizens? Who does Congress, the President and the Supreme Court work for by continuing to carry out their evil intent, whether it is willingly or unknowingly? It can be stop; S T O P : T H I N K ; who is making the laws that continue to plague (US) citizens? Who is enforcing the laws that are plaguing (US) citizens? Who is upholding the laws that are plaguing the (US) citizens? Mostly whites, whom the Masterminds have admitted they intent to annihilate. Our politicians are! while the masterminds sit in their ivory towers and drink their mint juleps, eating caviar and laughing at the lowing herd all the way to their bank, The Federal Reserve Bank. It is all here, if you are the wise old owl you will want to know more. Rise up you son of the Republic Rise up in acclamation Stand with righteous indignation Without any reservation For the rulers of perdition Have for (US) citizens great AMBITIONS Ambitions of their own With burdens to break our bones Rise up you son of the Republic Stand with righteous indignation Many of (US) are filled with frustration The answer is NULLIFICATION Stand for truth, with righteous indignation or live the life of corporate slaves of Congress ,our “overseers,”guided by “Thieving Masterminds” behind it all. We still have the choice, while we can speak up and vote for righteous politicians to fill our offices, who will put our safety, their safety and our children’s safety above all else. Time is running out. “Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous indignation is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g.” … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Righteous_indignation “These Plundering Masterminds” behind the infamous 14th Amendment are saying to (US) citizens, though it is silent, “Come with me to Babylon, if you like, and I will look after you;” Jer 40:4 I will give you whatever your heart desires, just follow me into oblivion is what they are doing to us, the (US) citizens of the Congress of The United States. We will understand when we know the differences between the (US) citizen, a citizen of Congress residing in a state, entitled to “privileges and immunities” imposed by Congress at the behest of these “Masterminds,” desecrators of society and a State Citizens, who is a Citizen of these united States of America, entitled to the protection of the “Bill of Rights.” Read the Slaughterhouse Cases, a portion of which you will find in the appendix. “But today I am freeing you from the chains on your wrists.” “Look, the whole country lies before you; go wherever you please.” If we break the chains of the 14th Amendment, by Nullifying it!! We will again be free to roam the country. Only If we will act on the side of right and stand for “truth and reject the lie” that the infamous 14th Amendment is a true document. It is not true for it is tainted and riddled with lies, after lies, after lies, on and on, ad nauseum. There are endless people researching the problems facing America, but to my knowledge none have put the research together in any coherent form. This I have done and every bit is based on facts though Disney characters from the Book of Revelations are substituted for many because these are the characteristics of the real life players. There is an “essence” that exist in every story, I believe that the essence in “The Book of Revelations” is this: in life, we are always choosing between what is “right” and what is “wrong.” We are always choosing even when we are unaware of it. We choose vocally and/or by our actions to be on the side of right, “the man on the white horse” or we remain silent and do nothing and by default allow wrong, “evil” to slip in, “the serpent, the old Devil” in the garden of Eden, which became a garden of Evil. We either eat of the fruit of “goodness” by choosing what is “good and “right” or we eat of the bitter fruits of evil by allowing D’evil to creep in. The chains of inaction, silently accepting whatever is tossed to the “dogs,” must be cast off by action, even if it is only verbal, “Nullify the 14th Amendment,” it is the root of all evil that exist in America today, eat of the fruit of “goodness and righteousness” or remain silent and continue to eat the bitter fruit of discord and hate and evil of all sorts fostered upon us by the “Masterminds,” nefarious, criminals of the highest order, behind the 14th Amendment.. “So now Mr. Obama has unilaterally decided to undo the reforms put in place by President Clinton. These were reforms that had really worked to both reform a bloated program, and to make people more self-reliant. Why would President Obama make a decision to reverse reforms that have been so beneficial? This action should remove any doubt. The agenda of Obama and the Democrats is to foster as much government dependence as possible. Self-reliant people and people employed by the private sector are not able to be controlled and manipulated like those dependant on a government handout.” Ending welfare as it is, by Karl K. Gruber, Published by Charleston Mercury, a subsidiary of the Post and Courier. July 2012 First of all, Obama makes no decisions, he is told what to do and when to do it and where to do it and how to do it. How is it possible that Obama does and says all the these things being accredited to him, yes they are done under his administration, but there is no way that he can know all this in his less than four years; particularly when he is never in the Oval Office. It is not possible. These are things that have been planned for a long time and have been lying on the self for just the right moment and the right Pasty, Dupe to implement them. These are things such as the above and countless similar things orchestrated by The Masterminds, Sorcerers, behind the far left and behind Obama, all done through the infamous 14th Amendment. The chains of inaction, silently accepting whatever is tossed to the “dogs,” must be cast off by action, even if it is verbal, “Nullify the 14th Amendment,” the root of all evil that exist in America today, eat of the fruit of “goodness and righteousness” or remain silent and continue to eat the bitter fruit of discord and hate and evil of all sorts fostered upon us by the “Crafty Masterminds of the 14th Amendment.” Yes, there is a God of the Universe, but there is a Lord of our lives and that Lord is Good or Evil. Good requires action, which requires energy, which is the “essences of life” and will keep the life we now know or we can do nothing and default to Evil and allow it to creep (slither) in, inaction, no energy which is death, “the pale horse,” the serpent that slithers in unaware and saps the life out of us. In life, we are always preparing for the battlefield at Armageddon, either we choose to stand for righteousness, having righteous indignation, not sometimes when it’s convenient and “polite,” or we by default “fall” for sin, the act of a coward, notwithstanding that there are times when silence is demanded for survival. Sometimes Silence is Golden, sometimes silences is the act of a coward and will lead to more and more abuse. We are now in that time, it is either or “Stand for righteousness or fall for evil and I mean really fall