The Backdoor to Scuttling the Second Amendment

by Al Benson Jr.

It is no secret that Marxists, socialists, and other types of leftists, including fascists, have always hated the Second Amendment. They realize they will never gain total control of this country as long as the population remains heavily armed.

So the Marxist clique currently in power would love to find some way to render the Second Amendment impotent. Obama has been working on this ever since he got into office, both he and his “Attorney General” of “Fast and Furious” fame. As to what went on in that debacle, you can bet the Executive Orders covering that will never be released and our “investigative” media won’t stay up nights hunting for information.

Actually, what Obama and his Marxist crowd wants is some sort of back-door approach that will let them pursue their anti-gun agenda while not alerting too many of the American people. Check out

Obama has found the key to this back-door approach in the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which is supposed to control arms shipments between countries. We have been assured this treaty will not impact the private ownership of firearms. Yeah, right. Pigs fly too, and so does the Tooth Fairy, right? In this age of “open and transparent” politics who is still gullible enough to believe anything told to us either by the federal government or the United Nations? Never forget, these are the Agenda 21 people who want your private property. Believe anything they say at your own risk.

What this treaty will do is to give the UN the ability to dictate global gun laws to this country that  they plan to have override our Constitution.

There have been reports of this, though hardly from the regular “news” media, telling how Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton has been conducting “closed door” negotiations with the UN on this. The closed door negotiations are the outstanding example of the “transparency” of this administration.

There is almost no doubt that the President is salivating, waiting to sign this treaty and then it should have to be ratified by the Senate, unless Obama just plans on making it law via executive order as he is prone to do more and more of nowadays when he is afraid that Congress might vote against him on some sensitive issue in an election year–and this is a sensitive issue.

I would urge everyone to contact their Senators and, in no uncertain terms, tell them you want them to vote against ratification of this treaty. No elected official, not even Comrade Obama, should have the right to sign away our Second Amendment rights but it’s up to us to make sure they don’t.


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  2. Introduction

    If one can grasp the following, one will know what is behind it all, gun control, people control, land control, and the annihilation of the “White Race,” Genocide of the White State Citizens who stood in an Empire’s way and still do, if we act in time. But, time’s running out.

    “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Africa and Asia. I can state with assurance that the last generation of White people is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interest of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid Whites to mate with Whites. The White women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White men with Black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the White man, and our most dangerous enemy will become a memory.” Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich to a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952,

    So, what could be clearer, who is the Rabbis? Who does he knowingly or unknowingly represent? He is speaking for “the enemy from within” America, the Secret Empire, “The Federal Reserve Bank.” The very people that control our money, therefore, our lives, have sworn to annihilate the “White Race.” ‘Their plans are for a North American “wilderness.” “Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level; Agenda 21 wants to, among other things, bring the American lands back to rewilding. The non-governmental organization (NGO) The Wildlands Project (WP) is a focusing of the American landscape in preservation for “future generations to inherit a continent rich in wildlife, with plenty of room for all species to roam.”’ Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism, July 7, 2012.. “This does not necessarily mean that there will be room for humans….”

    Although the Bible is often quoted, this is not about a religious belief, it is an effort to explain who is behind the unlawful adoption of the 14th Amendment, which was never ratified in accordance with Article V of the Constitution. The Book of Revelations is the primary scripture used to illustrate a point, as is all scripture. The interpretation of scripture is solely mine, as I, a layman, along with the world, would really like to know what John meant. I only wish I did. It, the 14th Amendment, is the root of all of our political problems, more especially, Obamacare (Obamadon’tcare – says Herman Cain). At its roots, you will find the Federal Reserve Bank (The Secret Empire), who needed Federal citizens, US citizens in order to make their creation of money work. It is all about the MONEY and those who supply and control our MONEY, the Federal Reserve Bank, an arm of The Secret Empire.

    In their publication, “Watch Tower Bible, What does the Bible really teach,” they use the Book of Revelations to set the stage for an introduction to their concept of the “Whore of Babylon” which fits perfectly as an introduction to The Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England, a part of The Secret Empire. Their “creation of money out of thin air” is the Dragon that gave power to the two “beast” in Revelations.

