“Reconstruction” never really ended.

By Al Benson Jr.

Several years ago author John Chodes wrote an article about education in the South during “reconstruction.” He observed that, although Yankee public school teachers flocked to the South after the War, supposedly to educate all those ignorant rubes in the backwater south, their real intent with public (government) education was not the promotion of readin, writin, and rithmetic, but rather to teach “the rebel’s children respect for national authority.”

That and the systematic rewriting of history in the South, especially in regard to what the War of Northern Aggression was really all about, was the main function of public education in the South. It was, to be sure, all a major part of the “reconstruction” program—a cultural revolution that was instituted to make sure the South was brainwashed into such submissiveness that she would never again entertain the thought of daring to defend her God-given rights. To that end, even today, public schools must be safe, but never free.

The first phase of “reconstruction” lasted 12 years, and then the federal troops left, after the carpetbaggers had stolen all that was worth taking. It seemed at that point, as if the federal government was going to back off a little, maybe even leave the South alone for awhile. Well, not completely alone—they left that propaganda vehicle called the public school system firmly in place to do its insidious work and make sure the “rebel’s children” were taught that respect for “national authority.”

Then, along in the early 1950s it was time for the second phase of “reconstruction” to be put into place, with all the “civil rights” and desegregation problems—most of which had been caused in the first place by the first phase of “reconstruction.” This was a classic Marxist tactic. Create a problem, let it fester awhile, and then come back into the situation to “solve” that problem with a solution that always restricts people’s liberty even further.

Having accomplished massive federal intrusion into what little remained of the affairs of the states during the 1950s-70s, the feds and their leftist stooges turned, in the late 80s and the decade of the 90s to their final goal—total destruction of any remembrance of the former Southern culture, via a relentless cultural war on Confederate symbols, statues, flags, you name it. The public schools played their part in this campaign when they finally abandoned all pretense of diversity and started to toss out students for wearing Confederate symbols—the same way they tossed God out when He was no longer convenient as window dressing for their purposes. The war against Southern symbols and flags has continued at a frantic pace since then. My files are full of articles about students that have been tossed out, send home, barred from having a Confederate bumper sticker on their car or truck, all in the name of “peace and safety.” It seems the white Southern kids are called upon to surrender their heritage, while everybody else gets a pass.

You have to begin to understand that this is the real intent of “reconstruction”—the submission of the Christian South to the deities of the New World Order. “Reconstruction” (political correctness) has never been allowed to deviate from that agenda from when it was instituted in the mid-1860s until now. After all it was Karl Marx that first used the term “reconstruction” when he talked about Lincoln and his efforts at “the reconstruction of a social world.” You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize he was referring to the South.

We are now in a third phase of “reconstruction” the total destruction of our Christian history and heritage and, unless we begin to wake up and start getting our kids out of public schools, this may be the last phase needed.

Perhaps we need to get on our knees before a sovereign God and ask His guidance as to what we need to do to resist. “Ye that love the Lord hate evil.”

12 thoughts on ““Reconstruction” never really ended.


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  4. So True! One knows Reconstruction has never ended; each time they renew the Civil Rights Voting Act the government is saying: The North is watching The South.
    Maybe The Federal Government should be concerned with voter fraud across the breadth of this nation; and make sure that every voter is a legal citizen.
    No chance there. That wouldn’t behove their purposes.

      • I agree! Funny how such things have never gone away. This corruption just keeps building upon itself–until we have the chaos of now. One cannot even talk about it on the airwaves without being roasted alive, if the propagandist view is not adhered to. Amazing that history so long ago, still breathes fire from the nostrils of those who promote and validate The War’s so-called justice. Proof again that Reconstruction is still in play–in one form or another.


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  9. Reconstruction has never ended. My dear friend James and I used to joke that the Marxists said “Wow, that worked good. Let’s put it in the playbook.” Turns out they never took it out of the playbook.

    I wrote to the Congressional Research Institute, that’s an arm of the Library of Congress and asked them a simple question:
    “Were the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 ever repealed or ended.”

    Simple enough, right?

    8 weeks later I received a reply. It was page and a half single spaced and basically said- “Look it up yourself, smart ass!”

    If only people would wake up!

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