down the slippery slope to slavery.” CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE, GOOD OR EVIL! This is a story about two types of people in this United States of America, if this were any other country I could use the words two citizens of the United States, but not here in America, sounds confusing doesn’t it? Once we know and understand the difference in these former two classes of citizens, we should all be, as mad as hell!!! The first class of citizens were the State Citizen and a Citizen of these united States of America. These Citizens wrote the Declaration of Independents, wrote the States’ Constitutions and the Constitution of the United States to protect them (the State Citizen) from encroachment of either government, state or Federal. This is of the utmost importance, these documents were written to protect the “Original Owners” from their governments. These Citizens were first and foremost a Citizen of their respective state and by virtue of this were a Citizen of these united States for protection in a Federal Territory and abroad (out of the country), these Citizens owed nothing to the Federal Government, other than an excise tax on certain goods. They did not owe the Federal Government allegiance, their allegiance was to their respective state. Robert E. Lee, the highest ranking Confederate General, a graduate of West Point, when asked which side of the “War between the States” would he serve on, he said, “whichever way my state (Virginia) goes.” These Citizens had the protection of the “Bill of Rights,” which limited the Federal Government’s involvement with them. You hear all about the Bill of Rights, but now it is missed used and misapplied. They did not pay income taxes to the state nor to the Federal Government, the Federal Constitution prohibited the “laying of a direct tax on the individual.” The State Citizen was not liable for the Federal (Congress and the President’s) debt, the state governments were. We are being lead to believe that the 16th Amendment gave the Federal Government the authority to lay a direct tax on individual’s income and it did, but income means a return on an investment. The Income Tax Code, is not positive law, and in it, it defines income as salaries, wages, labor, etc., it only applies to Federal Employees. These legerdemain Masterminds, as in all cases, have polluted who is a taxpayer by deception, explained later. The Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment “gave the Federal Government no new taxing authority,” this has been successfully covered up. All of this has been done through acts of Congress, whom These Manipulator Masterminds of the 14th Amendment now control. The second class of citizens were the freed slaves that had no rights, THE 14TH AMENDMENT was put forth as an Amendment to put the citizens of the United States, US citizens, “on an equal footing with the state Citizens.” These citizens, when spoken of, are US citizens, always spelled in lower case. The Privileges and Immunity Clause doesn’t even fit. Privileges and Immunities historically were granted by the King to Nobility. The infamous 14th Amendment was put forth to give citizens with no Constitutional rights, this means, the protection of the “Bill of Rights,” the protection enjoyed by the state Citizens, protection through the Bill of Rights from government interference. The Slaughterhouse Cases recognized this distinction, believing that this was the intent of the Amendment and ruled that way. These Conniving Masterminds behind this falsified adoption had other plans for America when they had it forced on not just the South, but NORTH AND SOUTH, EAST AND WEST AND WHEREVER THE (US) citizens reside. It was a “coup d’etat” by the Federal Government and the Union Army. A coup d’état (plural: “coups d’état)—also known as a coup, putsch, and overthrow—is the sudden unconstitutional deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military” … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coup_d'état And that is exactly and positively what the Union Army did when it replaced the Southern Governors and the Southern members of Congress with their own officers, under the authority of a “lame duck” Congress fostered by “These Secret Masterminds” behind the scenes, The Secret Empire, aka, The Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank could not and would not exist without the 14th Amendment Amendment and its convoluted form that it has taken, “A road not taken” by the Supreme Court in the Slaughterhouse Cases. Through trickery by Congress, the States were lured into issuing Social Security Cards to its Citizens (the State Citizen) and to the citizens of the Congress of the United States residing in their respective state, the US citizen, for a retirement program under the Federal Social Security Act. Somewhere down the road, Congress repealed the Social Security Act, leaving everyone with a Social Security Card and no Federal Retirement. The Retirement Program was the bait, then Congress incorporated everyone with a Social Security Card into the Federal Income Tax Code and said that they were “taxpayers”; now we are all taxpayers with no rights, called US citizens with so-called privileges and immunities, as designated by Congress. Now, we are all liable for the National Debt. Taxpayers cannot argue in a court of law the issue, you have a Social Security Card you are a taxpayer. “Slam Bam Thank You Mam.” The Supreme Court of 1873 rules on the Slaughterhouse Cases as if the 14th Amendment had been lawfully ratified by the states and there is more than ample evidences that it was not. Congress and the Union Army forced it on what seemed to be the South at that time, but it now turns out to be the entire Nation, NORTH AND SOUTH, EAST AND WEST OR WHEREVER A (US) citizen resides, leaving all of us Subject/Slaves of Congress. “Therefore it must be Nullified:” NULLIFICATION! NULLIFICATION!! NULLIFICATION!! of the 14th Amendment. Let it ring through the land. “whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers.” “ a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” Thomas Jefferson *********NULLIFY THE 14TH AMENDMENT******** Should be the rallying cry of the Tea Party. Now is the time for all good men and women to come the the aid of truth and rise up in righteous indignation, just as Jesus did in his only recorded act of violence, chasing the money changers out of God’s house and said of them “you have made my Fathers House a den of thieves.” I believe it is time for the righteous to stand for truth and to deny a lie; the 14th Amendment is a lie foster upon us by a “lame duck” Congress and a renegade Union Army, a work of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank behind the scene, plotting it’s (the 14th Amendment) every move to fruition. It’s time for those, who will stand for truth, to demand that our elected representatives “chase the money changers” from our midst, they exist because of the so-called never lawfully adopted 14th Amendment. The “money changers” had to put the 14th Amendment in place by any means available, which happen to be the aftermath of the so-called “Civil War.” Nullify the 14th Amendment