Our Invisible Government—Part Three

By Al Benson Jr.

Dan Smoot’s excellent book The Invisible Government has given much information about the Council on Foreign Relations and I would encourage everyone to check it out on either Amazon.com or http://www.gutenberg.org and start to become educated as to what this almost unheard of organization does to influence the direction this country has gone in.

Another book that contains much information about the Council on Foreign Relations is The Biographical Dictionary of the Left–Volume One which was printed back in 1969. The author was Francis X. Gannon This book contains much information about many leftist individuals and groups, but the CFR is covered on pages 53-62. I don’t know if this book has ever been updated or reprinted or not, but if not it should be.

Mr. Gannon has made several comments that will give the discerning some food for thought. He noted, on page 58, that: “Franklin Roosevelt’s precipitate plunge into globalism was completely agreeable to CFR leaders. They were solidly behind U.S. involvement in World War 2 long before Pearl Harbor. They favored Roosevelt’s fawning overtures to the Soviet Union and its barbaric leader Stalin. They were overwhelmingly in evidence at the creation of the United Nations.”

In regard to elected officials Mr. Gannon observed that: “The CFR’s membership has produced Presidents Hoover, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon and presidential candidates Thomas Dewey, Henry A. Wallace, Wendell Wilkie, and Hubert Humphrey. In the Senate the voice of the CFR has been heard through Jacob Javits, Stuart Symington, Clifford Case and Gale McGee, among others. In the press media, the CFR viewpoint has been promoted by A. H. Sulzberger, Henry Luce, Gardner Cowles, Norman Cousins,…David Lawrence,…Whitelaw Reid, Eugene Meyer,…Philip Graham,…George Gallup, William L. Shirer,…Joseph Kraft, Walter Lippman, and Marquis Childs.” Bear in mind that this was written in 1969, so there are lots more of these media moles out there now quietly undermining state and national sovereignty and seeking to condition Americans to become part of the New World Order via the United Nations. Even at that, many of these names should be familiar to older folks who grew up in my generation.

Gannon has accurately described the CFR’s position on Communism as “jelly-soft.” Maybe he was being charitable here. And, at well publicized meetings over the years the CFR has had, as honored guests such leftist luminaries at Fidel Castro, Ghanas, Communist Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah, and a whole klatch of other Communist and socialist officials from all over the world.

And Gannon concluded with “No matter the CFR project (the sellout of Southeast Asia; the socialization of Latin America; the support of civil rights revolutionists; rapprochement with Communist regimes) it is financed and extolled through the vast network of interlocking influences exerted by CFR members in tax-exempt foundations…in television and radio networks, in metropolitan newspapers, in mass magazines and scholarly journals, in major universities and publishing houses, in church organizations…This massive aggregate of control virtually precludes any effective opposition to CFR policies since no counter-inner circle exists even as a loyal opposition to the Ruling Establishment.”

Have you ever wondered why you get no media coverage of Ron Paul unless it is something negative? Have you ever wondered why, when Ron Paul finishes second in a primary the media dances all around, talking about how the people in first, third, and fourth places did so well? Wonder no more. Were it not for the Internet the CFR crowd and its paid prostitutes in the media would totally control the news and you would not even know Ron Paul existed, let alone be running for President.

Folks, you all had better start waking up to what is going on and who is controlling it, or one of these days you will wake up and find out that the One Worlders have completely taken over and it’s all over—at which point many of you will howl “why didn’t somebody tell us?” Some of us tried, but you didn’t want to hear it, so if the day ever comes that the Lord allows the socialists and Communists to take over the country (and that’s not a far-fetched possibility) as a judgment because we were not willing to stand up for what was right, don’t complain.

There are several books out there that you can find that deal with some of this. There is The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen, which although I believe it is out of print, I think it has been posted on the Internet. I believe None Dare Call it Conspiracy also by Gary Allen has been posted on the Internet. These will give you much background information about the people involved with the CFR.


3 thoughts on “Our Invisible Government—Part Three

  1. We really don’t have the advantage of hindsight concerning Rep. Ron Paul, but I think your article points clearly to the fact that the “invisible government” produces not just presidents but also candidates.
    And suddenly Paul has a secret brunch with Ben Bernanke, his son endorses Romney… But, if we only stepped outside our comfort zone we would see that this dog and pony show (tea party / occupy ) is nothing more then thee old bait and switch bringing this new generation into the fold. What’s worse is that this same deception has fooled the older generations which have seen such treachery before.
    In Europe they are rioting and forming new governments because of ‘austerity’ measures while in the U.S. a minority (tea party) have been conditioned to want austerity so badly that they would just assume not vote for anyone but Mr. Paul. Conditioned for the sole purpose of bringing fresh meat into the two party system, which we can agree is really one party. And the other side is being conditioned for the same reason just a different lure is all.

    Of course that is my opinion…

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