    The beast in Revelations “unbridled law and unbridled debt,” both were unleashed by England, the beast that rose up out of the sea, and by America, the beast that rose up on land, unleashed by Congress, the President and the Supreme Court. They, unbridled law and bridled debt, walk hand in hand like the Gemini Twins, one cannot exist without the other. Unbridled law and unbridled debt wrecks havoc wherever it reigns, but more so in America, where the Federal Government is guilty of “genocide on the “White Race.” As you will see, The Secret Empire has a stranglehold on the Federal Government through the issuing of our money; “the root of all evil.”
    “The Red Dragon” in Revelations is the House of Rothschild and the Monarchs of England, who spewed the Puritans and non-members of the Church of England out of Europe across a vast amount of water, the Atlantic Oceans. The Woman with child that they thought the wilderness of the new frontier would devour was man possessed with a new idea, an idea ready to be born, their child, freedom and the ability to worship the God of their choice without a mediator. These renegades were becoming more than a nuisance, they were threatening the very foundation of “the Red Dragon’s” bid for world dominance. After all is said and done, a great portion of the Book of Revelations is dominated with the “Whore of Babylon,” which is none other than the Secret Empire, which is the Zionist Jewish Bankers, not all Jewish bankers and certainly not all Jews are bad, though this is what the Secret Empire would have us believe. They use the original Jewish Nations, Hebrew/Israelites, as their cover being descendants of the “old Khazar Empire,” having adopted the Talmud.

    It is believed by many that a part of their ancestors had infiltrated the Jewish Nation long before the time of Christ. Jesus chased them from the temple, calling them thieves in his Father’s House. They are the ones’, who tried to lead Jesus into a snare, tried to get him to say something that they could use against him, so they could have him put to death, it is the same tactics used by The Secret Empire’s arm, the Federal Reserve Bank, today to hush up anyone not in their camp (notice: “put to death” because they manipulate others to do their dirty works). Doesn’t this tell you a lot about who is behind the Far left, the Democrats, the news media, etc., doesn’t this fill the bill? fill in the blanks?

    America, “The Second Promised land,” is the land prepared for her, prepared by God, where her child, the Constitution of the united States of America, would be safe for a time. As Abraham had chosen God to worship and God chose his descendants as his people, our Founding Fathers chose God, his commandments as their rule of law, God chose the American people as his children,

    “20 Behold, I stand at the door and am knocking; if any one hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto him and sup with him, and he with me. 21 He that overcomes, to him will I give to sit with me in my throne; as I also have overcome, and have sat down with my Father in his throne. 22 He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies.” Rev 3:20-22

    15 As my father knoweth me: even so know I my father. And I give my life for my sheep, 16 and other sheep I have, which are not of this fold. Them also must I bring, that they shall hear my voice. And there shall be one flock, and one shepherd. 17 Therefore doth my father love me, because I put my life from me, that I might take it again. 18 No man taketh it from me: but I put it away of myself. I have power to put it from me, and power I have to take it again. This commandment have I received of my father. John 10:15-18 Tyndale New Testament
    Israel had many chances to remain as the only children of God, but only so long as they obeyed his commandments. Their refusal to accept the Savior sent by God, in all probability, lead God to create an alternate plan. America has been under the divine protection of God and would remain under his protection so long as his Commandments were obeyed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that America has breech every law of God and has allowed its leaders to become scandals and prostitutes to The Secret Empire. Their loyalty to God, The American People, The Whites, their oath of offices to the Constitution that each one has sworn to uphold has no meaning. President George W. Bush said, “the Constitution is just a piece of paper.” He was right, but it was his sworn duty to make it relevant, but he did not. Chief Justice Roberts put the final nail in the coffin, when he ruled on the “Obamadon’tcare” bill (Coined by Herman Cain) that it was a tax, coming out of “thin air.” Hey, that’s where our money comes from, what a coincident?

    The first frontal assault on the American People and the war of Genocide on the White Race, originally the only state Citizens and US citizens, and all we can talk about is Black Slavery, which maybe 5% of the Southerners owned, was the forced adoption of the so-called 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which was never lawfully ratified through Article V of the Constitution. We had a “Lame duck” congress and an over zealous Union Army ready to show the Southerners who was boss and punish them for firing on the Union troops that were “foreign” to the Southern states (the Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal Government is foreign to the state government) and on their land.

    The 14th Amendment was the “legal infrastructure” for future Presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court, The Federal Government to pass legislation, under the guise of protecting its citizens, the Federal Government’s citizens under the infamous so-called 14th Amendment citizens, the US citizens. From that point on, there were two classes of citizens, State Citizens and US citizens. State Citizens with all the Constitutional guarantees of the Bill of Rights and the US citizens with privileges and immunities granted by the President, Congress and the Supreme Court, “The Federal Government” because it takes all three to deem a statute constitutional.

    “Concepts contained in the U.S. Constitution that place the citizens of each state on an equal basis with citizens of other states with respect to advantages resulting from citizenship in those states and citizenship in the United States.”

    “What was meant by the Fourteenth Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause?1 Did it incorporate the U.S. Bill of Rights against the states or did it do something else? In retrospect, the Clause has seemed to have the poignancy of a path not taken—a trail abandoned in the Slaughter-House Cases and later lamented by academics, litigants, and even some judges.”2 Northwestern Law Review
    The Federal Government has taken “a path not taken” in the Slaughter-House Cases and on their own accord and volition convoluted the implied intent of the so-called 14th Amendment which was to give the Freed Slaves an equal footing with the “citizenship in those states and citizenship in the United States.”

