What Made America Great Is On The Way Out

by Al Benson Jr.

This evening I watched a short you tube presentation on why America is not the greatest country in the world. It started out with an MC asking people to, in one sentence, define why this is the greatest country in the world. One woman said “diversity.” Well, that one won’t hold water as true diversity is being systematically swept under the rug in the name of political correctness. As in the book “Animal Farm” it turns out that some folks are more diverse than others and their “diversity” is more important than that of others.

Someone else gave the inane answer “Freedom and freedom.” Anyone who honestly believes that anymore must have attended a public brain laundry they called a school where he or she was “freed” from the ability to think rationally.. my previous article dealt with the status of freedom in this country or the lack thereof and the lack thereof would be much more accurate than someone sitting in front of an audience and telling them they are “free.”

The one man in the video that told the truth did so with the use of four-letter words that did nothing to aid his presentation and probably turned a lot of folks off that otherwise might have listened to some of what he said.

Yet, for all of that, he did not deal with the real problem. Our real problem in this country is not economic, it is theological. All of our other problems flow out from our theological problems, which started early and continued often.

The Unitarian apostasy in New England in the early 1800s was a major problem. The systematic denial of Trinitarian Christianity in the Northeast was a major stumbling block to our advancement as a country. And these same Unitarians gave us the public school system that has caused and still causes so many problems. That, plus the fact that the Constitution we had all been taught to revere, has been found to have many “weak spots” which corrupt courts and politicians can always find ways to exploit, which becomes easier with a dumbed-down electorate that has been deliberately under-educated.

The apostasy in the Northeast, with its repercussions, eventually gave us the War of Northern Aggression and a president (Lincoln) that depended on the aid of socialists and communists to force all the states to stay in the Union whether they wanted to or not. That War was our French Revolution and we have never gotten over it to this day. All the problems we had then we still have, only even more exaggerated. Once we became “one nation indivisible” supposedly, our problems really started with a federal government run rampant. The supposed constitutional checks and balances have mostly not worked and so they have been ignored for longer than most of us have been alive.

I guess, in all of this somewhere, we have to admit that the Christian church lost its way. Not only did it depart, in many cases, from sound doctrine while promoting public education instead of Christian education, but it quit telling people much of what they needed to know and starting promoting all the “feel good” stuff that fills the pews but doesn’t stiffen the backbone.

In the last 160 years we have made lots of mistakes in this country and we need to humble ourselves before the Lord and ask Him to show us what to do to get it right. There are lots of things to be repented of and we’d best start asking the Lord to show us our faults so we can get right with Him. Until we start doing that this country ain’t going no place but down the tubes.


3 thoughts on “What Made America Great Is On The Way Out

  1. BEnson probably does not reaize how spot on was his analysis. One-person Gods (of whom Lucifer was the first) breed one-person or one-party dictatorships. Nobody (other than Benson & I) have recognized that.

  2. “it quit telling people much of what they needed to know and starting promoting all the “feel good” stuff that fills the pews but doesn’t stiffen the backbone.”

    How true. I never much liked the feel good sermons. They treat Christians like a broken soul, weak and in need.

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