and the “money changers” will fade away with it. This is not our ordinary battle, this is a battle of right and wrong, good and evil, truth or a lie. America has no choice now, it will be decided, one way or the other, truth or a lie will prevail, this is America’s Armageddon. This is not the first Armageddon, where a world ends, when a lie prevails, as it did with “Adam and Eve,” the world as they knew it died and a new world opened up and “they ate of the fruit of good and evil.” Hebrew/Israel had it’s Armageddon more than once and each time it was because they believed and acted on a lie. America is at the crossroad, we, the American people are on the battlefield now, we can chose truth, “the rider on the white horse,” or by default be on the side of evil, a lie, the “rider on a pale horse,” subject/slaves, which is a living death. If this lie is allow to prevails and the 14th Amendment is left standing, the American people have lost the battle by default and we will eat the bitter fruit of good and evil. There is no other, it is one way or the other. Truth or a lie, chose which master you will serve and only if enough chose truth, will America be saved. Truth is being shouted down, propelled by the rulers of a Secret Empire, allowed into our midst by Congress, it is called by another name, The Federal Reserve Bank. If you want to know the facts, then read on or you can accept the lie, and accept the inevitable for it is sure to come. Nullification of (Nullify) the so-called 14th Amendment is the only “Key” to freedom. “All Americans” are being held hostage and in perpetual bondage, i.e., slavery, Whites and Blacks, as well as all of the “dark races” (not my term), our backs are against the wall, together, we are locked in a prison of “privileges and immunities” granted by Congress. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Sadly, I feel a duty to inform you that we are in the “same boat” as those, who were locked behind the “East Berlin Wall,” but much, much worse off. The Supreme Court has said so, whatsoever Congress does to its subjects/slaves, i.e., (US) citizens, must be approved by the Supreme Court. They have said it twice!!! http://www.14th-amendment.com/Miscellaneous/Articles/South_Carolina_Law_Review/page_frame.htm We have one ace in the hole, our vote, vote for those, who, when they go to congress, will respond to our “demands” for nullification. There is no other way known to me. It is the final effort, public reaction must be so strong that they, the “powers to be,” know that the people are fed up!!!! (US), as in us, we the citizens have no standing in court under the so-called 14th Amendment!!! It is a “hard cold fact!!! This Amendment is not being carried out as was its intent. “Intent is the law,” so even if it had been lawfully adopted, the “The Federal Government,” The President, Congress and The US Supreme Court of today, have taken a “path not taken by the rulings of the Slaughter-House Cases, the original interpretation by the Supreme Court.” The Northwestern Law Review rephrased. Click to access LR105n1Hamburger.pdf FELLOW CITIZENS WE HAVE BEEN HAD, by a coup d’etat of “The Federal Government.” What are we going to do about it? Who is really behind it all? “There is a nothing creeping over this land,” from the movie, “The Neverending Story,” Yes , my fellow Americans, there is a nothing creeping over America, We the people, (US Federal citizens) can do nothing without permission from our “Little Brother,” the state or our “Big Brother,” the Federal Government. It has “crept in,” so subtle, so silently and so relentlessly, it was always presented as a method for our protection; always to protect the public, and you and me, (US) the Federal citizen, must have licenses, permits, fees, etc, to do anything; always for our good. NOW THERE IS NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO WITHOUT PERMISSION, a nothing has crept over our “god given right to be freemen” and it has been set up and propelled by “the Devils Advocate,” a Secret Empire. It is liken to a “Huge, Enormous Giant Oak Tree” that cast a canopy over America and nothing can grow there without special care, lots of water and care; except under this canopy of “the nothing that is creeping over our land,” nothing can flourish without permission from our Big Brother, The Federal Government, or our Little Brother, our state government, who “can pass no law abridging the Privileges and Immunities of the (US) Federal citizens residing in that state.” Yes, under the Giant Oak Tree, The 14th Amendment, nothing can survive without the “will and pleasure” of The Federal Government; yes, us (US), as in you and me, we live and breathe at the “will and pleasure of Our Uncle Sam.” If you like living this way, you are “out of your ‘cotton pickin’ mind,” hopelessly and forever lost, you are to be pitied, and you should be ashamed of yourself. “Give me Liberty or give me Death,” shouted Patrick Henry of Virginia and as “for me and my house, I will serve the Lord,” was Joshua’s cry; I join with both and commit myself to the NULLIFICATION of this work of the Devil’s own, The Secret Empire, operating within our borders as The Federal Reserve Bank. This Giant Oak Tree has many roots, many are hacking away at their own particular root that bothers them, most are hacking away at the branches, yet the tap root that will wither this GIANT OAK TREE, the root of its evil is the 14TH AMENDMENT. Nullify it or “suffer its consequences,” there is no other choice. Isn’t it uncanny, that the Federal citizens, the United States citizen when abbreviated spells US. US, as in you and me, Black and White and the dark races. US, yes US, all of us are being had. Bamboozled and railroaded down a primrose path to our “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” being especially build and prepared by the hands of the “dupes,” “pasties” of the Secret Empire such as Obama, Former Presidents, “Dingy” Harry Reid, Pelosi, the CZARS, Congress in general, and the United States Supreme Court, and the Union Army on and on and on, ad nauseam!!!!!. Each one that is living is “a walking target of the Secret Empire” because when they are no longer useful to the Secret Empire, they will drop them like a “hot potato” and if they become a nuisance to the Empire, they will silence them in their own time and way. The 14th Amendment was conceived in Fraud, it was adopted by Fraud, it was Fraudulently misrepresented to the Citizens, Congress, the Supreme Court’s first interpretations and to the world. It was presented to put the former slaves “on an equal footing with the Citizens of each state.” It was never lawfully adopted under Article V of the Constitution.” Fraud invalidates any transaction and goes back to its inception. Unlawful means, it cannot be traced back to the authority of the Constitution. It is a violation in every way, it is as if it never existed, was a “coup d’etat by Congress and the Union Army.” REVOKE THE FRAUDULENT 14TH AMENDMENT OR PREPARE FOR CIVIL WAR Posted on July 6, 2012 and States Rights, Self Government? Posted on July 6, 2012 @ apenstale.wordpress.com The states cannot nullify it, because so long as