Comrade Obama, the United Nations, and Gun Control

by Al Benson Jr.

No one that has not even taken a second look at the Obama administration can have any doubts that this administration has as one of its main priorities the disarming of American citizens. They wish to make sure none of us can defend our homes and families if necessary and in the name of “openness and change” they just want us all to surrender our guns and “trust them.” Doing that is akin to handing either the fox or coyote the keys to the hen house. This Marxist administration has proven that it is more than willing to sacrifice our God-given rights on the alter of UN one world government. Those that can’t figure out this much aren’t really trying too hard.

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is nothing more that a backdoor attempt to impose strong restrictions on gun rights in this country. Negotiations on this treaty are being conducted “behind closed doors” naturally, lest the public find out what’s going on and protest it. So much for openness and transparency. Has it ever occurred to anyone that what the politicians promise us is exactly the opposite of what they give us?

This treaty, in all probability will contain language that will require registration and licensing of American firearms, require mandatory destruction of surplus ammunition and ban large categories of firearms, among other things. Maybe, if we are lucky, they will let us keep our slingshots.

According to the Gun Owners of America: “The treaty could also be self-executing, which would mean that it would achieve its anti-gun objectives whether or not implementing legislation was passed by Congress. Some think the US would never sign off on such a treaty. Well, think again. In 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the US agreed to negotiate on the treaty.” What “negotiation” means is that Hitlery will ask the UN to word this thing in such a way as to fool the average American gun owner. And if you think the US Senate would never agree to this, think again. Some of these senators in both parties can’t wait to sign this if it ever gets to them, though most likely Comrade Obama will just pass it by executive order like he does everything else anymore. It seems more and more that Congress is only there to collect the fat paycheck while Obama dictates all that will take place in the country. More and more Congress is becoming little more than an expensive appendage.  But having them sit there and pretend to legislate may keep the serfs in line for a little while longer.

You can just imagine what another four years of Obama’s Marxist administration will do to this country. There’s not much left now and he will make sure what is left is gone before he is done. It’s what he’s there for.

Kansas senator Jerry Moran his introduced a bill in the Senate that would prohibit the Obama administration from negotiating away our gun rights to the United Nations and folks in this country need to contact their senators and tell them they want them to support Moran’s bill. This is an election year and some of those people will respond to pressure from the folks at home only because they want us to send them back to Washington so they can continue to feed at the federal trough.

If this UN anti-gun treaty is half as bad as we have been told it is, I can only imagine what the United Nations has in store for all the countries that are dumb enough to sign on to this thing. Obviously the UN would love a United States with almost no weapons. All the better for the Mongolian troops or whoever may land to patrol our streets in the name of one world government at some point in the future. This administration, as well as previous ones, is more than willing to work with the United Nations in putting us under some form of world government. I can just imagine that private ownership of firearms in this country, along with all other private property ownership, would not fit in with the “economic sustainability” of the UN’s Agenda 21 program.

So contact your senators and tell them to support Jerry Moran’s bill. The gun you save just might be your own.


5 thoughts on “Comrade Obama, the United Nations, and Gun Control

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  2. Something else to pay attention to.
    Ten EU foreign ministers participating in a “study group for the future of Europe” aim to exert pressure to transform the EU into a federation along the lines of the US.

    10 countries for a United States of Europe.

    I think this will go down about the same way the states lost their individual rights to federal sovereignty. You amend the constitution at war time saying that the good of the commune overrides the good of the individual, similar to the old “do it for the children” game that the liberals have played forever, prey on a person’s sympathetic sensibilities.

    Anyway, the U.S. ends up being answerable to this larger entity, only it’s on a worldwide playing field, not plantations. It could open the door to the antichrist’s reign of power in my humble opinion. Actually anything they do in the way of ecumenism or world peace will help the son of perdition’s agenda along. If we don’t learn from history…

    P.S. The Vatican is trying to take over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Tomb of King David. On what grounds, who knows? Mystery Babylon… I’ve heard preachers say it’s Rome (my opinion also), heard others say it’s Jerusalem. Both have seven hills, both are drunk on the blood of the saints. Could it be both? If St. Malachy’s prophecy comes true, then the next pope, Peter the Roman (they will name him that), will destroy Rome and the RCC will need a new headquarters. If it doesn’t come true, then they lose another fake saint over to apostasy. Big deal I say, it’s never bothered them before.

    • Americans/Canadians/Mexicans/So. Americans (outside BRIC) should be paying attention as the NAU & Amero will be a political/monetary disaster as well.

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