“What If Elections Don’t Matter”

by Al Benson Jr.

This was an interesting question that was recently posed on http://robertringer.com where the writer actually asked several questions. He asked “What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes?” Those are excellent questions given the realities of the day. It has not always been that way to be sure, but it certainly seems that way in this country today. And then he asked “What if the widely perceived differences between the two parties was just an illusion?” Now that one gets to the heart of where we really are today. This is, indeed, our current situation. The Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateralist groups do indeed control both political parties and the only difference is the rhetoric with which to fool a public-school-educated electorate into thinking they are different. The people behind both parties have a single agenda–the merging of the United States into part of a one-world governmental system–devoid of all Christian faith and real Christian practice. The same agenda the perpetrators of the French Revolution had, an agenda from which France never recovered and one from which this country will never recover. The push for it in this country started most notably with the War of Northern Aggression, continued with “reconstruction” in the South and, when that worked, they quietly instituted it throughout the rest of the country. The whole country and culture is now under “reconstruction.”

The writer asked another interesting question. “What if notwithstanding Reagan’s ideas and cheerfulness and libertarian rhetoric, there was really no Reagan Revolution?” Another question to strike at the exposed nerve! He’s right. There was lots of patriotic rhetoric and “conservative” mouth-pieces abounded, but what changed–really? Nothing. It was all a grand charade to lull the naive and uninitiated into thinking real change would take place and it never did. Always remember, Reagan was a movie actor. He could play the part flawlessly, which was why they put him there in the first place. The Reagan Revolution was a farce, just like the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and an endless batch of these federal programs that do nothing (outside of spending our tax dollars) except to pour out meaningless drivel about how they are making a difference in our lives–and they are making a difference–more controls, more rules, more spying on the public, etc. The noose of dictatorship tightens around our necks and most people seem to love to have it so–less personal decisions for them to have to make if Big Brother decides it all for you. More time to watch the “Reality shows!”

The author then asked, what would happen if Romney won the 2012 election and then continued to carry out most of the programs Obama had started? If they let Romney win that’s exactly what will happen, just as Obama has continued to carry out the major parts of what Bush started–and so an and so forth.

Interestingly enough, the absolute last Republican candidate the establishment–the Republicrat establishment–wants is Ron Paul. He’s the one honest candidate in this whole charade. You can tell by how the media treats him, or tries to ignore him and lets face it, the so-called “Republican” establishment would rather have Obama back than to have Ron Paul in there, because they realize, should he get elected, he will attempt to dismantle what their spiritual grandfathers have been building for decades now and that which they have spent their wasted lives trying to preserve.

These are questions the public should ponder, meditate on and talk to their friends about. Christians should think and talk about these issues instead of insulating themselves in their churches, waiting for the “rapture” to overtake them so they won’t have to get involved in “dirty politics” and can just sit it out.

As the man says…think about it.

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