it is accepted as “the law of the land,” the states are powerless to act because twice, it has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as a “political issue,” which is rubbish, hogwash; a way out. It was their sworn duty to find it unconstitutional when all the facts point to that fact. Under its umbrella, as it is now being interpreted, the Federal Courts can overrule what was once their creator’s right, the “States Rights.” Congress has to nullify it and when we force them to do so and we must, if we are to be a free Nation, everything will crumble, as will the Federal Reserve Bank and the Secret Empire will have to find a new home, as they did when they had to leave Venice, Italy and many of them ended up in England. England the home of “the Dragon,” “the first Beast,” “the Child” ready to be born , “the Woman” shining as the sun ready to “give birth,” and “the Red Dragon,” a combination of the first mention Dragon and the British Monarch.” A very important part of the story. As is the same “dragon,” the “woman and child” spewed upon the waters, the “second beast” and the “mark of the beast” found in America, “a land prepared for her.” All coming soon. Yes, just as John pictured them in “The Book of Revelations,” no I am not saying that this is the Characters that John saw for I know not what John saw in Revelations, but there can be no better description of these characters that I associate with “The Book of Revelations” because it “fits them to a T.” With all this shenanigans, who stands to gain the most? Who stands to gain from the borrowing of money that is now known as the“National Debt?;” did you know that under the Constitution before the so called adoption of the 14th Amendment that the State Citizens and (as) Citizens of these united States of America were not liable for Congress’ debt? The states were liable and had to pay it through apportionment to each state. But, the states controlled the debt through the Senate, whose representatives were appointed by the state legislatures. The Senators were not elected under the unlawful 17th Amendment. Every Amendment since the 14th is unlawful. Verify it. “The “Repeal The 17th” movement is a vocal part of the overall tea party structure,” TPM http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/05/tea-party-call-to-repeal-the-17th-amendment-causing-problems-for-gop-candidates.php/ Nullify the 14th Amendment, you can’t repeal that which never existed, and all Amendments following it will vanish. NOW, (US,) WE THE FEDERAL, US citizen, ARE PERSONALLY LIABLE!!! A “bait and switch” game of the Federal Government, fostered by a Secret Empire, aka the Federal Reserve Bank. Who creates our “money out of thin air” and who loans it out and collects the interest on the money that they never had and gets paid back both the money and interest. The Federal Reserve Bank, a private banking cartel that has never paid a penny taxes and has never been audited. Who wants the White Race annihilated and has openly said so, calling Whites their most dreaded enemy? Yet, they are in charge of the Whites’ money, their dreaded enemies’ money? This is madness!!! Legally, what makes this possible? Congress, now owned and controlled by The Federal Reserve Bank. These Zionist Jewish Bankers, not all Jews, are an arm of the Secret Empire, which has existed throughout the world for 3000 years. Follow the money!! Follow the yellow brick road!!!! Who is the AUTHOR OF THIS HORRENDOUS MONSTROSITY of an Amendment and reminds me of “the Dragon and co-Red Dragon” in Revelations? The authors of the 14th Amendment are the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Secret Empire. We never hear about them because they always operate in secret, hence the name given to them by Cushman Cunningham, in “The Secret Empire.” http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1/186-1350003-2835741/186-1350003-2835741?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Cushman%20Cunningham&ie=UTF8&search-alias=books&sort=relevance As President Andrews Jackson said of them, operating as the 2nd Bank of the United States, “You are a nest of vipers and by God I will rout you out.” He refused to renew their charter. The 3rd Bank of the United States, under a different name, is “The Federal Reserve Bank.” The deceit continues until today. https://www.google.com/search?q=2nd Bank of the United State If one embraces the Jewish faith, one is considered to be a “Jew,” so one can be called a “Jew” and be a Gentile, or an African, an Asian, a Khazar from the “old Khazar Empire,” anything as well as a REAL LIVE FLESH AND BLOOD HEBREW/ISRAELITE. I dare say, that this has been brought about by “the Khazar Jews,” as one of their many distractions to confuse the issue. I dare say, that this has resulted in the near Genocide of the HEBREW/ISRAELITE PEOPLE, because they have “borne the brunt” of the repercussions of the antics, the outrageous, unmerciful tricks, of the Secret Empire. History is full of the persecution of the Jews, when in reality, it is not the “real flesh and blood, I believe in ‘one God’ Jew,” but it is “I am of the Devil, a Khazar Jews, who confronted Jesus relentlessly, and was described by Jesus 2000 years ago.” How can you tell them apart, one way is to know their station in life; they don’t mingle with “the low life, no better than cattle, dung of humanity” (their words not mine). Hannity says, “Obama has failed on all his policy.” Form the conservatives perspective, he is right. According to Rush, the far-left considers Obama a failure because he has not done enough, has not gone far enough to suit them. Obama doesn’t care one way or another, he hopped on the gravy train a long time ago just for the ride and what he can personally get out of it. The Secret Empire is the winner, for never in their wildest imagination and dreams will it ever be possible to have conditions as they are today and a “PATSY,” a gullible “DUPE,” such as Obama; believing that he is doing all of this on his own volition and capacity. Obama is not, he doesn’t really know why he is doing a thing and he doesn’t care why he is doing it, literally, he is told where to be and when to be there and what to say and what they, “ANOTHER DUPE,” “PATSY,” his Czars, want the results to be, so he will know how to deliver his actions to get the desired results. He has no qualms about anything, being devoid of feelings and ethics. The world’s greatest writers of all times could not have dreamed up or made up a story, like the story of Obama; I believe that John, writing in Revelations, has come the closest. Obama’s lack of moral fiber and gullibility is the reason for the “fast and furious” policies being shoved down our throats by the Secret Empire, through the Czars in Obama’s regime, handpicked by them, not by Obama; it would be a miracles of miracles for similar circumstances to ever exist again in this proportion. (Gullible) “Capable of being gulled or duped; easily cheated, befooled” (OED). Incapable of rational argument due to generally unhoned critical thinking skills.” http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=gullible “The quality of readily believing information, truthful or otherwise, usually to an absurd extent.” http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gullibility It may be that they believe now is the time should Obama lose the election. Obama will go down in history as the “all time GULLIBLE President,” the most naive for that matter. Rush said it best before Obama was elected, “he is an empty suit.” There is absolutely nothing to him; walking flesh and blood and the only thing inside him is his misguided gullible brain and his organs and waste; his epitaph should read: THE GREATEST PATSY OF ALL TIMES. “marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience; …..; ‘the naive assumption that things can only get better”; ‘this naive simple creature with wide friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances.’ Inexperienced. Uninstructed: lacking information or instruction; ‘lamentably unenlightened as to the laws.’ Uninitiate: not initiated; deficient in relevant experience; ‘it seemed a bizarre ceremony to uninitiated western eyes’; ‘he took part in the experiment as a naive subject’” http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=naive He is filled with guile ; “noun: wile, deceit, ruse, craftiness, trick, deception, trickery, artifice, fraud, slyness, craft, wiliness,” Google tool. Wow, and that isn’t the half of it. He believe that he is the greatest and beloved by all, a narcissist, “(narcissistic) egotistic: characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance” http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=narcissistic “(narcissism) self-love: an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself; ‘self-love that shut out everyone else” and everything else. http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=narcissism Some will say I’m a racist and to that I say to them, “stop your lying,” I do not want to hear it. It is the very thing the Secret Empire has fostered upon us to create faction among the races. The Secret Empire is propelling Obama to put every board and plank and nail in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that is being created by their “pasties,” for everyone of (US), Black, White and the dark races as they call them, . If one can grasp the following, one will know what is behind it all, gun control, people control, land control, and the annihilation of the “White Race,” Genocide of the White State Citizens, who stand in an Empire’s way and still do, if we can act in time. But, time’s running out. “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Africa and Asia. I can state with assurance that the last generation of White people is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interest of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid Whites to mate with Whites. The White women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White men with Black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the White man, and our most dangerous enemy will become a memory.” Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich to a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952. “and our most dangerous enemy will become a memory.” So, what could be clearer, who is this Rabbis? Who does he knowingly represent? He is speaking for “the enemy from within” America, the Secret Empire, “The Federal Reserve Bank.” The very people that control our money, therefore, our lives, have sworn to annihilate the “White Race” and enslave all others!! They are well on their way. ‘Their plans are for a North American “wilderness.” “Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level; Agenda 21 wants to, among other things, bring the American lands back to rewilding. The non-governmental organization (NGO) The Wildlands Project (WP) is a focusing of the American landscape in preservation for “future generations to inherit a continent rich in wildlife, with plenty of room for all species to roam.”’ Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism, July 7, 2012.. “This does not necessarily mean that there will be room for humans….” Although the Bible is often quoted, this is not about a religious belief, it is an effort to explain (paint as vivid a picture as possible, BECAUSE what you choose to believe about God is ON your hands), who is behind the unlawful adoption of the 14th Amendment, which was never ratified in accordance with Article V of the Constitution. The Book of Revelations is the primary scripture used to illustrate a point, as is all scripture. The interpretation of scripture is solely mine, as I, a layman, along with the world, would really like to know what John meant. I only wish I did. It, the 14th Amendment, is the root of all of our political problems, more especially, Obamacare (Obamadon’tcare – says Herman Cain). At its root, you will find the Federal Reserve Bank (The Secret Empire), who needed (must have had) Federal citizens, (US) citizens in order to make their creation of money work. It is all about the MONEY and those who supply and control our MONEY, the Federal Reserve Bank, an arm of The Secret Empire. FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!! Obama, a puppet on the Secret Empire’s string, a ”PATSY,” A “DUPE,”will have created more debt, over 4 trillion dollars, in his four years in office, more than any other President in history. In fact, more than the combined debt of nearly all the Presidents. WHO BENEFITS THE MUST FROM THE NATIONAL DEBT??? Who wants to annihilate the White Race? What better way than to take and destroy a dynasty, than relentless debt. The records are full of wealthy landowners, wealthy in asset, but not cash, losing it all to foreclosure on a debt owed to a bank, thereby ending the dynasty of these, AT ONE TIME, wealthy landowners, having survived many previous generations. Nullify the 14th Amendment and you stop this madness in its tracks. In the publication from Watch Tower Bible, “What does the Bible really teach,” Watchtower uses the Book of Revelations to set the stage for an introduction to their concept of the “Whore of Babylon” and its effect on them, which fits perfectly as my introduction to The Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England, a part of The Secret Empire. The Secret Empire’s “creation of money out of thin air” is the Dragon that gave power to the two “beast” in Revelations. The beast in Revelations “unbridled law and unbridled debt,” both were unleashed by The Kings of England, the beast that rose up out of the sea; and by America, the beast that rose up on land, unleashed by Congress, the President and the Supreme Court. It, unbridled law and unbridled debt, walk hand in hand like the Gemini Twins, one cannot exist without the other. Unbridled law and unbridled debt wrecks havoc wherever it reign, but more so in America, where the Federal Government is guilty of “genocide on the ‘White Race’.” As you will see, The Secret Empire has a stranglehold on the Federal Government through the issuing of our money; “the root of all evil.” Follow the Yellow Brick Road. