Our Invisible Government

By Al Benson Jr.

Back in 1962 an ex-FBI agent, Dan Smoot, wrote a book called The Invisible Government. It seems he could not find anyone willing to publish it and so he did it himself. It went through six printings. I have no idea how many he sold or what impact it made.

However it must have made some sort of impact, thankfully, because you can find used copies listed on Amazon.com and the book has been reprinted on
http://www.gutenberg.org and so is out there for anyone who is willing to take a serious look at what Mr. Smoot said. I would recommend that folks take a serious look.

What Mr. Smoot was dealing with was trying to expose those people that were and are, in effect, our invisible rulers. Many of these are people we have never heard of, though some are well-known. They are the “invisible government” behind those people we think we elected to public office.

This past weekend there was, in Virginia, a meeting of the Bilderberger Group, a group of intellectual elitists from all over the world who are dedicated to One World Government. It was rumored, and may well be true, that they met in secret session in Northern Virginia to decide who our next president will be. These are the sort of activities these people engage in. Should an international group such as this have any say over who becomes the next president of this country? They shouldn’t, but they do because they can and what passes for the “news” media in this country runs interference for them by just not reporting anything about them they are not forced to.

It’s the same thing with the group Mr. Smoot wrote his book about, the Council on Foreign Relations. How many of you have ever heard of this group? Ever read much about them in your evening paper or see much about them on your evening newscast? If you ever do it will be only a passing reference and you will never find out anything about them and the chokehold they have over government in this country.

Back in 1962 Mr. Smoot wrote of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that: “…I am convinced that the Council on Foreign Relations , together with a great number of other associated tax-exempt organizations constitutes the invisible government which sets the major policies of the federal government; exercises controlling influence on governmental officials who implement the policies; and, through massive and skillful propaganda, influences Congress and the public to support the policies.” Mr. Smoot could be writing about what goes on in Washington today because nothing has changed. Cabinet members belong to the CFR. Congressmen belong to the CFR and so do many in the “news” media and the entertainment industry. Even some Christian denominations have CFR members in leadership positions. What does that tell you about where those churches will eventually be going?

Mr. Smoot continued: “I am convinced that the objective of this invisible government is to convert America into a socialist state and then make it a unit in a one-world socialist system.” I cannot disagree with his assessment.

Smoot also noted: “The ‘Bilderbergers’ are another powerful group involved in the internationalist web…This group consists of influential Western businessmen, diplomats and high governmental officials. Their meetings, conducted in secrecy and in a huggermugger atmosphere, are held about every six months at various places throughout the world.” These are the people who believe their money and power give them the right to decide how the rest of us have to live.

More later.


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