Is Big Brother Watching?

by Al Benson Jr.

I’ve noticed for a little over a week now that viewership for the blog spot has seemed to fall off, as has the volume of email I have been getting. People I used to hear from quite often suddenly seem to be silent. No more emails from them. It’s like about 30 of them at once have all decided to go on extended summer vacations without bothering to let me know they would be gone.

People who used to comment on the articles herein have suddenly gone silent and you don’t hear from them anymore. I had thought it was a bit odd, but didn’t think anything more than that about it until this morning when I got an email from a lady who has followed my writing for some time now.. Like me, she has an AOL email address.

She wrote: “I am beginning to get paranoid about AOL censoring what I read and send on this computer. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that almost every Christian and Conservative link that I attempt to make, AOL either freezes my computer where the cursor will not move or AOL closes out. The following (ed. my latest article on the Council on Foreign Relations) comes to you only after the fifth time this has happened this morning! The 5th time AOL completely shut down my computer and I had to reboot it! To me, this indicates that what we are learning about censorship in the United States is true. I believe certain “words” click a monitoring process for entities such as AOL carriers for them to do what they can to prevent truthful information about world politics as that relates to our country, being easily sent on the Internet. I may be wrong. I hope I am.”

I don’t profess to know if this good Christian lady is wrong or not, but, in light of reduced viewership in the past week, it did give me something to think about. I am by far not the world’s greatest writer, but the information contained in my three recent articles on the Council on Foreign Relations can’t be so bad that they have turned off two thirds of my viewers within a week, can they? So, with what I have noticed and what she has noticed I am wondering if she might not be onto something here–and maybe not just with AOL but with other carriers  that I am not aware of at this point.

I talked briefly with another gentleman just this afternoon and he commented that his computer seems to have a case of the “slows” with most material from Verizon, yet others will carry the same material much faster.

I don’t know for sure if there is anything to this or not. Two situations might be a coincidence, but are three? I would imagine if the Establishment were going to censor the Internet they would just not shut everything down all at once. That would create much too big a shock–at least at this point. And also, there is a lot of stuff out there they couldn’t care less about because it doesn’t expose what they do. But the Christian and Conservative web sites and blog spots are another matter. Some of them might be potentially troublesome, so might not some sort of a system be set up that will track some of these to determine how much of a problem they might be, and if it turns out some of them are a rather large concern to the Establishment, might not some method be put into practice that begins to “restrict” their outreach?

I realize it all sounds a bit far out, but, with my suspicious mind, I do begin to wonder, especially when two different people in the same day inform me of such situations they have both had.

If Big Brother is really watching, I wonder how many folks this short article will make it out to, or will there be something in it, some word or catch phrase that will siphon it off into the Internet “memory hole” so that 2/3 of those I send it to will never receive it.

After all, if you can’t trust your government, why, then, who can you trust? Right? Right? Please don’t all answer at once now, but if a few of you want to answer at least I will know this got out to somebody..


10 thoughts on “Is Big Brother Watching?

  1. I got your recent email.. I have verizon.. I haven’t noticed anything but I believe it’s possible that some emails and websites are already being monitored. Thanks for the great information in your blog.

    • Stacy,
      Thanks for replying. If I get some replies I at least know that the stuff is getting out to some folks. I will continue to post historical material as long as it appears it is reaching someone.

    • Yes, I too have noticed that my blog hits/reader comments have dropped way down lately…?????

      But…too, WP has started requiring readers to login in order to comment; and, each time I revise/update a post, another email automatically goes out to followers, etc.–something I have no control over…I suspect folks do not appreciate all the email!

      Semper Watching!
      Dick G

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  4. We entered into mowing season here Mr. Benson, so I’m not as active on the web as I was. Also, we had a death in the family this past week that really took it’s toll. I’ll try to be more vocal in the future. I really do enjoy your articles and perspective. Being a godly man is also a plus in my book as we can’t seem to find many who will stand up for the Lord and not be ashamed of the Gospel these days. Thanks again for all you do.

  5. Al, back in 2006, I began having emails sent to friends and family with AOL email addresses returned. When it first started happening I contacted AOL. The error code? was 554 I think. I also begin to research this code and found AOL had software that determines if the content of emails iwas acceptable.

    I found if I removed the url links my emails would go through.

    It doesn’t happen as often, which I suspect is a result of customer complaints or it could be that they no longer return some emails determined unacceptable.

    • I have a friend that I checked with and he told me he had sent me about 30 emails in the past 3 weeks. I got exactly 3 of them. The rest never came back to him they just seemed have disappeared down some email “memory hole.”

  6. AL, I have sent you about 10 E-mails with no response, I got a spam in your name and I asked you about it and never heard back. I sent several blogs from my daughter , and a couple of personal inquirys since it seemed like you dropped off my radar! I thought you were just tired of talking to me, which Is still possible! lol, but it has seemed fishy to me ! I get all of your blog emails but I havent seen anything with with old e- mail tag , come my way lately.
    Keep up the good work!
    Ron Hoy

  7. AOL used to be a very good email service but they have gone downhill since trying to compete with the new kids on the block: google, yahoo, facebook, etc.. I’d recommend trying out other free email service:,,

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