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! “The Red Dragon” in Revelations is the House of Rothschild and the Monarchs of England, who spewed the Puritans and Christians, who were not members of the Church of England, out of Europe across a vast amount of water, the Atlantic Oceans. The Woman with child that they thought the wilderness of the new frontier would devour was man possessed with a new idea, an idea ready to be born, their child, freedom and the ability to worship the God of their choice without a mediator. These renegades were becoming more than a nuisance, they were threatening the very foundation of “the Red Dragon’s” bid for world dominance. After all is said and done, a great portion of the Book of Revelations is dominated with the “Whore of Babylon,” which is none other than the Secret Empire, which is the Zionist Jewish Bankers, not all Jewish bankers and certainly not all Jews are bad, though this is what the Secret Empire would have us believe. They use the original Jewish Nations, Hebrew/Israelite, as their cover being descendants of the “old Khazar Empire,” having adopted the Talmud. If you embrace the “Jewish faith,” then you are considered to be a Jew. It is believed by many that a part of their ancestors had infiltrated the Jewish Nation long before the time of Christ. Jesus chased them out of the temple, calling them thieves in his Father’s House. They are the ones, who tried to lead Jesus into a snare, tried to get him to say something that they could use against him, so they could “have him put to death,” it is the same tactics used by The Secret Empire’s arm, the Federal Reserve Bank, today to hush up anyone not in their camp (notice: “have him put to death” because they manipulate others to do their dirty works, A PATSY). Doesn’t this tell you a lot about who is behind the Far left, the Democrats, the news media, etc., doesn’t this fit the bill? fill in the blanks? “Follow the yellow brick road” “FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!” America, “The Second Promised land,” is the land prepared for her, prepared by God, where her child, the Constitution of the united States of America, would be safe for a time. As Abraham had chosen God to worship, God chose his descendants as his children, our Founding Fathers chose God’s commandments, as their rule of law, so, God chose the American people as his children, “20 Behold, I stand at the door and am knocking; if any one hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto him and sup with him, and he with me. 21 He that overcomes, to him will I give to sit with me in my throne; as I also have overcome, and have sat down with my Father in his throne. 22 He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies.” Rev 3:20-22 “15 As my father knoweth me: even so know I my father. And I give my life for my sheep, 16 and other sheep I have, which are not of this fold. Them also must I bring, that they shall hear my voice. And there shall be one flock, and one shepherd. 17 Therefore doth my father love me, because I put my life from me, that I might take it again. 18 No man taketh it from me: but I put it away of myself. I have power to put it from me, and power I have to take it again. This commandment have I received of my father.” John 10:15-18 Tyndale New Testament Israel had many chances to remain as the only children of God, but only so long as they obeyed his commandments. Their refusal to accept the Savior sent by God, in all probability, lead God to create an alternate plan. America has been under the divine protection of God and would remain under his protection so long as his Commandments were obeyed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that America has breech every law of God and has allowed its leaders to become scandals and prostitutes to The Secret Empire. Their loyalty to God, The American People, The Whites, their oath of offices to the Constitution that each one has sworn to uphold has no meaning. President George W. Bush said, “the Constitution is just a piece of paper.” He was right, but it was his sworn duty to make it relevant, but he did not. Chief Justice Roberts put the final nail in the coffin, when he ruled on the “Obamadon’tcare” bill (Coined by Herman Cain) that it was a tax, coming out of “thin air.” Hey, that’s where our money comes from, what a coincident? The first frontal assault on the American People and the war of Genocide on the White Race was the forced adoption of the so-called 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which was never lawfully ratified through Article V of the Constitution. Originally Whites were the only state Citizens and therefore, only Citizens of these united States, and all we can talk about is Black Slavery, when maybe 5% of the Southerners owned slaves, We had a “lame duck” congress and an over zealous Union Army ready to show the Southerners who was boss and punish them for firing on the Union troops that were “foreign” to the Southern states (the Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal Government is foreign to the state government) and foreigners were now on their land. The 14th Amendment has been the “so-called legal infrastructure, a statute can be legal but not lawful,” for future Presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court, “The Federal Government,” to pass legislation, under the guise of protecting its citizens, the Federal Government’s citizens under the infamous so-called 14th Amendment citizens, the (US) citizen’s “privilege and immunity clause.” From that point on, there were two classes of citizens, State Citizens, whom the Constitution protected and US citizens, who were subjects/slaves of the Federal Government, whom the Constitution now enslaves. If you don’t understand the different, verify it. State Citizens with all the Constitutional guarantees of the Bill of Rights and the (US) citizens with privileges and immunities granted by the President, Congress and the Supreme Court, “The Federal Government” because it takes all three to deem a statute constitutional. “Concepts contained in the U.S. Constitution that place the citizens of each state on an equal basis with citizens of other states with respect to advantages resulting from citizenship in those states and citizenship in the United States.” http://www.enotes.com/american-court-about/glossary “What was meant by the Fourteenth Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause?1 Did it incorporate the U.S. Bill of Rights against the states or did it do something else? In retrospect, the Clause has seemed to have the poignancy of a path not taken—a trail abandoned in the Slaughter-House Cases and later lamented by academics, litigants, and even some judges.”2 Northwestern Law Review The Federal Government has taken “a path not taken” in the Slaughter-House Cases and on their own accord and volition convoluted the implied intent of the so-called 14th Amendment which was to give the Freed Slaves an equal footing with the “citizenship in those states and citizenship in the United States.” Fraud began with the false doctrine that the 14th Amendment was lawfully passed. The Supreme Court launched another frontal attack on Genocide against the Whites, State Citizens and thereby Citizens of these united States, when the Supreme Court would not rule on