David Shearman and the UN Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Demise

By Al Benson Jr.

Most of us grew up believing that the United Nations was truly a beneficent organization that had the welfare of the world as its chief concern. This is the propaganda that has been peddled in most political science textbooks. What a shock it must be when some folks wake up and discover that “it just ain’t so.”

Oh, the United Nations is definitely interested in the world, but its chief interest is in the United Nations controlling the world through some form of world government that will reach right down to the daily lives of most people and the UN will decide where you live, what you eat or don’t eat, what you are allowed to read, and all the rest.

A chief disciple of the UN’s thrust to control all our lives is one Dr. David Shearman, an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide. He’s also a Visiting Research Fellow at that University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences and Law School. Dr. Shearman has lots of letters in back of his name. Still, that doesn’t guarantee real wisdom. Only the fear of the Lord guarantees that and in that area Dr. Shearman is noticeably deficient as you will find out as we go along.

Professor Shearman has been an Assessor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This was established by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization, supposedly to provide the world with clear evidence on the current state of the climate, climate change, etc. In other words, it’s a UN front for the global warming crowd.

Shearman, along with Joseph Wayne Smith, wrote a book called The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy. According to http://hauntingthelibrary.wordpress.com  “His argument is that overpopulation and industrialization are causing an ecological disaster which requires a total change of lifestyle for everyone on the planet. As democracy isn’t up to the challenge, an authoritarian government must (obviously) be imposed to save us from ourselves.” Now we get to the crux of the whole matter. And who will control this authoritarian government? Why the UN and its minions, of course.

According to the authors of this “new” revelation, democracy is not natural. In fact they state: “we argue that authoritarianism is the natural state of humanity” and they have a solution to promote that. They thus begin to tout the formation of an “elite warrior leadership” which, in the name of humanity will “battle for the future of the earth” and no doubt for its own future as it seeks to control the masses. Now I will agree with these people on one thing—democracy is not natural. It inevitably leads to dictatorship. However, freedom under God and the liberty to enjoy that freedom are natural. Of course these people don’t envision anything remotely like that. It doesn’t enter into their thinking. So you have to understand that what they are really talking about is their freedom to take away man’s God-given freedom. That’s what they are all about.

Dr. Shearman and his co-author recognize that man has a God-consciousness and thus man is a worshiping  being and they discuss whether Christianity or the Muslim faith fits better into the authoritarian regime they plan for the rest of us. They state:”It is not impossible that from the green movement and aspects of the new age movement a religious alternative to Christianity and Islam will emerge. And it is not too difficult to imagine what shape this new religion could take. One would require a transcendent God who could punish and reward—because humans seem to need a carrot and stick…Chapter 9 will describe in more detail how we might begin the process of constructing such real universities to train the ecowarriors to do battle against the enemies of life…” It’s hard for most people to realize that there are actually elites who think this way. This stuff would make the old movie Solyent Green look like Sunday School stuff. But it’s out there, in these men’s own words. This is their vision for our future—not theirs but ours. Since the UN will be overseeing all this their futures will be on a slightly higher plain than ours will. There have to be some perks for telling the rest of the world how to live and then enforcing those commands.

The web site http://wideshut.co.uk/end-democracy-to-save-planet-says-ipcc/ very plainly states that “We are often told that the UN is not an authoritarian institution and is only looking to solve world problems, rather than develop a world power system: but it is quite clear that many of the UN’s climate change alarmists have fascist ideologies…Prof. Shearman’s book makes no attempt to hide its fascist ideals…In other words, they think we need fascism to save the planet. Over 60 years ago now, a man named Hitler thought the same thing. The West rejected Hitler’s fascism. In my opinion, and I hope I am 100% wrong, I think the West will be sorely tempted to embrace Shearman’s fascism. My question is—where will the church be?

These people are not “new” or “original.” They are doing the exact same thing that people did at the Tower of Babel—rejecting the direction given by the one True God, the Creator of heaven and earth and seeking to build their own man-made society with their own “god.” It may take awhile, but this attempt will also collapse. Go back and read Psalm 2 in the Holy Scriptures.

In the meantime, these people need to be opposed and Christians should lead the opposition. Anyone who advocates both idolatry and dictatorship should be opposed and exposed by Christians.

Years ago the John Birch Society had a program called “Get US out of the UN.” It was a good program and people today should check it out and find out what they might do to promote it. And Christians should study the United Nations from a theological perspective to begin to understand the anti-Christian theology of that One World group. As one Christian who did, I can guarantee you will not like what you find, and then you need to ask the question “what can I do about it?”

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