What Determines How People Vote?

By Al Benson Jr.

We have an electorate today in this country that is probably not the most brilliant in our history. When you meet people on the street that can’t tell you what century World War 2 or the War Between the States was fought in then you have an electorate whose grasp of the real issues falls far short of where it should be.

I remember when I was a lot younger and much more ignorant of political issues. John Kennedy was running for president and I lived in a part of the country where Catholicism was quite prevalent. Although I was politically ignorant at that time, I did listen to people talk. Most of the Roman Catholic people I knew were going to vote for Kennedy because he was Catholic—period! They didn’t have a clue where he stood an any issue or what position he had taken on anything—all that mattered was that he was the “right” religion. I don’t intend this to be picking on the Roman Catholics, but folks, that’s a lousy reason to vote for anybody. And at some level lots of folks are guilty of this, not just Catholics.

Some folks vote Democratic because the Democrats “are for the working man.” Maybe their Daddy told them that and maybe 100 years ago he thought it was true. Even if it might remotely have been, it isn’t any longer. Many Democrats today are outright Marxists. They just don’t use that label because it might cost them votes. I once heard a man say “I’d vote for the devil himself if he was on the Republican ticket.” In other words evil personified is okay as long as its Republican—and let’s face it, since the War Between the States there has been lots of evil in the Republican Party—from “Lincoln’s Marxists” on down to today.

The 2008 election was no different. Probably 98% of the black people that voted for Obama did so on the basis of skin color alone and they probably didn’t have a clue where he stood on any issue. What mattered was skin color. What’s worse, the demagogues among them started chanting the line that “You are racist if you don’t vote for Obama.” How many guilt-ridden whites bought into that hogwash? Probably too many, and so they voted on behalf of skin color, probably with no idea of where he was coming from.  Having done that they felt they had cleansed themselves of the “sin” of being white. That “racist” label scare lots of people, and that’s the intention. You’ll have to pardon me, but if not voting for a black Marxist makes me a racist then I plead guilty. On the other hand I wouldn’t vote for a Marxist of any color. One thing that bothered me was all the evangelicals I heard about that voted for Obama. These folks should have been alert and awake enough to do some homework and it appears that they were not.

Of all the people who should be out there checking out potential candidates at any level, the Christians ought to be in the forefront and it seems that mostly, they don’t want to be bothered. Too much trouble checking out all these people and I might find something that disturbs me about some of these candidates, so better to remain ignorant and just vote for who I like in my ignorance. Much more enjoyable to just indulge in my quest for personal holiness and let the rest go to blazes. The idea that the Christians ought to be storming the gates of Hell is the furthest thing from these people’s minds—that’s way too negative when we want a positive world so we just won’t deal with any of that.

So now we approach another election and the situation does not seem to have changed. The electorate was bombarded with two turkeys in 2008 and we have the identical situation this year. The Democrats want everyone to back their Marxist candidate while the Republicans want anyone except Ron Paul. They’d gladly take the devil himself rather than Mr. Paul. Who knows, they may get their wish.

As for Obama, most blacks will continue to vote for him on the basis of skin color. Four years ago they didn’t have a clue as to where he was coming from and even though he has stiffed most of them along with the rest of us, they will vote for him again to give him one more term to finish the job. They still don’t have a clue about his Marxism. Indeed, most of the ones I have talked to don’t know what Marxism is, but Obama is black and that’s all that matters. He could sell them down the river tomorrow and they’d still vote for him again the day after.

I wonder how long it will be before we end up with a one party state and a “dictator for life” because we sold our birthright and voted ourselves into slavery.


7 thoughts on “What Determines How People Vote?

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