Federal Precedence Over The States

by Al Benson Jr.

Reviewing the infamous 14th Amendment in a nutshell, we can see that it accomplished certain ends that were entirely consistent with Northern revolutionary aims for both the War of Northern Aggression and for the revolutionary period after that war. We might as well get used to referring to the war as a revolution, for, in truth, it was the real American Revolution. It was a revolution in which God-given liberties were exchanged for “privileges and immunities” granted by an all-powerful federal government in Washington–the same as today.

After the shooting phase of that revolution was over, the United States played the part of Esau on a national scale. We had traded our God-given rights for a mess of federal pottage, and now we weep, as did Esau, because we do not have God’s blessing. We don’t have that blessing now because, in our apostasy, we don’t deserve it now.

Instead of enjoying God’s blessing, we now labor under such apostate vehicles as Thaddeus Stevens’ inglorious 14th Amendment.

I have heard conservatives and patriots defend the 14th Amendment and I can only wonder what public brain laundry they were “educated” in. How many realize that the 14th Amendment redefined citizenship in this country? Up until the War, a man was a citizen of the United States due to being first a citizen of a particular state. A man was a U.S. citizen because he was first and foremost a citizen of Texas or Louisiana, or New Jersey. His state citizenship gave him status as a U.S. citizen.

After the adoption of the 14th Amendment, however, a man became foremost a citizen of the United States. His state citizenship was, to all intents and purposes, secondary at best and beneath notice at worst. This and the mindset it produced was consistent with Northern revolutionary aims and opened the door for future federal intervention in the various states, in areas the federal government had no business being in, such as education, and today, health care and oversight of school lunches and all manner of programs so dear the the hearts of those who run the Nanny State.

The Kennedy Brothers in their informative book The South Was Right (Pelican Publishing) noted the political gyrations of Thaddeus Stevens and his revolutionary cohorts.  They said: “To secure enactment of the amendment, the Northern Congress had to accomplish the following: Declare the Southern states outside of the erstwhile indivisible Union. Deny majority rule in the Southern states by the disenfranchisement of large numbers of the white population,. Require the Southern states to ratify the amendment as the price of getting back into the Union from which heretofore they had been denied the right to secede.”

And they continued: “The third point could be turned into a Yankee brain teaser. The North, in 1866, removed the Southern states from the Union. This was the same North that in 1861 refused to allow the South to secede from the Union.  This same North now declared the Southern states to be non-states.  To get back into the Union (that originally the South did not want to be part of anyway, and from which it had previously been denied the right to secede) it was required to perform the function of a state in that Union, while still officially no longer part of that Union, by ratifying an amendment that previously as states in the Union it had legally rejected!  Words alone fail to meet the challenge of such pure Yankee logic.” It almost makes you wonder what brand of revolutionary weed Stevens and his pals had been smoking!

To be continued.

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