So Where Did Our Troubles Begin?

by Al Benson Jr.

At their deepest point, our national woes, and they are many, are not just political, economic, or even educational, critical though all these areas are. Our deepest national problems are our theological problems. No country on the face of God’s earth has had more biblical truth than this country, yet no country has so lightly regarded that truth as we have for the last 150-180 years. We have become as apostate nation and will be judged for our apostasy. It is a mark of our apostasy and unbelief that we cannot see that our problems go far beyond just electing a few more “conservatives” to Congress or “reforming” our public school system or electing the right person to be president. None of these things will be anymore than a bandaid  on a hemorrhage. Some want to abolish the Federal Reserve System. While I agree that would be a bold step in the right direction it would ultimately not solve our national problems.

For most “political” people, God is out of the picture except as someone to pay lip service to in stump speech. They think they are going to straighten the country out themselves. Boy do I have news for them!  We all need to remember that without the Sovereign power of Almighty God not one of us could even draw the breath of life. That fact alone should humble us.

Let us consider that the Holy Scriptures contain accurate accounts of how the Lord judged apostate nations. In Second Chronicles 24:24 it is stated: “For the army of the Syrians came with a small company of men, and the Lord delivered a very great host (from Judah)  into their hand, because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers. So they executed judgment against Joash.” This occurred because of apostasy, as preceding chapters in Second Chronicles show. Will it be any different for this country?  Can we continue to elect some of the people to polit8cal offices that we have elected and not be held responsible?  Can we continue to believe the lies both political parties tell us and not be held responsible? Can we continue to believe the outright lies told by the “news” media and by our institutions of “learning” without at least trying to question some of this and not be held responsible? Our lack of discernment today is horrendous. We are ready to believe anyone who tells us he is a Christian politician and we never bother trying to check to see if the walk agrees with the talk. We just take their word and they get a pass. Our current “president” has informed us that he is a Bible-believing Christian. Do his actions portray that? Does any “Christian” president actively fill every available position in his government with socialists and Marxists? Yet many evangelical Christians support this man and will work for him when he runs for a second term. That is apostasy in action.

This country had a Reformation Christian heritage bequeathed to it by the Pilgrims, Puritans, and others and we walked away from that faith. We embraced Unitarianism, radical socialism, spiritualism, and a whole host of other anti-Christian “isms”. This conscious plunge into unbelief eventually resulted in the American revolution we call the War Between the States (and that revolution was NOT perpetrated by the South). That war was the culmination of this country’s revolt against Jesus Christ, and this country, to this day, has never recovered from the revolution, just as France has never recovered from the French Revolution.  Unfortunately, it is a sign of our spiritual and doctrinal unbelief, as well as our horrendous public school educations that we can’t see any further back than the early 1900s as the source of our problems.

We had notable problems with apostasy in this country as early as the 1750s.  Let that early date sink in a little.

With minor exceptions, American Unitarianism seemed to develop out of Massachusetts Congregational churches, which, before the mid-1700s, seemed to be growing tired of what they felt was a “strict Calvinism.” As the 1700s drew to a close, nearly all the Congregational ministers in Boston and more than half of those in eastern Massachusetts had walked away from their Calvinist faith, the faith that was their heritage and the country’s, and they had embraced Christ-denying Unitarianism.  Also present at the same time were Arianism (another denial of the Trinity)  and Arminianism, a denial of Reformed theology that manifested itself in pietism.  Should you ask what pietism is, it is a form of Christianity that promotes personal holiness (which is fine in itself)  but never applies God’s law or commandments to the society around it.  All these teachings were present in this country before our War for Independence from Great Britain.

To be continued.


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