The NEA’s Socialist Worldview–Part Four

by Al Benson Jr.

The real name of the game is anti-Christianity.

Over the years, as I have written articles about the public schools I have taken pains to note that their foundation was Unitarian and socialist and not Christian. In an article on entitled “Horace Mann, John Dewey, and the NEA” the author tells his readers that Horace Mann was credited with starting government-run education in this country and that he learned his techniques from Prussia. The author stated “His motivation was to end education by Christians. Horace Mann was a Unitarian, did not believe in the inspiration of the Bible, or the Trinity. Horace Mann’s religion was secularism.” This author bears out my contentions, so it isn’t just me.

The author then told us about John Dewey who brought in the idea of “Humanistic education as a religion.” Dewey was the President of the American Humanist Association. He signed the first Humanist Manifesto. According to the author, Dewey “…saw Christianity as a huge problem that needed to be solved. Dewey’s religion was secularism.” The author also noted that “The President of the NEA contends that there is no such thing as a Humanist, yet there is a Humanist Association, a Humanist Manifesto, and Humanist Dogma.” The NEA President was probably trying to practice a little damage control.

The author of an article, “The Influence of the Frankfurt School on Modern Liberal Thought” which can be found at has observed: “Many factors have contributed to the liberal, permissive and anti-Christian philosophical approach which underpins much of modern life in Europe and North America. Some of these influences–without any doubt–go back even beyond the Enlightenment to the Renaissance…But typically–these influences have continued to be refined over many centuries…It may come as a surprise to some to learn that many of the philosophical/social/economic assumptions inherent throughout modern life became focused and refined in Germany within the last hundred years…One such influence…is the so-called Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School had a huge influence in the 1920s through the 1930s, and even beyond that as its main theorists and philosophers fled Nazism and took their subversive teachings abroad–mainly to the United States.” Interesting that the country of Martin Luther had apostatized to such an extent.

The author continued: “These men believed that there was much good in Marxism and that it could be used to develop an advanced social theory. But, even beyond that, they were committed to developing and formulating an entire theory of life, human history, and social ethics which would eventually need no recourse to European Christian civilisation in any area of life. They were avid admirers of the Marxist principles of equality which they felt would eventually even replace the “Golden Rule” of the Sermon on the Mount, as delivered by Jesus (Matthew 5-7) as the highest and most noble expression of ethics.” So their aim was to be more “noble” than the Lord. Judging by the millions they butchered in the 20th century I don’t think they quite made it. Frederich Nietzsche is mentioned as having had some influence on these people. It was Nietzsche’s goal all the remnants of Christianity from the life of Europe. So you can understand where the Frankfurt School, Dewey, and the NEA were and are coming from.

On author Cassandra Goldman quoted columnist William Lind, who I have quoted on several occasions. And she noted that Lind said that Cultural Marxism did not begin in the 1960s as many assume, but in 1919, after World War 1. Lind noted that two Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs came to this conclusion: “Western culture and the Christian religon had so blinded the working class to its true, Marxist class interest that Communism was impossible in the West until both could be destroyed.” So for Communism to succeed you must get rid of Christianity–or neutralize it to the point where it no longer poses a problem to your agenda.

No matter how you cut the mustard, as you analyze the people all the way from Horace Mann to John Dewey to the Frankfurt School to the National Education Association, you are forced to conclude that these people who have exerted so terribly much influence on education in this country were unapologetically  and energetically  anti-Christian.  Their agenda was, and still is, to eradicate the truth of the Christian faith from the world at large and especially from public schools.  These people hate the Lord Jesus and His Word and all that he stands for–and nowadays these are the people America is paying to educate the majority of our kids–and then we sit back, scratch our heads,  and wonder why we have problems. Folks, we should have figured it all out by now, except that this same crowd has worked at subverting education for generations now, and most of us have probably been subtly influenced by their agenda without even realizing it.  Therefore, if often becomes difficult to see the problem when we have mostly been educated to be part of the problem.

The only thing that will begin to reverse this process is an exodus of Christian people from the public school system and our being willing to learn the history of what has happened and what has been done to us, and making sure our children also learn it.  We need to begin to have a Christian worldview of education, each generation teaching their children of the absolute necessity of a Christian education so they can teach their children.

To begin the re-education process I would recommend some material which will give you a foundation.

Read Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–the 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Karl gives you an in-depth look at what really happened in Kanawha County, West Virginia in the mid-1970s, when parents suddenly began to realize that the public school agenda there was the subversion of their children. They protested, and what a story it made. Karl’s book can be found on or you can get it directly from Karl by ordering it from him at 141 Karmel Lane, Poca, West Virginia 25159 for $19.05. Having been in West Virginia for part of that protest, I can tell you that Karl tells it like it was and it wasn’t always pretty. You need to read this book.

Also, check out the DVD IndoctriNation which is available from Exodus Mandate. You can find them by doing a Google search. This DVD is an excellent presentation of what goes on in public schools today as well as giving you some of the history of the public school system.  You will never view the public schools the same way after seeing this DVD.

Read Sam Blumenfeld’s two excellent books Is Public Education Necessary? and The NEA–Trojan Horse in American Education. Both should be available on

1 thought on “The NEA’s Socialist Worldview–Part Four

  1. As a former (forced) member of the NEA, I experienced first hand the strong arm tactics and deceit practiced by this socialist organization.

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