Agenda 21 and Confederate Heritage

by Al Benson Jr.

There are many people in the Confederate and Southern Movement that know little or nothing about the United Nations and its agenda, and therefore
they pay no attention to what this pro-Marxist organization is doing. It seems
far removed from their concerns pertaining to their heritage and history and
so they just ignore it. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would urge my fellow Confederates to read the book The Fearful Master by G. Edward Griffin. It can be found on the Internet, so you don’t need to go out and buy another book. All you need to do it to be willing to take a little time and read this while sitting at your computer. You really need to read this book.

The United Nations has, in its varied far-left repertoire, a program called Agenda 21.. Most of you probably never heard of it, but, again, get on the Internet and check it out. The supposed rationale for this UN project is something the United Nations calls “economic sustainability.”

The UN plan to make countries more “economically sustainable” includes such projects as doing away with private property (this is a favorite among the Marxists). Another part of the Agenda 21 program calls for doing away with single family homes, cutting down on the use of air conditioning, severely limiting the use of private transportation, forcing people to move into more densely populated areas, and to live in high-rise apartment buildings. According to the UN, all this will supposedly help us to be more “economically sustainable.” It will also decrease our liberty, take our property, and limit how much and how far we are able to travel. If you think all this sounds just great, then sit back and do nothing but cheer the UN on and it will happen. If you think such could “never happen in America” then sit back and watch it happen and then complain because “no one told me.”

Consider this article to be your open invitation to get out there on the Internet (while you still have it) and so some homework and find out what is really going on. You probably won’t like what you find but you do need to be aware. If you think it all sounds too “negative” then just go back to sleep. The UN will wake you when they come for your private property and it will be a rather rude awakening.

As for how this will affect your efforts in behalf of Confederate heritage, ask yourself a couple questions. How will you fly our Confederate Battle Flag or your First National if you don’t own a flagpole to run it up on or the private property to be able to do that? Will you just hang your Battle Flag outside the window of your 15th floor apartment in your nice, new UN apartment building? I doubt that will be allowed. And don’t expect to be allowed to put any Confederate bumper stickers on the government-owned vehicle that you are forced to ride to work in daily. That nice retirement home you wanted to build out on the bayou, forget that! Definitely not economically sustainable!

Needless to say, the current Marxist administration in Washington has endorsed this program most enthusiastically.

If you think you now have problems with the local public school or the local city council over Confederate symbols, just wait until the UN gets involved and your Confederate flags and symbols will be forbidden just as they were in the South during the first phase of “reconstruction.”

Folks, you need to wake up and begin doing the homework before it’s too late. I believe the John Birch Society has put out a new DVD on Agenda 21. You should also check into this.

Developed from an article in The Copperhead Chronicle newsletter for the second quarter of 2012.


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