I Think There Are A Few Confederates In The Crib

by Al Benson Jr.

Over the years I have written articles for several blog spots and web sites  which have elicited me email that I can only describe as “highly uncomplimentary” in nature. Years ago, one writer accused me of writing some of what I wrote because I was “angry about integration.”  Sorry to disappoint him, but I grew up in the North, lived there most of my life, and always attended government schools that were integrated. I never thought about that subject one way or the other. The same writer then went on to complain that he felt I was probably “intolerant of Cajuns” because, after all, David Duke didn’t like them. Actually, I have some friends that are Cajuns, and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less what David Duke thinks about anything. I have never based my opinions of people on what David Duke may or may not have thought. I can remember, after reading some of these diatribes directed at me I scratched my head and asked myself “where do these people get this stuff?” I continue to find it interesting that while so many liberals and “progressives” (I’ll be polite and not call them socialists) prattle on endlessly about “diversity” they seem to be obsessed with the race question and everything in the world revolves around that for them. I have found that those who accuse me of that old Marxist bugagoo “racism” seem to think of little else themselves except race. They just might be more guilty of racism than me, only their form of racism is labeled as “multi-culturalism.”

Yet another writer once informed that that he was enthralled that “your kind are dying out.” There’s that “liberal love” showing itself again. The idea here was, I suppose, that when all the old men my age are dead and gone there will be no one left to carry a Confederate flag or to put a battle flag  bumper sticker on the back of his car or pickup truck. There will, supposedly, be no one left to defend Confederate history or culture. At that point the millennium can be ushered in immediately–the year of jubilo  will have arrived and the St. Andrews Cross can finally be replaced with the Hammer and Sickle with a picture of Obama in the upper left hand corner. I hate to have to be the one to burst this particular writer’s bubble, but I have stunning news for this reverse racist. My children were home schooled. I taught them their history and I was pretty fussy about what I used. Although there wasn’t as much good material around then as there is now, there was some, and my kids were taught to respect, honor and revere Southern culture, even though at the time we resided in the North. Now my daughter and her husband are home schooling their six children, and they are being taught the same things I taught her.

The last figures that I saw noted that somewhere between one and two million children in this country were being home schooled. Now admittedly, not all of them will learn all the truth about Southern history and culture or about the War of Northern Aggression, but by God’s Providence, a fair number of them will. I personally know several families that desired good teaching material about the War of Northern Aggression and the reasons for it so that their kids might learn the real truth and I have run across teenagers on occasion that want this kind of information–and not all of them live in the deep South.

So those reverse racists that comfort themselves with the thought that the passing of my generation will, somehow, put an end to the defense of Confederate and Southern heritage may have a bit of a rude awakening in store. There are at least two generations coming along that will defend the truth about Southern heritage and culture. Some of you may have recently seen the story out of Republic, Missouri where the local public school suspended a student because he drove back and forth to school each day with a Confederate flag on the back of his truck. The local public school commissar demanded that he remove the flag while his truck was on school property, which he did–but he put it back on to drive home at night. That wasn’t good enough and the minions of cultural diversity at the school still continued to hassle him. All of a sudden, Confederate flags started appearing all around the town of Republic. After awhile, when you trash their culture, some people begin to get ticked. And rightfully so!

Whether or not most of those people that hate the Confederate flag realize it or not their leadership seeks to destroy the culture and memory of the Old South because the Old South had a Christian heritage.  Whether or not some of those people will ever admit it, at root, they are at war with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith and they think that, somehow, if they can just rid the world of Christianity it will be a better place–at least for them and their Marxist friends!

The symbols they seek to tear down or remove are Christian symbols and don’t think for a New York minute that many of them don’t know that. They desire to replace the Christian heritage of the Old South with something they call the “new South” which, upon closer examination, turns out to be nothing more than the humanistic, apostate Yankee/Marxist culture with a Southern accent.

Again, I hate to burst their bubble (well, not really) but it’s not going to happen the way they wish it would. The youngster in Republic, Missouri is a prime example of why it won’t. There may not be as many defenders of Confederate and Southern culture in the next generation as I’d like to see, but there will continue to be many more that the detractors of the South will want to see.

Years ago a man said “In order for you to win over me, you have to defeat me. In order for me to win over you, all I have to do is survive.” It’s kind of a guerilla statement, but there is truth in it. As long as there are survivors out there in upcoming generations willing to defend Southern culture and history, then all the liberals, apostates and Marxists will not win. And I think in their hearts, they realize that.


10 thoughts on “I Think There Are A Few Confederates In The Crib

  1. working on our second generation , my homeschooled daughter is expecting our first grandchild. And you can count on her homeschooling her children and teaching them the truths she was taught!And Granpa is going to do his part as well!

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  6. My compliments, Sir. I came to my heritage late in life. having grownup in the gulags called public schooling, The history of the South was never pushed, even really in Texas. Genealogy brought me to my Great Great Grandfather that fought with Hood’s Brigade, having enlisted out of Angelina County. The last few years has been a study of and defense of the South, my heritage, and I am so very proud I have done so. We fought for our homes, kin, and culture and ain’t no blessed Yankee can ever convince me our people were not Americans just like the Northerners. I have just found your site and am very glad I have. God Bless!

    BTW, I live just a few miles from Sabine Pass where Lt Dick Dowling and his hardy band, whupped the Yankees trying to come ashore.

    Again, Sir, Thank You

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  10. There is something else to consider: the progressives are all about feminism and abortion. They either don’t marry or don’t have children. Traditional Christians – many of whom are Southerners – DO have children and while we have not yet achieved a replacement birth-rate of 2.25 children per couple, at least conservative, traditional religious folks are working toward that end. I would say that the future has some promise if the Muslims didn’t “out-breed” us by a factor of two or three! I fear the hammer and sickle less than I fear the Crescent.

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