Federal Precedence Over The States–Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

Some students of history have, upon reflection, observed that the adoption of the 14th Amendment opened the door for the adoption of the 17th Amendment, the direct election of Senators by “popular” vote. One can, almost in overview, see an evolutionary process in this, whereby we first lose our state citizenship, then eventually, even national citizenship, until we all finally become “citizens of the world” much like Karl Marx’s “workers of the world.” Do you supposed there’s any connection?

So Thaddeus Stevens was a moving force in favor of helping to bury the concept of state citizenship in favor of national citizenship. There may be some naive souls who would believe that Stevens didn’t really know what he was doing. I, however, have a suspicious mind. Thaddeus Stevens, the professional South-hater, knew exactly what he was doing!

Stevens and his crowd were apostate revolutionaries of the first order. Their main intent was to alter the American system of government, keeping the forms to fool the uninitiated, but changing the substance. Unfortunately, their revolution, with the help of the socialists in the Republican Party, succeeded and we today live with the results of that, most of us not even realizing it thanks to the mis-education we received in public schools. Whatever vestiges of what the Founding Fathers left to us died with the Southern loss of the War of Northern Aggression–the Marxist/Lincolnist  Revolution of 1861. Those who fail to realize this have missed the boat.

We hear so much talk today from sincere and patriotic people who have not been on the firing line long enough to know the difference. They shout about “taking America back.” Back to what??? What most of them fail to realize is that what they want to take it back to is what they grew up with–their version of the “good old days.” What they don’t grasp is that they grew up after the Marxist/Lincolnist Revolution had already been accomplished. They are 100 years too late!

When Stevens introduced the 14th Amendment, some of the more cautions Republicans threatened to remove his third section of it, dealing with the ineligibility of former Confederate leaders to run for Congress until at least 1876. Stevens, through adroit political maneuvering, at which he was a past master, put together a coalition of radical Republicans and Democrats to prevent that change. He pled with them to retain that third section.  His vindictive anti-Southern mindset clearly showed as he pleaded: “It is too lenient for my hard heart. Not only to 1870, but to 18070, every rebel who shed the blood of loyal men should be prevented from exercising any power in this government.” Stevens was a truly shining example of abolitionist charity and forgiveness!  Had Stevens been willing to shape his attitude to conform to Biblical standards the country might have been bettor off. No need to worry, though, Stevens was not about to go there.

Long after Stevens’ death, an old political opponent, Jeremiah S. Black, noted of him that: “When he died he was unequaled in this country as a lawyer. He said the smartest things ever said.  But his mind,as far as his sense of obligation to God was concerned, was a howling wilderness.” So noted Fawn Brodie in her biographical work on Stevens.

God stated in both Deuteronomy 32:35 and Romans 12:19 that vengeance belongs to Him, that man is only to execute that which God entrusts to him, and he is to leave vengeance to God.  Stevens, in the manner of most true revolutionaries and apostates, ignored this, as he did most of the rest of Scripture.  With his abolitionist mindset, and for his own twisted reasons,  he sought vengeance on all whites in the South, the vast majority of which had never done him any harm. His twisted hatred would not allow him to do anything else. Suffice it to say that Thaddeus Stevens is not someone you want your children to emulate.

The 14th Amendment, in its final form, dealt with four different areas.  In the first, it made the radical departure of redefining citizenship as a national rather than a state matter. This was an important first step toward making the states mere vassals to the federal deity in Washington.  The second section reduced representation in Southern states to  basis of the voting population only.  The third section excluded Confederate leaders from office indefinitely, barring a two-thirds vote by Congress. The fourth section repudiated the Confederate debt and upheld the Union’s national debt.

Attempting to explain all the implications of this radical amendment would take more space than we have here. Hopefully, these brief comments will give some others the incentive to dig into the 14th Amendment, as well as the 13th and 15th Amendments to see what implications these hold for us that we have not been informed about, especially in regard to our modern “civil rights” movement.

6 thoughts on “Federal Precedence Over The States–Part Two

  1. Mr. Benson,
    I think you have to go back to the Puritan/Pilgrim days to get to a truly “Christian” America and the country that God intended for us. Many of the founders were illuminists, grounded in freemasonry, and were deists at best. The five major ones anyway, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, John Adams, and Paine. Samual Adams and Patrick Henry seemed to have been true men of God from what I’ve researched. There were others.

    The original plan seemed fine and dandy but like you elude to, the amendments really messed things up. That is “both” of the revolutions did us in.

    There is an attempt this political season to push “American exceptionalism”, the arrogant and proud concept that we’re better than the rest of the world… this at a time when we’re unlawfully invading other countries and killing our own citizens without trial. What about NDAA? They can kidnap any one of us and contain us indefinitely (or do worse), never giving us our one phone call, a day in court, or even notifying our families.

    Check out Chris Pinto’s ministry on film.
    You can find his documentaries on Youtube.
    “The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers” is really good as well as these others.
    “A Lamp In the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible”
    “The New Atlantis”
    “Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington DC”
    “Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill”
    “The Kinsey Syndrome” – to see how the sexual revolution started.

    Revisied History at it’s finest. Right up our alley.

    Conspiracies abound. Yes, they are real. Don’t believe Hannity,O’Reilly, & Limbaugh.
    David Barton & Glenn Beck are promoting a false history of Christian America. The proof is in the founder’s own writings. They cherry pick. I can do that with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and make them look like saints but we know better because we see their fruits first hand.

    • David, Patrick Henry was, from all acounts, a true Christian. Some of the others, I am not sure about. John Adams was a Unitarian. Not sure what Sam Adams was and there are those that even question Washington. Ive read some about him from both sides and would love to be able to label him as a Christian, but am just not quite positive.

      The original plan in the Articles of Confederation was fine but we snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory with the Constitution. If you can go back and read my series on the constitution on my cakewalkblogs site, anti-establishment history.

      Al Benson

  2. As far as the Constitution goes, I’m speaking of it in original form as a secular document.
    Is our tolerant nature that has come out of it as a result, what God intended for us? I don’t think so. Some of the Puritan writings say that their intent in coming to America was to undo the Jesuit brainwashing that was done by Columbus on commission by the Catholic Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain about 130 years or so earlier.

  3. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it without documentation to back it up, but heard this from Chris Pinto who seems to have done his homework in this area. Thanks for putting up with me all the same.

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