Karl Marx and the “Reconstruction of a Social World”–Part Four

by Al Benson Jr.

With carpetbaggers running the state governments, state and local taxes in the Southern states doubled between 1860 and 1870, even though property values declined. Dishonesty and fraud were rampant, much the same as in today’s Republican establishment. One example–in Florida the cost of public printing for the year 1869 was higher than its total cost had been from 1789 to 1868. In four years the postwar governor of Louisiana had accumulated personal savings of $1 million–all from a salary of $38,000 a year. Remarkable fiscal management, right?

As the US army occupied county courthouses in the South, often the military men seized the tax rolls, totaled the back taxes up back to 1861 and demanded immediate payment in specie from people whose currency and bonds had been ruled worthless. Failure to pay meant immediate confiscation of the land. Carpetbaggers ended up buying land for pennies on the dollar. Then the carpetbaggers’ buying spree really began. The best Southern land was bought up by Northern investors or resident investors controlled by Northern banks. You can now see why people like Jesse James, when denied a chance to make an honest living after the War, went after the banks and railroads–mostly owned and controlled by Northern big money.

Yankee/Marxist radicals of the ilk of Stevens and Sumner intended to subvert the Southern culture by diluting it into insignificance–by filling the South with Northern colonists who saw the opportunity to profit from Southern misfortune. This part of the plan did not work out too well because most Northern investors did not want to live under military dictatorship among hostile neighbors and did not wish close contact with blacks. But not to worry. If the culture-destroyers could not get enough Northern folks to come down here and live under “reconstruction” conditions they were willing to wait a few years and try the same agenda with illegal immigrants. As long as Southern culture was and is destroyed they don’t really care who they use to do it. Cultural genocide is a pivotal part (as it has always been) of the Yankee/Marxist “reconstruction” program.

The Northern culture-destroyers often employed other means to stamp out Southern culture. During the War the Northern Methodists persuaded Secretary of War Edwin Stanton to permit them to seize all Southern Methodist churches in captured Confederate territory if those churches were not being run by pastors favorable to the Union cause.

The carpetbagger state governments taxed the Southern public heavily for the purpose of establishing elaborate public school systems, but then they stole most of the money. In this instance their greed got in the way of their desire to further warp the culture of the Old South.

But even for all that, they managed to do a bad enough job. Northern publishers produced the textbooks for Southern schools and colleges, and naturally distributed texts which made the South and its people look bad. All the better to create a little guilt complex in the next generation of Southern kids, and in generations thereafter. And they’ve done a good job. I know some Southern folks who are ashamed of their history and heritage. To subconsciously fight off their guilt feelings they loudly parrot their support of Abraham Lincoln and the Union, and label as traitors those who refuse to do such, of which I am one.

“Reconstruction” continues today. I have read about cases where some colleges have courses designed to teach kids how to lose their Southern accents. That’s “reconstruction” folks. “Reconstruction”  equals cultural genocide.and cultural Marxism.

Karl Marx knew what he was doing when he advocated “free education for all children in public schools…” Maybe, Lord willing, some day we’ll figure it out and we can begin to take out kids out of public schools and begin to reverse the trend of “reconstruction.”


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