the Constitutionality of the so-called 14th Amendment and said it was a political issue, not a constitutional issue. With the stroke of a pen, the United States of America’s Supreme Court declared war on the White Race and stuck a knife in the heart of every white person in America and became co-conspirators in Genocide of the White Race. Mostly whites make up the Supreme Court, they have voted to annihilate themselves as has most of Congress; the Blacks have voted to enslave themselves. If the 14th Amendment stands, this is the way this “real life drama” will end and I kid you not. These “Hounds from Hell” are deadly serious, I hope that America will not wait to find out. If we do, there will be no turning back. The President will become as an Emperor and the enforcement arm will be “The United Nations.” It is already planned and the infrastructure already exist. FOLLOW THE MONEY! FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO ENSLAVEMENT!!!! Once Fraud is set in motion, more fraud has to be perpetrated to cover the first fraud. The Social Security Number was originally put forth as a State Run Retirement, so the states issued SSN to their Citizens and to US Federal citizens living within their respective states all perfectly legal, but not lawful. The Federal Government pull the “bait and switch game,” repeal the Social Security Act and then said that “anyone” with a SSN was a Federal citizen, US citizens as in WE citizens, very wee as in small, insignificant, lower than cattle citizens, dung as the Secret Empire calls (US), under the 14th Amendment where all the Fraud originated and all the fraud continues. It was a fraudulent act bring the State Citizens into the Income Tax Code because of a SSN fraudulently issued. The “MARK OF THE BEAST;” a mark is any identifying character. “A line, figure, or symbol made as an indication or record of something” Google tool With this one act of Congress, the White Race was reduced to slaves, along with the “dark races” and we no longer had State Citizens, only Federal (US) citizens residing within the state UNDER A RUTHLESS RULER GUIDED AND DIRECTED BY A SATANIC CULT OF THE D’EVIL, that old serpent that slithers in and strikes without warning. We have a shell of a state for the owners are being held hostage under another name. The Secret Empire, the robbers and thieves, sent their “overseers,” the Federal Government, now their henchmen,” with a falsified document, claiming to be the new owner of the land, everyone had to obtain a permit called a Social Security Card which allowed them to “buy and sell.” Under false pretenses “the overseers” of the (US) Federal citizens, said that we, the (US) citizens now had “privileges and immunities,” they falsified the records by not calling us subject/slaves, since the 13th Amendment forbid states from have slaves or subjects or kings and queens and “Titles of Nobility.” and they failed to tell (US) citizens that the “Bill of Rights” no longer applied. Only the Nobility have “Privileges and Immunities.” A coup d’etat. You can see how these Master Magician’s turn everything that they touch upside down, twisting the minds of men. How can all these learned so-called experts, much, much smarter than I am, why have none of them, nay not one pointed these facts out. My recollection of history is that there were two classes of citizens under the king, the Aristocrats with “privileges and immunities” granted at the will and pleasure of the king, and there were the lowly masses with a “yoke of burden upon their backs.” By now, the court systems had been convoluted and a “taxpayer” had no legal standing in a Article IV court; Common Law Article III Courts, along with the Common Law had been thrown out the window by Federal Statute and “the merry-go-round” has not stopped even until today, July 4, 2012. “The Overseers,” the Federal Government, keep forcing “the will of the thieves upon our backs.” “The merry-go-round” became the “Money-go-round,” and the “overseers,” Congress, tells the (US) Federal citizens how much money can be kept, by another counterfeit document the Income Tax Code, it is not a law, it is a code. Slaves can’t own anything (there is a Federal Statute that says, the government owns all property, look it up). The amount of money allowed to be kept is regulated by the thieves, the Federal Reserve Bank, and carried out by the “overseers,” the Federal Government. More money is absconded with licenses, permits, fees, etc., ad nauseum. “The money-go-round” began to seep into the states, it had to for survival, since the “the path not taken” left the states without Citizens, only (US) Federal citizens of The Federal Government which the so-called 14th Amendment said that they, the states, ‘could pass no law abridging the “privileges and Immunities” of the Federal citizen, the (US) citizen.’ The Federal Government, our ‘Overseers,” carry out the dictates of “the thieves, “the moneychangers,” as to what these “guaranteed Privileges and Immunities” will be for the (US) citizen and the states are powerless to interfere because of the so-called 14th Amendment. (Repetition is purposeless use to hit home the point). Now to obtain a job one had to have a SSN and to fill out an application for a job, one had to furnish his Social Security Number, although, it is a Federal violation for anyone to ask for a SSN. This is another of the many laws that go unenforced by design by the “all seeing eye,” the Secret Empire, known as “The Federal Reserve Bank,” the author of the Genocide of the White Citizens of the states, operating under the protection and authority of Congress, whom they now control by “issuing and regulating our money supply.” A note is not money, it is not cash, it is a promise to pay. The all seeing eye is on the back of every dollar bill, “the FRN,” THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. FOLLOW THE MONEY TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK!!!! WILL WE BE FREE OR CONTINUE DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO SLAVERY? “The states could pass no law abridging the Privileges and Immunities of the (US) Federal citizens of a state,” turned the entire Constitution upside down. The states, who formed the Federal government to protect and defend its Citizens (THE STATE CITIZENS) and its borders, had the tables turned on them by their “protector,” the Federal Government, and through fraudulent acts, abducted the states Citizens and turn them into Federal Subjects/Slaves with no appeal because of the so-called 14th Amendment, never lawfully adopted through Article V of the Constitution. The Supreme Court closed the gap, bring all three branches into “The Conspiracy” by ruling that they could no longer fulfill their duties under the constitution with no explanation, and took “the path not taken” by their former colleagues who ruled differently in the “Slaughter-House Cases,” by deciding that they could not rule on the Constitutionality of the 14th Amendment and rather pulled “out of thin air,” it was a political issue. With no recourse, the states began adopting the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) into their statutes working as best