    Fraud began with the false doctrine that the 14th Amendment was lawfully passed. The Supreme Court was another frontal attack on Genocide against the Whites, State Citizens and thereby citizens of these united States, when the Supreme Court would not rule on the Constitutionality of the so-called 14th Amendment and said it was a political issue, not a constitutional issue. With the stroke of a pen, the United States of America’s Supreme Court declared war on the White Race and stuck a knife in the heart of every white person in America and became conspirators in Genocide of the White Race.

    Once Fraud is set in motion, more fraud has to be perpetrated to cover the first fraud. The Social Security Number was originally put forth as a State Run Retirement, so the states issued SSN to their Citizens and to US citizens living within their respective states all perfectly legal, but not lawful. The Federal Government pull the “bait and switch game,” repeal the Social Security Act and then said that “anyone” with a SSN was a Federal citizen, a US citizens, under the 14th Amendment where all the Fraud originated and all the fraud continues. It was a fraudulent act bring the State Citizens into the Income Tax Code because of a SSN fraudulently obtained.

    By now, the court systems had been convoluted and a “taxpayer” had no legal standing in a Article IV court, Common Law had been thrown out the window by Federal Statute and “the merry-go-round” has not stopped even until today, July 4, 2012.

    “The merry-go-round” then began to seep into the states since the “the path not taken” left the states without Citizens, only citizens of The Federal Government which the so-called 14th Amendment said that they, the states, ‘could pass no law abridging the “privileges and Immunities” of the Federal citizen, the US citizen.’ The Federal Government decides what these “guaranteed Privileges and Immunities” will be for its citizens, the US citizen and the states are powerless to interfere because of the so-called 14th Amendment. By this time, to obtain a job one had to have a SSN and to fill out an application for a job, one had to furnish his Social Security Number, although, it is a Federal violation for anyone to ask for a SSN. This is another of the many laws that go unenforced by design by the “all seeing eye,”, The Secret Empire, known as “The Federal Reserve Bank,” the author of the Genocide of the White Citizens of the states, operating under the protection and authority of Congress, who they now control by “issuing and regulating our money supply.”

    “The states could pass no law abridging the Privileges and Immunities of the citizens of a state,” turned the entire Constitution upside down. The states, who formed the Federal government to protect and defend its Citizens and its borders, had the tables turned on them by their “protector,” the Federal Government, and through fraudulent acts, stole the states Citizens and turn them into Federal Subjects with no appeal because of the so-called 14th Amendment, never lawfully adopted through Article V of the Constitution. The Supreme Court closed the gap, bring all three branches into “The Conspiracy” by ruling that they could no longer fulfill their duties under the constitution with no explanation, and took “the path not taken” by their former colleagues who ruled differently in the “Slaughter-House Cases,” by deciding that they could not rule on the Constitutionality of the 14th Amendment and rather pulled “out of thin air,” it was a political issue.

    With no recourse, the states began adopting the Uniform Commercial Code into their statutes working as best it could with their “new masters,” the Federal Government. The word “code” is not a law for everyone, only those who participate in privileges, such as driving, etc., the Income tax Code is another case in point. At least, the Supreme Court took a half-hearted stand on the Income Tax Code and admitted it was a “voluntary tax” on the individual. Of course, the President, Congress and the lower federal courts would not entertain any argument about how a person was liable for Federal Taxes, since it was already decided that anyone with a SSN was a taxpayer, although SSN had originally been issued under false pretenses and was now being forced on the individuals in order to survive. The Genocide of the White Race was in full swing.

    The states adopted portions of “the Uniform Commercial Code” that fills their particular needs and established Article IV courts, mirroring the Common Law Courts, the Article III Courts. This has been done quietly and effectively, Judges will tell a person on trial, “Don’t bring the Constitution into my court.” Why, because the Constitution has no standing under Article IV, Section 3, paragraph 2, of the Constitution.

    Therefore, one more missing link in the Book of Revelations now has surfaced, describing the four horsemen: The Governor is the person (a corporate entity under the so-called 14th Amendment) on the ‘white horse,” the legislature is the person on the “red horse,” the Secretary of State is the person on the ”black horse,” and the Attorney General is the person on the “pale horse.” Tyndale’ New Testament calls it a “green horse” instead of the commonly accepted term “pale horse” and perhaps that is what was meant by John in Revelations, since The Federal Government is now pushing “green everything” a ploy to further enslave its citizens, the US citizen, by statute.

    This is an introductions of the hard cold facts contained in further material to come under, “A Pens Tale,” by Pen Tale. The forth coming will be more complete, “A Pens Tale,” by Pen Tale The sole purpose of my story is to expose the Fraud perpetrated on the American People and the Genocide of the White Race by the Federal Government, foster by and the authors of “The Fraud,” “The Secret Empire.”

    A Pens Tale
    by Pen Tale, July 4, 2012

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