they could with their “new masters,” and “Overseers,” the Federal Government. The word “code” is not a law for everyone, only those who participate in privileges, such as driving, etc., the Income tax Code is a case in point. At least, the Supreme Court took a half-hearted stand on the Income Tax Code and admitted it was a “voluntary tax” on the individual. Of course, the President, Congress and the lower federal courts would not entertain any argument about how a person was liable for Federal Taxes, since it was already decided that anyone with a SSN was a taxpayer, although SSN had originally been issued under false pretenses and was now being forced on the individuals in order to survive. FRAUD!!! The Genocide of the White Race and the enslavement of the dark races (their term) was in full swing. The states adopted the portions of “the Uniform Commercial Code,” UCC, that fills their particular needs and established Article IV courts, mirroring the Common Law Courts, the Article III Courts. This has been done quietly and effectively, Judges will tell a person on trial, “Don’t bring the Constitution into my court.” Why, because the Constitution has no standing under Article IV, Section 3, paragraph 2, of the Constitution, OF COURSE NO JUDGE WILL TELL YOU THIS BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS DONE IN SECRET. What could one expect from a Secret Empire? You can verify this by entering a traffic, or family, ect., court and by observing the flag. The flag will have a “yellow fringe” around it, which tells the world that it is operating under the “rules and regulations” of the the Federal Government also known as The Chief Federal Enforcement Officer’s Flag, which is The President of the United States. It is better known as the President’s Flag and means that the enforcer of Federal Law, the President, is in charge; better still, just enter a church that displays what we unknowing, call the American Flag and it will have a “yellow fringe” around it which tells the world that the church is operating under Federal Law, per the Income Tax Code, 501 C. What would Jesus say about this well kept secret? The “Overseers,” the Federal Government tells the church members how to sets their table in God’s House!!! One more missing link in the Book of Revelations now has surfaced, describing the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse,” connecting the states: The Governor is the person (a corporate entity under the so-called 14th Amendment) on the ‘white horse,” the legislature is the person on the “red horse,” the Secretary of State is the person on the ”black horse,” and the Attorney General is the person on the “pale horse.” Tyndale’ New Testament calls it a “green horse” instead of the commonly accepted term “pale horse” and perhaps that is what was meant by John in Revelations, since The Federal Government is now pushing “green everything,” a ploy to further enslave its citizens, the (US) Federal citizen, by statute. Isn’t it uncanny, that the (US) Federal citizens, the United States citizen when abbreviated spells US. US, as in you and me, Black and White and the dark races. It, US, yes US, all of us that are being had. Bamboozled and railroaded down a primrose path to our “Little Old ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’” being especially build and prepared by the hands of the “gulls,” the “dupes” of the Secret Empire such as Obama, Former Presidents, “Dingy” Harry Reid, Pelosi, the CZARS, Congress in general, and the United States Supreme Court, and the Union Army on and on and on, ad nauseum!!!!!. This is an introductions of the hard cold facts contained in further material to come under, “A Pens Tale,” by Pen Tale. apenstale.wordpress.com The forth coming will be more complete. The sole purpose of my story is to expose the Fraud perpetrated on the American People and the Genocide of the White Race by the Federal Government, foster by and the authors of “The Fraud,” “The Secret Empire.” I come at the Secret Empire in the name of God, the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and all the peoples of this Holy One, IN THE NAME OF TRUTH!!!! As did David, the shepherd boy, and with his slingshot and polished stone. . A Pens Tale by Pen Tale, July 4, 2012 Revised July 27, 2012 penntale@gmail.com “In a five-four decision issued on April 14, 1873, by Justice Samuel Freeman Miller, the Court held to a narrow interpretation of the amendment and ruled that it did not restrict the police powers of the state. The Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities clause affected only rights of United States citizenship and not state citizenship.” “and beyond that we have neither the inclination nor the right to go.” —Slaughterhouse Cases: 83 U.S. 36, 67 (1873) Miller believed that the first sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment (“All persons born and naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State where they reside”) differentiated between two citizenships, one of the United States and one of the state. Furthermore, the second sentence forbidding states from making “any law which shall abridge,” only applied to federal rights alone.[9] Thus, the “privileges and immunities” clause in the constitution only protected rights guaranteed by the United States, not by individual states. As author Jack Beatty put it, these rights included “access to ports and navigable waterways, the ability to run for federal office, and to be protected while on the high seas…they did not include what we call ‘civil rights.\'”[10] Miller argues that if the privileges or immunities clause protected the civil rights of citizens of a state from that state, then the 14th amendment would in essence be granting to the Federal government the power to protect all civil rights that had previously been protected by the states, and that “in the absence of language which expresses such a purpose too clearly to admit of doubt,” this was too radical a change to be within the scope of the 14th amendment. He asks “Was it the purpose of the fourteenth amendment, by the simple declaration that no State should make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, to transfer the security and protection of all the civil rights which we have mentioned, from the States to the Federal government? And where it is declared that Congress Shall have the power to enforce that article, was it intended to bring within the power of Congress the entire domain of civil rights heretofore belonging exclusively to the States? All this and more must follow if the proposition of the plaintiffs in error be sound…. [T]he effect is to fetter and degrade the State governments by subjecting them to the control of Congress in the exercise of powers heretofore universally conceded to them of the most ordinary and fundamental character…. We are convinced that no such results were intended by the Congress which proposed these amendments, nor by the legislatures of the States which ratified them.” —Slaughterhouse Cases: 83 U.S. 36, 77-78 (1873) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slaughter-House_Cases
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